New E Ink Leader Sees Colorful Future for Company Under Taiwan’s Prime View International

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both the company and by Russ himself. We believe it’s best for the company, and both are ready to move on.

I want to add one more thing: his departure is not a surprise to anybody in Cambridge. He basically announced his departure in January to all E Ink colleagues, so we were all aware of that back in early January, and we had a farewell party two weeks ago. All of the E Ink folks gathered to say goodbye. It was a very warm and cozy affair.

X: I understand he will still be involved as an advisor?

THP: He has been with the company for a very long time, and we really want to continue to have a relationship with him. Hopefully, he can continue to contribute his knowledge and his wisdom to the company. We will continue to have him present as an advisor in the company. That is his role in the future. He is not going to be involved with the day-to-day business. He is going to be providing us more of a long-term view about the business.

X: What are the highest priorities for the company in 2010?

THP: We are going to triple the capacity this year in Cambridge—this is the first thing we are going to do. So we are planning to hire in 2010 more than a hundred employees in both Cambridge and South Hadley. Then we are conducting several advanced projects. We believe we are now a leader in this business, and we want to continue that leadership and also contribute to the technology and provide better products. In the past we have had a lot of ideas for color, and for better ink, but the company was limited in its resources. Now, we are part of a global company, and the company has a lot of financial arms that can help us do a lot of different projects. All of our scientists and engineers are very excited. Among those 100 employees will be a lot of R&D people, so we are talking about continuing to expand our capabilities as well as our labor force to be able to meet the goals set by the company for the Cambridge team.

Sriram Peruvemba: Just to add to what T.H. said about capacity, to give you a feel, last year we expanded our capacity by 5X, because the market was also five times the market that it was in 2008. So this 3X expansion is on top of that 5X. In other words, we will be at 15 times our 2008 production.

X: Are most of the units you’re producing going into e-book reading devices like the Kindle 2 and the Barnes & Noble Nook?

SP: Most of the products we’re shipping right now, in terms or revenue, are in what we call the e-publishing space—e-books and e-newspapers and things like that. In the future, we hope that textbooks will become a large subset of that. But in terms of volume, the largest areas are … Next Page »

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