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Bay State Venture Funding Perked Up in November: There Were Even Some Energy Deals

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an estimate as the round was unspecified for three deals, but I am pretty sure I got it right). This continues the strong tide of investments in early-stage companies we have seen for the past six months.

—Healthcare deals dominated in both numbers and dollar value, with $124.5 million put into nine deals. The next biggest sector in dollar terms was software, where $33.3 million was invested in two deals, but $31.3 million of that was CambridgeSoft. Internet and mobile tied for second in terms of deal numbers, with a trio of deals in each sector.

—Internet startups, which typically rival healthcare in terms of deal numbers, saw the biggest decline of any sector. After tallying nine deals in each of the previous two months, it only claimed two deals in November. Meanwhile, the dollars invested in the sector over the past three months have gone from $62.2 million in September to $41.6 million in October and just $11.25 million last month.


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