Deep Dive Into MA Deals Data for Q3—With Lots of Pictures

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Just about everyone loves a good pie…chart, that is. If you’re one of those, read on.

On Tuesday, we ran a story here in Boston about all the September venture deals in Massachusetts—and then my colleague Bruce followed that up a bit later that same day with a national roundup of third-quarter venture figures.

Both those stories relied on data provided by our partner ChubbyBrain, a New York-based information services company developing tools for investors, startups, and aspiring entrepreneurs. And they contained a few interesting charts and tables.

Today, though, I can’t resist sharing more of the details on Massachusetts from ChubbyBrain’s extensive third quarter report, “Pulse of the Innovation Economy,” which holds far more information about venture deals numbers, VC dollars invested, hot sectors, and stage of investments than we could cover in our more general posts on Tuesday.

So here we go. If your eyes are having a bit of trouble picking out the details, just click on any image to enlarge it.

The Bay State and New England are distant seconds—can anyone say “California?”—in both deals and dollars.



VC investment in MA showed a nice rise in Q3 vs. Q2 of 2009.

Q2vsQ3dollarsVCs took some vacations in August.



Healthcare and Internet dominate—but there is diversity of investment.

VC$bySectorVCDealsbySectorWhoever said early-stage deals are dead in MA is dead wrong.

VCDealsbyStageWe got our Web on.

Q3MAInternetNo. 2 in mobile and telecom. Cowboys in Colorado and Texas closing in?

Q3MobileMAHas the bloom gone off the cleantech rose?

Q3EnergyMAI live in Cambridge.


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4 responses to “Deep Dive Into MA Deals Data for Q3—With Lots of Pictures”

  1. Evan Schwartz says:

    Tasty pie….looks like things are getting sweeter but still crusty around the edges.

  2. Hey Evan–you got that! And not too many folks licking their fingers yet, either.

  3. Miramon says:

    “Let them eat cake.”