Variety of Investors Expected at Mass. Biotech Council Forum

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Gary Pisano, started expounding on the flaws in biotech funding models long before the financial crisis went into overdrive last year, most famously in his 2006 book called “Science Business.” Pisano writes that more integration among institutions such as research universities and life sciences companies could help streamline the way science-based businesses such as biotechs bring products to market.

Perhaps in this spirit of collaboration, the MBC and Golden Triangle Partnership—so named ostensibly because it represents the UK biotech hubs of Cambridge, London, and Oxford—plan to sign a “memorandum of understanding.” Coughlin said that the pact between the MBC and its UK counterpart will provide some shared benefits, such as enabling members to attend each other’s events. For example, at least three of the biotechs that plan to make presentations at the investor forum are UK-based. While the MBC and the Golden Triangle Partnership are trying to foster growth in the biotech sectors in their respective geographies, both groups also appear to see that sharing access to capital and other resources is in their mutual interests.

Here’s a link to the roster of companies that plan pitch investors and other interested people at the investor conference.

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