Bay State Startup Investments Soared in July—Internet the Busiest Sector

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percentage wise than in June, when six of 15 venture deals were Series A financings and three were B rounds.

—The most active sectors in July were healthcare and Internet, just like in June. But their positions were reversed. In June, seven of the 15 venture deals were in healthcare, and three were in the Internet space. Last month, though, VCs did 11 Internet deals, and five in healthcare.

—One of the July venture deals was in the energy sector, and of course there was the First Wind debt round. There were no energy deals, venture or debt, in June.

—North Bridge Venture Partners claimed the crown as the most active investor in the region, taking part in four deals. Polaris Venture Partners was second with three deals, the same as in June, when it was the top dealmaker. Lexington, MA-based CommonAngels (the lead investor in Xconomy) was the most active angel group, taking part in two deals.

July 2009 MA Venture Investments


*Note: we are counting medical device company Augmenix’s $4.7 million financing, reported in a regulatory filing, as a venture investment but the company has not responded to our queries to confirm.

July 2009 MA Debt Financings


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One response to “Bay State Startup Investments Soared in July—Internet the Busiest Sector”

  1. It’s good to see the increase in financing activity. A lot of this comes from decisions a handful of organizations made in Q1 that now was a good time to be investing. Deals started in March, April and May got closed in July. I’d expect the same to continue through August and into the fall. The other good thing is to see the average size of a Series A coming down; that’s probably healthier for all concerned by keeping post-money valuations more manageable.