Zintro’s Pay-by-the-Call Service Connects Investors, Others with Industry Experts

If you spend much time in the business or legal world, “due diligence” is a phrase you hear a lot. It’s the polite term for the time you have to spend figuring out whether a potential client, vendor, investment, acquisition, or partner is legit or phony, smart or just slick.

Part of the process involves discreetly (or not so discreetly) calling around, trying to find people who know the person or entity you’re “diligencing.” But what if due diligence weren’t such a guessing game? What if there were a central marketplace where you could declare which type of information you need, pick an expert, and—for a reasonable fee—get an hour of private telephone consultation?

That’s the whole idea behind Zintro, a Web-based client-expert matching service being rolled out in beta form by serial entrepreneur Stuart Lewtan. The founder of Lewtan Technologies, a maker of financial analytics software sold to UK-based DMGT in 2004, Lewtan believes there’s a problem with existing professional-networking services such as LinkedIn. They’re great for staying in touch with your acquaintances, he says, but they aren’t really designed to bring about conversations between people who don’t already know one another.

“LinkedIn is an excellent tool, but it doesn’t’ really provide a good mechanism for reaching an agreement to talk,” Lewtan says. “Everything Zintro does is built around trying facilitate introduction, qualification, payment, and all the other aspects of connecting two people and creating a safe environment for them to communicate and exchange information for a fee.”

Zintro ScreenshotHere’s how Waltham, MA-based Zintro’s Web service works: Say you’re an investor and you’re thinking about buying a big chunk of stock in A123Systems, the Watertown, MA-based battery maker that went public last week, but first you want to know more about lithium ion batteries. You sign up for a “client” account at Zintro.com and fill out a form describing your information needs. Zintro uses what Lewtan calls “fuzzy search” algorithms to comb its database of experts, who all fill out detailed profiles when they sign up for the service. Zintro sends your inquiry to appropriate experts who indicated they know something about batteries, electric cars, or material science.

These experts are then free to respond with a brief proposal outlining their rates and their qualifications for talking about A123. From your Zintro dashboard, you can sort through their proposals; if you need more details, you can request them from the experts via Zintro’s internal e-mail system.

Once you settle on an expert, Zintro helps you schedule a phone call, and charges your credit card or PayPal account for the amount of the expert’s fee, plus Zintro’s 30 percent introduction fee—say, $100 for the expert plus $30 for Zintro. The funds go into an escrow account, and Zintro provides a dial-in number that both parties can call at the agreed time.

Once the call is over and both parties confirm how much time was used, the fee is released to the expert. There’s also an escape hatch: if you … Next Page »

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Wade Roush is a freelance science and technology journalist and the producer and host of the podcast Soonish. Follow @soonishpodcast

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86 responses to “Zintro’s Pay-by-the-Call Service Connects Investors, Others with Industry Experts”

  1. To whom it may concern,

    Zintro looks to be a tool and service that would be of interest as an added value to both our clients and consultants in Canada and to our global network.

  2. Jan Nevins says:

    Zintro looks like a needed addition to the technology of research and consulting. I think its bound to be a success.

  3. Shrikrishna says:

    I am of the opinion that sharing knowledge or helping in need, does not lessen the store, often it gets more. Sharing plays a key role in relationships and bonding happens in small steps and is assisted through community membership. May be you can earn long lasting true friends through this.

    Zintro seems to believe in these thought process and Lewton is doing good work, may it get tremendous response with lengthy data-base at both the ends (Experts and users), it’s okay for the charges too – as you are getting ready-made & proved service platform.

  4. said laari says:

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  5. I am located in Quebec – Canada and I am one of those who believe that sharing thoughts, expertise and experience is a value addition to the power of networking. I’m contributing through Linked in groups and pleased in helping members when I can.

    Recently I created a group on Linked In (Challenges of FIM, Phase I and Bioequivalence clinical studies) and a blog (early-clinical-research).

    I have an extensive experience in the early stage of clinical research and I would be delighted to share about it.

  6. adri brink says:

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    The power of a civil servant ends one millimeter over the border!
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  7. Rajiv says:

    for telecom wireless or wireless network architect service.

  8. Itzhak Ayalon says:

    I am available, over 20 years of wide experience, also in preparing due diligens reports, feasibility studies and other analitical services as wel as management.

