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Jumptap LogoJumptap
Cambridge, MA

Jumptap is a mobile advertising company that offers superior performance and premium advertising solutions that run across the highest quality premium mobile ad network. Jumptap leverages its search technology and operator relationships to deliver the most advanced targeting intelligence for advertisers seeking the highest return from their campaigns while helping publishers and application developers deliver a relevant user experience and obtain the highest eCPMs from their mobile properties. Global carriers maintain a profitable position in the advertising ecosystem by securely leveraging their data assets to build targeted user profiles.

Jumptap Premium Mobile Ad NetworkPremium Mobile Ad Network and Ad Serving
Jumptap’s Premium Mobile Ad Network consists of top-grade operator and publisher inventory and developer applications (including iPhone) that Jumptap represents to advertisers and agencies. Advertisers can run ads across a comprehensive set of premium mobile channels including 10 different audience segmented packages including entertainment, finance, news, reference, sports, lifestyle, social networking, travel, and games. The network currently has 2.3 billion page views per month, 30.6 uniques and over 400 million monthly impressions.

Jumptap tapSearchtapSearch
White Label Mobile Search – the industry’s only operator-friendly, “made for mobile” search solution. Operators can maintain their relationships with their subscribers, instead of losing them to the direct-to-consumer experience of major Internet brands. Advertisers get high quality traffic and strong click-through rates, carriers monetize their sites from quality mobile search revenue, and the user sees relevant ads.

Jumptap tapLinktapLink
tapLink is a sophisticated platform for managing multiple ad network. It enables sophisticated targeting controls and builds and manages profile information. It is able to integrate operator and publisher data, including demographics and location, with proprietary real-time contextual targeting to deliver mobile advertising’s most targeted results.

Jumptap tapMatchtapMatch
tapMatch is a global self service mobile ad marketplace that marries search technology and contextual data with keyword and categories to maximize performance for advertisers and optimize yield for publishers while managing the content quality for both. Brand and performance marketers can bid on categories and keywords to run ads that appear above search results and on mobile web pages and in applications including iPhone.

Xconomy coverage: JumpTap Raises Another $26 Million for Mobile Search and Advertising, 8/26/08

Localytics LogoLocalytics
Boston, MA

Localytics’ mission is to help mobile application developers build better businesses. The company’s first product is an Analytics Engine that helps developers understand their products and users. By providing key metrics such as user demographics, usage patterns, retention and application reliability, Localytics’ software helps developers make better product design and monetization decisions.

Check out an online demo at

Demo screen shot (click for larger version):

Localytics Demo Chart

MocoSpace LogoMocoSpace
Boston, MA

MocoSpace is a leading mobile Internet company dedicated to revolutionizing the way people make friends and stay connected on their mobile devices. Our team is passionate about our mobile community and believes in the game-changing potential of the mobile Web.

Founded in 2005 by mobile industry veterans and long-time best friends, Jamie Hall and Justin Siegel, MocoSpace was the result of what the co-founders saw as three emerging trends: the mobile web, social networking and mobile advertising.

Since its founding Siegel and Hall have focused their mobile industry expertise and passion for great mobile products on building a high caliber team and developing MocoSpace into the most compelling and engaging community experience on the mobile web. People use Moco to stay in touch with friends and also meet new people. Common activities on the site include building a custom profile page, uploading and sharing photos, bloging and staying in touch through chat and messaging. MocoSpace is free and available to anyone with access to the mobile web.

Sample screenshots:

The iPhone version of the MocoSpace home pageA personal profile on MocoSpace - iPhone version

Company video:

Xconomy coverage: MocoSpace Passes 2 Million Users, Collects $4 Million, 1/29/08

Nuance LogoNuance Communications
Burlington, MA

Get “press and speak” access to mobile applications and services with Nuance Voice Control 2.0.

Nuance Voice Control 2.0 (NVC 2.0) provides users of any mobile handset with speech-driven access and control of on-device features as well as popular connected services like search (Web, music, etc.), messaging, and navigation. Users can simply use their own voice for a quick and easy access to applications and content.

Nuance Voice Control 2.0 is a comprehensive and customizable framework for operators and other service providers that enables the use of speech to access and utilize mobile handset-based or network dependent features, applications, services and content. Speech input allows users to offset the challenges of cumbersome keypads, complex menus and seemingly endless clicks.

The Nuance Voice Control 2.0:

  • Provides quick and easy (“Press & Speak”) access to features and services
  • Enables intelligent access and informed launch of applications and content
  • Leverages the Nuance VSuite embedded framework and utilizes Nuance’s industry leading Nuance recognizer 9.0 for network recognition and Dragon Naturally Speaking for dictation.
  • Extends the ability to customize voice commands allowing carriers significant branding, promotional and advertisement opportunities.

With NVC 2.0, Nuance can provide operators and service providers with the opportunity to offer speech-enabled services to their customers. Nuance Voice Control is a hosted solution that utilizes Nuance VSuite as an embedded client solution. VSuite is available for all feature phone and smartphone platforms and is already utilized by most device manufacturers and many mobile operators.

Sample screenshots:

NVC 2.0 Command ScreenNVC 2.0 Web Search InterfaceNVC 2.0 Find Music Interface

Please click here for a video on the unveiling of Nuance NVC 2.0.

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