MC10 Tapping Founding VC North Bridge Venture Partners to Advance Stretchable Silicon Business

Xconomy Boston — 

North Bridge Venture Partners has committed to participating in a planned $5 million Series A round of financing for stealthy startup MC10, which the Waltham, MA-based VC firm formed last year to commercialize stretchable silicon material, according to MC10 CEO Dave Icke. The stretchable silicon is both flexible in a literal sense and in terms of its potential utility, providing a vast range of possible commercial products for industrial and biomedical applications.

MC10, which is currently housed at North Bridge’s office in Waltham, recently revealed it has licensed the stretchable silicon technology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where material scientist and MC10 co-founder John Rogers invented the technology and has been developing it for several years. The company’s planned Series A round of financing will likely be led by North Bridge, which has provided seed funding for the startup, and involve one other, unnamed venture firm, Icke says.

MC10 says it aims to deliver the high performance of brittle, rigid semiconductors in a flexible, stretchable material. The technology could be used to embed advanced electronics in products that can conform to moving, multi-dimensional surfaces. For example, this could be useful in putting sensors in … Next Page »

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