Cambridge Public Library Grand Opening: A Beautiful Library for a Great Innovation City

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There was music and a sign for Skip Gates’ book. No sign of Sgt. James Crowley or the President.


Immediately to the right of the main entrance is a cool reading and display area. Just looking at it makes you want to read and think.


The first floor stacks, inside and to the right of the main entrance—next to the glass-walled reading area in the picture above.


Glass-enclosed meeting room immediately left of the main entrance. Cool, but makes me think of board meetings.


Once inside, there is a connecting walkway to the original library structure (Hey, I guess they put the large print books there because it’s the old building). Keep at eye on that glass-walled area to the left.


Remember that glass-walled area in the previous photo? This is what’s in there. Won’t be open too much longer this year.


Computer room in the old building. It’s not just for middle-aged white guys.


Teen lounge (also in the original structure). But where are the teens? (And does that kid have a basketball?)


The third-floor children’s area, with bamboo floors and cool artwork on the ceiling.


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2 responses to “Cambridge Public Library Grand Opening: A Beautiful Library for a Great Innovation City”

  1. Caryn says:

    This spring, the community outreach committee of the Cambridge Chamber has planned a community service day to beautify the outside of the library with plants, flowers and shrubs in collaboration with the Cambridge DPW. We hope we can add to the already great aesthetics of the building and landscape. Will let you know the date which will be in May 2010! In the meantime, we can hope that the students at CRLS will use the space as their “home away from home” and take advantage of all it has to offer.