Deshpande Center Awards 8 Grants

Xconomy Boston — 

The Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation at MIT today announced the recipients of its Fall 2009 research grants. The funds, $600,000 in all, will go to eight teams working on early-stage projects the areas of composite materials, diagnostics, disease therapies, drug discovery, diabetes treatment, high power electronics, energy efficient displays, and sensors. Recipients include Vladimir Bulovic (flexible micro-electromechanical system arrays), Michael Cima (a drug delivery device to treat brain edema), Karen Gleason (long-lived LEDs on flexible substrates), Rohit Karnik and Jeffrey Karp (a device for separating cells), Michael Strano (a carbon nanotube based, implantable glucose sensor), Timothy Swager (an inexpensive chemical process to produce graphene), Kripa Varanasi (a device for rapid dissipation of heat from high-power electronics), and Graham Walker (new antibiotic targets).