Ksplice Wins MIT $100K—Software Updates With No Reboots

It’s not every day that someone posts a guest column for Xconomy in the morning and wins $100,000 in the evening. But that’s exactly what happened with Ksplice, which is working on technology that lets computer users install software updates while applications are running, avoiding a system restart and the lost productivity that can come with it. The Cambridge, MA-based company, which consists of four recent MIT graduates and one current student at the Institute, has just won the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition.

This morning, Waseem Daher, Ksplice’s COO and occasional “Chef Executive Officer” (he likes to cook cheeseburgers), posted a guest column in our Forum about the company and its long road to the finals. We had asked him to write the piece figuring it would offer a unique insight into the competition. We didn’t know we were also getting a post from the winning team.

You can read Daher’s post here. He has promised an update, but for now, we’d just like to congratulation him and the Ksplice team.

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