Public Markets Warming Up to Venture-Backed Companies? Boston-Area IPO List

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$13 to $15 per share will hold steady or fall. The firm plans to trade on the NASDAQ stock market under the ticker symbol “AVEO.”

BG Medicine, a Waltham, MA-based developer of molecular diagnostics, registered for $86.3 million IPO in January 2010. The company aims to have its stock trade on the NASDAQ under the symbol “BGMD.”

First Wind Holdings, Boston-based developer and operator of wind energy projects, has been in registration for a $450 million IPO since July 2008. The plan is to trade the stock under the clever symbol, “WNDY.”

Glasshouse Technologies, a Framingham, MA-based IT consulting company, proposed a $75 million IPO in January 2010. The company wants to trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker “GLAS.”

Nexx Systems, a Billerica, MA-based provider of semiconductors, registered for a $42 million IPO in February 2010. Planned ticker: “NEXX.”

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