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Here at Xconomy we love organizing forums and events—in fact our next one, Mobile Madness: The New Future of Computing, is tomorrow. There are only two downsides to putting on events. They’re relatively small (reaching hundreds of people rather than thousands, the way we can online), and pretty soon, they’re over.

To counteract those two facts this time around, we’re pleased to bring you the Mobile Madness Innovation Showcase, an illustrated catalog of many of the companies whose executives will be participating in tomorrow’s forum, plus a few more. The list includes some of the newest and coolest mobile companies in New England, as well as one special guest from way out of town (Ottawa, Ontario-based bitHeads). We’re proud to have sponsorship for this online showcase, as well as the live Mobile Showcase at Mobile Madness along with Apperian, from AT&T.

The descriptions below were supplied by the companies themselves, with slight editing for length. This showcase is meant to be a permanent resource, and we’ll continue to add to it even after Mobile Madness—so if you’d like us to include your New England-based mobile company free of charge, just write to Erin Kutz at (We need your company name, your location, your URL, the year you were founded, a 100-word description, a graphic or screenshot, and—optionally—the names of your investors.)

Quick Directory:

AccelGolf (mCaddie)
Adva Mobile
High Start Group
Illume Software
Mobile Messaging Solutions
Public Radio Exchange
Tiverias Apps

AccelGolfLogoAccelGolf (mCaddie)
Portland, ME
Founded: 2008
Backers: TechStars and angel investors

AccelGolf is a golf analytics and improvement platform that leverages mobile and social applications to aggregate and analyze real-time performance data.


AdvaLogoAdva Mobile
Wayland, MA
Founded: 2008
Backers: Self-funded to date

Adva Mobile provides a software service that enables businesses to create closer relations with their audience through mobile fan clubs, using mobile marketing services including mobile messaging, mobile web presence, mobile content fulfillment, mobile commerce, and mobile social sharing. Launched in January 2009, over 650 businesses use Adva Mobile to pro-actively connect to their audience on mobile phones with a rich media experience.

Adva Screenshot

Cambridge, MA
Founded: 2005

Aerva is a pioneer in developing interactive mobile technology that integrates mobile applications with the web and digital display networks. Aerva’s dynamic mobile applications platform MoApp, allows you to create and manage applications that are compatible with all wireless carriers throughout North America and Europe. MoaApp offers opt-in connectivity to subscribers through a variety of media including digital mobile, print, radio, television, digital out-of-home, and more.

Used along with Aerva’s AerChannel digital display platform, MoApp adds mobile interactivity to public displays. Founded by MIT alumni, Aerva provides the simplest to use, most powerful, and most cost-effective solution to integrated mobile interactivity and social media with display networks.



Boston, MA
Founded: 2009

Apperian is a leading provider of solutions for creating, deploying, and managing mobile applications for enterprises. We have a team of world-class developers, strategists, information architects, and award-winning designers whose experience in building transformative mobile Apps and helping companies leverage iPhone is unmatched in the industry. One of our most recent iPhone Apps is TaxCaster from Intuit, which will help you see how much you’ll get back from Uncle Sam this year!

Apperian has created over 35 business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-employee (B2B) iPhone apps for companies including American Greetings, Estee Lauder Companies, FedEx, Intuit, Progressive Insurance, Timberland, and Warner Brothers. Let Apperian work with you to create, deploy, and manage your next iPhone app!


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Wade Roush is a freelance science and technology journalist and the producer and host of the podcast Soonish. Follow @soonishpodcast

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