RunMyErrand Is Now TaskRabbit

RunMyErrand, a Boston-based Internet startup that helps users outsource errands and odd jobs, has changed its name to TaskRabbit to reflect the wide spectrum of tasks the site is used for, the company announced today. The website is also unleashing new features, such as the ability to put tasks out for bid by multiple “runners” (the people who do the tasks), and the ability to pay for services as you go instead of purchasing credits before posting tasks, which it previously required members to do. TaskRabbit has backing from Baseline Ventures and Maples Investments, both in California.

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2 responses to “RunMyErrand Is Now TaskRabbit”

  1. Glad to see the name change and the new site. The new name does better fit the broad range of tasks that TaskRabbit can do. Great concept, great implementation. Just wish some Boston VCs caught onto this before the west coast VCs jumped in.