Free Carbonite Trial for Java Users

Boston-based online computer backup provider Carbonite announced an agreement yesterday with Sun Microsystems that could broaden the startup’s user base. Computer users who download Sun’s Java runtime environment for the first time, or who upgrade to the newest version of Java, will be offered a 30-day free trial of the Carbonite service. “This program will increase awareness of the importance of data backup among the millions of loyal Java users,” Carbonite president and COO Keith Cooper said in a statement.

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6 responses to “Free Carbonite Trial for Java Users”

  1. BOO says:

    I CAN’T STAND these freebies that Sun installs with Java upgrades. In fact, I am reluctant to allow ANY java update because my users complain about the Yahoo toolbar or whatever new thing that gets installed. Apple and Adobe use just as HORRIBLE ways of doing this as well. BOOOO! Please don’t use this type of marketing to get new users. Yea, great idea for small software vendors, but it is a horrible idea for my users (I’m a small company IT admin).

  2. Rick Hartz says:

    Amen. It gets to be a real chore to have to do endless uninstalls for clients who inadvertently install this crap. Shoving a product down someone’s throat just does not seem to me to be a good marketing method.

  3. Boo Hoo says:

    Boo you and Hartz should grow a pair and teach your users to read before they install. let them sweat a little they WILL learn.

  4. Boo says:

    > the WILL learn

    hehehe… :-) Yea, right… eventually…

    Yea, I suppose it’s pretty pansy to expect our users to read… Actually, they do read the messages but they don’t really understand what they are being asked to accept.

    Case and point–the ONLY reason why I came to this site is because one of my more delicate users was unable to decide if she wanted this upgrade or not. As soon as she realized there was a monthly fee, all hell broke loose. She was afraid of costing the company money and she thought that it was Java upgrade that she was getting charged for the upgrade. I politely explained what the message was telling her, but after all that explaining I really felt the need to rant and this post was the first post I saw. She HAS learned to avoid upgrades with ‘drive by’ installs and this is another example of one where she STILL needed to get my opinion before proceeding, “just in case.”

    My rant was really more therapeutic to me than a recommendation on marketing to a little known (but VERY COOL ;-) online backup service. Too bad they charge a little too much….

  5. Kevin says:

    How about a class action lawsuit on this unwanted crapware. I have 300 users I need to unistall this unwanted software from. I will make it my mission to stop this from happening again to us.

  6. rtlinux says:

    It looks like Java may have already responded by putting a new update out there already. JRE6u16 is out now. I just installed JRE6u15 Saturday while installing Windows 7. My guess, sun listened and removed carbonite from it’s u16 version. I just installed it and no carbonite install with this one.