Introducing Erin Kutz, Belatedly

You know a new hire is a good fit when by the end of her first day you’ve already forgotten that she’s new. And that’s just what happened when our new assistant editor, Erin Kutz, joined the Boston team a couple weeks ago. In fact, we so quickly forgot that she’s new that we forgot to introduce her to our readers—classy, I know.

So without further ado, allow me to introduce Erin. She’s a New England native who earned her degree in journalism from BU and scored some excellent internships at the likes of Reuters and USA Today. At Xconomy, she’s been diving in on all the different fields we cover, including mobile technology, venture capital, and, of course, geek-rock trash talk.

You’ll be seeing Erin’s byline a lot, if her first two weeks are any indication. And if you join us in the Boston office for pizza tomorrow or at the Battle of the Tech Bands next Thursday you can meet her in person as well.

Welcome aboard Erin!

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