Founder Collective: When Entrepreneurs Form Their Own Seed-Stage Venture Firm

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to “Document and share your life with others. Get real time updates on what your friends and family are doing every day.”

Datalot, a New York startup with predictive technology to deliver qualified and valuable leads to marketers.

Giiv, a Los Angeles-based firm that enables people to send codes to their friends via text messages that can be used as vouchers for gifts at certain retailers.

Hot Potato, a Brooklyn, NY-based firm that provides “tools for groups both large and small to collaboratively document and socialize around live events, in real time.”

National Payment Network, a San Mateo, CA, startup that has a product called CustomPay that facilitates payment plans to help consumers pay down debt more quickly than the terms of their existing loans for, say, a car or a home.

Soluto, a provider of software for PC users that helps them resolve problems with their Windows-based computers.

—-Vaultive, a Tel Aviv-based firm that Founder says is “focused on enabling companies to secure and retain control of sensitive information stored off-premise in SaaS systems and cloud computing platforms.”

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4 responses to “Founder Collective: When Entrepreneurs Form Their Own Seed-Stage Venture Firm”

  1. These guys are behaving like the entrpeneurs they already are. They see a huge market opportunity. They see huge demand, low supply, and legacy players who are unable to respond . Move fast. Execute well. Grab it. Boston’s start up community is lucky they set up shop here.