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The Climate for Early-Stage Life Sciences Startups—And 12 Companies Seeking Weather-Proof Investors

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Unnamed company (Boston College)
Michael J. Naughton, professor

“This is a retinal implant technology that could dramatically improve vision in patients suffering from incurable retinal diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa (RP) and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).”

Cadrus Therapeutics (UMass Medical School)
David Easson, president

“Cadrus Therapeutics, Inc is developing an innovative, receptor mediated, drug delivery technology to enable oral delivery of many of today’s injectable-drug products.”

gRadiant Research
Kathleen McMillan, president

“gRadient is developing a device for precisely controlled thermal therapy as a safer, less costly, and painless alternative to tonsillectomy in children and adults.”

Immuneering Corporation (MIT/Harvard University)
Benjamin Zeskind, founder and CEO

“Immuneering is developing groundbreaking patient stratification technology to pre-identify patients who will respond to specific therapies.”

Lumos Catheter Systems (Children’s Hospital Boston)
Farhad Imam, president, CMO

“Lumos Catheter Systems has developed a simple solution to enable real-time visualization of invasive catheters…during insertion procedures to reduce the risk of misplacements.”

Unnamed company (McClean Hospital)
Miles Cunningham, laboratory director

Technology 1: “The Intracerebral Microinjection Instrument (IMI) is the only neurosurgical device that has a minimized delivery cannula diameter and allows dissemination of medicine from a single proximal brain penetration…”

Technology 2: “Convection Enhanced Delivery (CED) is the continuous injection into the brain under positive pressure of a fluid therapeutic.”

Moma Therapeutics
Daniel Katzman, CEO

“Moma develops therapies for regenerative medicine employing injectable gel-based scaffolds designed to reprogram the function of cells in vivo and promote tissue regeneration.”

Orbital Therapy
Jason Koshnitsky, CEO

” Orbital Therapy…is developing a dedicated self-shielded radiation therapy device for the treatment of breast cancer.”

Robopsy (MGH/MIT)
Rajiv Gupta, MGH laboratory director

“Our mission is to devlop a suite of image-guided, patient-friendly electromechanical tools that allows for more accurate diagnosis and treatment of disease.”

Unnamed company (UMass Medical School)
Alexander B. Sigalov, research assistant professor

“Our technology, which is based on our novel model of immune signaling…prevents communication via the cell membrane between the receptor and its associated signaling proteins…thereby enabling small molecules and doses.”

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One response to “The Climate for Early-Stage Life Sciences Startups—And 12 Companies Seeking Weather-Proof Investors”

  1. This is the best informative site that I get all day long. It does not have all the same information that all the other sites send out every day. The writing is excellent.

    I wish I was in Boston for this meeting and yes there are exciting new waves of science coming through that will break barriers.

    Thank you for the positive attitude about numerous topics that you share all week.

    Virtual companies have limitations. You need people to bounce things off with and who wants to keep on traveling that much any more to vendors?