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Enterprise Mobile LogoEnterprise Mobile
Watertown, MA

Enterprise Mobile provides professional (strategic) and lifecycle (end-to-end) services designed to help companies successfully support and manage mobility initiatives. For enterprises looking to streamline deployments and control the costs of mobility, Enterprise Mobile draws on its deep mobility expertise and best practices to procure and deploy mobile devices, manage them remotely, provide various levels of user support, and replace or repair inoperable devices.

Enterprise Mobile Services

Xconomy coverage: To Get Windows Mobile into Enterprises, Microsoft Turns to Boston Software Veteran, 2/21/08

Everypoint LogoEverypoint
Boston, MA

Everypoint is the creator of Nemo, a unified software environment for creating, delivering and managing mobile applications that will run on any Java-enabled MIDP 2.X mobile phone. Nemo provides attractive graphics, full push-sync, multimedia transcoding, usage analytics, and much more. Mobile users simply download the Nemo Mobile Runtime client and get access to an entire catalog of applications through an application store.

Sample screenshots:

Everypoint Stock TickerEverypoint BlackjackEverypoint BlockAttack

Check out a live online emulator running Nemo applications such as a stock ticker, a blackjack game, and an Asteroids game (screen shot below).

Asteroids on Nemo

Xconomy coverage: Everypoint Introduces Slick Mobile Apps for the Non-iPhone Crowd, 12/15/08

Runkeeper LogoFitnessKeeper
Boston, MA

FitnessKeeper is the creator of RunKeeper, one of the most popular fitness-related applications for the Apple iPhone 3G. The software uses the iPhone’s built-in GPS chip to enable runners, cyclists, hikers, and walkers to track their outdoor fitness activities including duration, distance, pace, speed, and path travelled on a map. Users can see all of the routes for the activities they’ve track by logging into their personal Web dashboard at The latest version of the software includes audio cues that tell the user how far they’ve gone or how long they’ve been traveling without forcing them to look at the display. Full tutorial here.

Sample screenshot:

RunKeeper on the Apple iPhone

Company video:

Xconomy coverage: FitnessKeeper Is Making Its $10 iPhone App Free…For One Day, 1/14/09

Geocade LogoGeocade
Cambridge, MA

Geocade is the world’s largest location aware social platform for mobile games, with communities in over 10,000 cities and towns worldwide.

Geocade enables publishers to create games that share scores and experiences within local and global game communities. By doing so Geocade helps publishers increase game downloads, create recurring revenue streams and enhance game play. For more information go to

Sample screenshot of Geocade’s global score updater is below; click here for a live demo.

Geocade Globe

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