BostInnovation: Creating an Innovative Ecosystem

Boston is justly famous for the constant stream of inventions, ideas, and technologies that flow from the city and surrounding areas. Keeping track of them all seems like a Sisyphean job, but a new website, BostInnovation, is taking up the challenge.

The site, launched just a couple of weeks ago, aggregates Twitter streams from individuals, companies, and media outlets covering the tech sector in Boston, including Xconomy. The company behind the site, a startup called Pinyadda, also plans to add a blog community, an event calendar, and even a wiki for information about companies and people in the relevant industries.

Bostinnovation Screen ShotPinyadda founder and CEO Chase Garbarino says he hopes that constant communication on BostInnovation will eventually benefit everyone involved in the “innovation economy.”

“In my opinion, most of the pieces for an ecosystem similar to [Silicon] Valley’s are in place, like the talent pool from surrounding colleges and universities, and VC availability,” Garbarino said in an e-mail. “Winter Street in Waltham is right up there with Sand Hill Road, not to mention all the firms in Boston and Cambridge. What we lack is the constant chatter around startups and products that Silicon Valley has.”

But Pinyadda’s main project, currently in private alpha testing, is something Garbarino calls a “personal web analyst.”  Pinyadda’s Web-based tool “knows the information you are interested in and the people and sites you trust, and it finds the most important information available for you right now,” Garbarino wrote.

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3 responses to “BostInnovation: Creating an Innovative Ecosystem”

  1. Hey I love this…thanks for taking on what seems like a great public service. I am going to check it out now.

  2. Michael Sprague says:

    Congrats Chase, Austin and PIN team! Keep rockin’