Change Comes to the Arctic: A Photographic Journey


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Resolute Bay Hunting remains an important part of life for Inuit. A couple of days before coming across this scene, I had the magical experience of watching white beluga whales playing in shallow water alongside my Zodiac boat. It was a shock for a southerner used to going to the supermarket to encounter them again on the beach with the tastiest part of the meat already stripped from their bodies by hunters. As the ice melts, this critical source of “country food” will disappear for Arctic residents.

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3 responses to “Change Comes to the Arctic: A Photographic Journey”

  1. peppanicky says:

    Yawn. Another NON scientific warmist attempt to evangelize….

    The pictures are wonderful though….

  2. Too bad says:

    What a shame you weren’t around as the Ice Age (or the more recent Little Ice Age) ended. You could have rung the global warming alarms and ensured that nothing happened to change the Ice Age climate. Come to think of it, you would have been useful during the entire 4.5 billion years of Earth’s climate change history. What a shame, indeed.

  3. chazmine says:

    i hate ignorant actions such as this. great photography though.