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Alkermes Unveils Cheaper, Easier Technique for Making Drugs Last Longer in Blood

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around building our proprietary platform and doing business deals, and action around building the company,” Pops said at that time.

What he meant is that Alkermes was moving fast to broaden its intellectual property claims around LinkeRx, develop more molecules, and speed things up, he says now.

For what it’s worth, I had to ask Pops a little about the changing communications landscape yesterday. Last month, he joined Twitter, making him one of the very few public-company biotech CEOs—if not the only one—to do that. He didn’t broadcast the LinkeRx news on Twitter, since publicly traded companies have certain legal protocols they have to follow for communicating potentially market-moving news events like this.

I asked him if he had to defy the company’s lawyers to go out on Twitter. “They’re very jumpy about the whole thing,” he says. It’s really an experiment to see what happens, and gives him an opportunity to comment on industry news, or whatever else he wants to say—that won’t get him in legal trouble. “It’s fascinating to see the amount of attention it’s been getting,” he says.

Alkermes will have an opportunity to explain in more detail what the LinkeRx technology is about later today. The company is releasing its year-end financial report, and plans to host a conference call with analysts at 4:30 pm Eastern time.

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