Innovation A-Brewin’ At The XSITE Pre-Party

Two weeks before the best damn innovation conference on either side of the Charles, Xconomy and friends flocked to the Cambridge Brewing Company Wednesday night, and Kendall Square was awash in a spirit of brotherhood and appreciation of innovation. Incidentally, there was plenty of beer.

Judging by the levels in the taps (and glasses), the most popular brew of the night was the caramel-y Cambridge Amber, though I myself was partial to the Spring Training I.P.A. Lighter on the hops than I usually expect in an I.P.A., but it was light and breezy, with more of a grassy aroma than a pine forest. It’s like drinking Fenway Park, minus the chalk.

cimg0164Of course, we had some prizes to hand out as well! Rylan Hamilton, the Chief Runner for RunMyErrand, the little service network that could, will be having breakfast with our editor-in-chief Bob Buderi at Henrietta’s Table, along with copies of Bob’s 3 books. (Bob may or may not give him a quiz on the reading.)

Scott Piegza, founder of 1st Sniff, snagged the iPod touch and lunch with our intrepid correspondent Wade Roush. Tom Ermolovich, Online Program Director at Northeastern University, will have no trouble finding dining companions this week—he won the $500 gift certificate to No. 9 Park, which was given courtesy of Atlas Venture.

Xconomy Editor-In-Chief, Bob Buderi (L) and Rylan Hamilton (R) of RunMyErrand

Xconomy Editor-In-Chief, Bob Buderi (L) and Rylan Hamilton (R) of RunMyErrand

Thanks to everyone for coming out!

In other ticket contest-related news, Deborah Monosson, President of the Boston Financial & Equity Corporation, won a Garmin GPS, donated by the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, to go along with her ticket to XSITE. If you haven’t registered yet, don’t worry—there’s still time to sign up for the fun. And yes, we’ll be having another party the night of the event.

Twelve days to XSITE!

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