    Itzhak Ayalon

  9. I have over 20 years in Strategic Sourcing, includes RFP creation and management of the full process, contract negotiation, contract implementation and supplier development to become a strategic partner. Savings range from 10% up to 46% consistently in the MRO arena. Also strong in capital projects from building a plant green field in China, to large expansion projects. I like teaching the methodology of Strategic Sourcing and have used this methodology to calculate a Total Cost of Ownership across multiple industries. If you have any questions in this area, please reach out to me; I can also help with strategies using e-sourcing platforms, all the way from RFP to reverse auctions!

  10. Wade RoushWade Roush says:

    Dear Readers: Some of you may have arrived at this article thinking that there is an affiliation between Zintro and Xconomy. There is no connection; this is just a news story about the company. Please do not post your credentials as experts here. If you are looking to offer your services, we suggest that you contact Zintro directly at http://www.Zintro.com.

  11. Zintro sounds intriguing as a social media application to “crowdsource due diligence” and create/monetize an expert knowledge network. I’m interested to see how the venture does, particularly against established firms such as Gerson Lehrman Group and others.

    There’s definitely valuable knowledge embedded within one’s network, it’ll be interesting to see if Zintro can successfully tap into such expertise and if there is enough demand.

  12. Zintro is a mix of Linkedin and Elance and I like the cocktail! Moreover with the reach of the internet, expert advice and collaboration between businesses is only going to increase – both distances and costs will shrink. Welcome to the global village. Also I think it would be a great help to people to be able to bounce off ideas with strangers (provided there is a way to ensure that they have no stake in the company or product being discussed)

  13. Zintro business concept seems very handy and promising. I’m a marketing consultant and a translator with a strong expertise and focus on the organic agri-food industry and compliance regulations/standards. Since it’s mainly an export/import industry, I can see Zintro playing a great part as to offer help to businesses around the globe.

  14. Sharib Akhtar says:

    The concept is pretty nice with certain level of benefits added.
    I come with an extensive experience in SAM (Software Asset Management), Project Mangement (IT Infrastructure), PMO Setup, Metrices Identificaiton and ITIL Implementation and would be available for any assistance/advice.

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  17. Chavdar Nikolov says:

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  18. Michael Schlotthauer says:

    Over 27 years in Commercial and residential real estate Finance and Sales. Including but not limited to Sales and operations with both Mortgage and Real estate.

  19. Wade RoushWade Roush says:

    Dear Xconomy Readers:


    If you are looking to offer your services as an expert, we suggest that you contact Zintro directly at http://www.Zintro.com.

  20. Joe Gusman says:

    I do get contacted occasionally on LinkedIn. The problem is or reality is that people do not value the information they receive and have no problem asking for more and more “free” advice.
    As a social media format it is good for interfacing but Zintro puts a dollar amount in front of the “tire kickers” and provides a conduit for real deals.

  21. Dr Shiva Murthy N says:

    Zintro looks like a very good tool. I am an expert in conducting/reporting BA/BE studies, Designing, Selecting, and Auditing BA/BE centers, Medical monitoring of on going Phase 2-3 trials, SAE reporting, Safety review of Clinical trial documents like CRFs, Lab reports, etc..

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  30. Syed Rashid Mubashir says:

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  31. Anand Chandra says:

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  32. JP says:

    I have over 12 years of experience in software product development for Automotive domain. My particular area of specialization is in HEV / EV batteries and battery management systems

  33. Interesting to note the vast pool of experienced knowledgeable resources waiting to be tapped.

    Simultaneously today’s Supply Chain has crossed previous borders Professions in work spots need valuable information from others to take decisions , verify information and select and discuss alternatives . Also the market has crossed political and physical boundaries and local experts do have a hands on feel of the situations.

    I do feel it opens out the capabilities from an extended management team.

  34. As I had stated on Linkin, this continues to seem very viable in a pay-per-telephone model. My expertise is inclusive of; but not limited to: Broadcast engineering-KCTV-5/CBS News & Sports 35+ yrs.,coupled with Hi-Tech Sr. Sales analysis as a manufacturers rep for Garmin, Motorola,LGOEM,LG Television,LG Appliances,AOL Broadband,Sony Digital Imaging Specialist,Judge CES Wi-Fi engineering etc…

  35. Vikram Kumar Agarwal says:


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  43. Diane says:

    So, it looks as though Zintro makes its money by both the intro fees as well as the interest on the escrow account. How long, by the way, are the funds in escrow? A month? Two months? That kind of information would be important for those of us who are experts who might be willing to be available for this service.

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    Tal Vez Muchas Personas Han entendido este xconomy Como El Medio párrafo y no publicarse Como xconomy sin analisis de Zintro .
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    • dani says:

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