VC Playoffs: Red Sox (MA) Vs. Yankees (NY)—A Graphic Comparison

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[Corrected, October 22, 2009 — see below] I really hate the Yankees (sorry Bijan). Nothing good has come of them for me, except the time back in the early 90s when I was at Yankee Stadium with Trip Hawkins of Electronic Arts fame and Richard Nixon was sitting across the aisle, and two Secret Service guys offered to get us his autograph. I hated Nixon, too, but we were beaming like kids waiting for him to sign the baseballs we hurriedly bought from the souvenir stand…But I digress.

[Correction: Trip Hawkins informs me that the game where we got Nixon’s autograph was at Shea Stadium, not Yankee Stadium! So the Yankees haven’t done anything for me.]

With the Red Sox dead and the Yanks in the AL Championship Series, I figured why not come up with a different kind of Boston vs. New York championship series: the AL VC Championship Series. Last week, I took a deep data dive into third quarter venture deals in Massachusetts. This week I did a little research into how New York VCs fared, and figured let’s stack them against the MA home team. I do this for no other reasons than a) New York is a major player in venture and b) the comparison makes me feel better about the Yankees rolling their way toward the World Series.

All the data is from ChubbyBrain, our New York-based (but surely they love the Sox) partner and information services company developing tools for investors, startups, and aspiring entrepreneurs. Click on any image to make it larger. Let’s play ball.

Summer swoon for the VC Yanks while the VC Sox step it up down the stretch.



Looks like the NY VCs were at the ballpark watching the Yanks in September—Sox kept their focus.



Internet investments going to extra innings.


But VC Sox clearly have a more balanced lineup.

NYdealsQ3 VCDealsbySector

Now for the World Series. I hear California has some good teams.

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