AlwaysOn Venture Summit East

From the event website:

“Like its sister event in Silicon Valley, Venture Summit East, copresented by JPMorgan, is a two-day gathering that highlights the significant economic, political and technology trends impacting the global growth investor. Now more than ever, staying abreast of market conditions and innovations is crucial to financial success. Venture Summit East features the most influential institutional investors, venture capitalists, corporate buyers, investment bankers and research analysts in the Eastern US in keynote presentations and panel debates. Venture Summit East will also feature the AlwaysOn East 100 Top Private Companies List, and play host to CEO Showcases from qualified companies seeking later-stage capital or potential acquirers. The goal of Venture Summit East is to match growth-company buyers and sellers and identify the most promising innovation-driven, growth investment opportunities. At the Venture Summit, our editors will also honor the annual ‘AO Industry Analyst All-Star Team.'”

Information and registration here.