Commemorative Day, Innovative Month

Barring any earth-shattering late-breaking news, my Xconomy colleagues and I will knock off a little early today and be back online next Tuesday after the Memorial Day holiday.

We’re looking forward to a little R&R as we gear up for next month, which is so chock full of innovation-related events—including our own  Xconomy Summit on Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship on June 24—that some local folks have gotten together to designate it as “New England Innovation Month.” New England’s innovators and innovative companies, we believe, will be key players in economic recovery and the long-term economic strength of the entire country. And forging new connections between diverse people with fresh ideas is a critical part of the innovation process—and a fundamental part of Xconomy’s mission. So we’re proud to be part of a month in which there will be so many opportunities to do just that.

Check out the Innovation Month homepage for a list of all the events and happenings, and check out the XSITE 2009 homepage or follow @XconomyXSITE on Twitter for more details on one we’re particularly excited about, if you know what I mean. And have a great weekend, while you’re at it!

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