Polaris’s McGuire Takes Helm at U.S. Venture Group, Plans to Fight Obama Effort to Hike Taxes on VC Firms

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time when we’re trying to stimulate innovation, we know that the amount of money going into venture capital is likely to get smaller.

X: Is it daunting to take the chairmanship of the NVCA in such a difficult time for the industry?

TM: I’m aware that there’s a lot going on, and I certainly need to rise to the challenge. But my job is to make sure that the membership, which includes more than 400 firms, rises to the challenge. So I don’t feel like I have to do everything myself. I’m surrounded by fantastic people, and that will help with a lot of these issues.

X: How does your new post with the NVCA change your day-to-day responsibilities at Polaris?

TM: My responsibilities at Polaris will not change at all. I’m still an active partner. I have an active portfolio. This board chairmanship is not a full-time job, so it’s not going to change my role at Polaris in the least.

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