Investors Lighted $228M Fire Under Massachusetts Startups in September

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venture investments last month came in later-stage deals, as 13 of the 25 deals were Series C or later (two others were unspecified).

—The monthly seesaw between the healthcare and Internet sectors for the lead in the numbers of deals done continued. Internet firms, with 9 deals, came out on top this month, while healthcare was in the Avis (No. 2) position with 6 deals.

—On a dollar basis, as mentioned, healthcare led the pack, with $98.8 million total, compared to $62.2 million for Internet firms (the healthcare figure was about $10 million higher than in August, but the value of the Internet deals rose nearly threefold, from $23.65 million).

—Maybe the biggest surprise of the month was the computer hardware and services category, where four firms brought in a total of $33 million, making the sector the third biggest investment-attractor of the month. There was not a single deal in the sector in June, July, or August.

—All told, 35 different firms were identified as investing in Massachusetts startups during the month. Only one, Sigma Partners, is listed on two deals.

September 2009 MA Venture Investments


September 2009 MA debt financings


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