First Dogpatch Labs Exit: Google Buys Former Y Combinator Company AppJet

Back in May, when I profiled the original Dogpatch Labs, launched by Polaris Venture Partners in San Francisco, I snapped the accompanying picture of a mannequin wearing an AppJet t-shirt. AppJet was a Y Combinator company a few summers back that had moved into the Dogpatch space on Pier 38. Now, it turns out, the company has also become Dogpatch’s first exit: AppJet and Google announced last night that the search company has acquired the real-time collaboration software startup—maker of the web-based word processor EtherPad—for an undisclosed amount.

According to the EtherPad blog, “The EtherPad team will continue its work on realtime collaboration by joining the Google Wave team.”

Polaris’s Mike Hirshland tweeted today that this was Dogpatch’s “first exit.” Other companies, notably LOLapps and Thing Labs, are listed on the Dogpatch site as alumni. “Lotsa hatchlings have left the nest,” Hirshland explained in an e-mail. AppJet, though, is the first Dogpatch denizen to be acquired.

You can read our profile of Dogpatch Cambridge here.

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3 responses to “First Dogpatch Labs Exit: Google Buys Former Y Combinator Company AppJet”

  1. Mike Hirshland says:

    Nice catch on the AppJet mannequin Bob!

  2. Thanks Mike. Others may have the story–but only Xconomy brings you that extra dimension of the AppJet mannequin!