Joule Selects Texas for Ethanol Facility

Xconomy Boston — 

Joule Biotechnologies, a Cambridge, MA-based developer of fuels and chemicals in a process that mimics photosynthesis, today confirmed a newspaper report in the Leander Ledger from last month that it is leasing property in Leander, TX, for its pilot ethanol plant. A company spokeswoman said that the lease on the property near Austin became official this week. Xconomy reported last month that Joule had selected a site for the pilot plant, but the firm had declined to reveal the exact location before the lease was finalized.

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2 responses to “Joule Selects Texas for Ethanol Facility”

  1. Jerry Jeff says:

    Austin provides best combination of sun and live music?

  2. And water. Joule needed water and sun. I am glad to have a green technology company here in Leander, Texas.