iPhone Apps and the AppStore—How to Succeed on this Revolutionary Platform

This morning event is being organized by MITX. Members free, non-members $25. From the event description:

Steve Jobs said: “There has never been anything like the App Store.”  The iPhone provides an amazingly rich platform, and the App Store creates the most open and accessible mobile application space ever.  The technology for iPhone Apps is rapidly evolving, companies large and small are supplying them, and there is an endless variety of potential new applications.

But, what does it take to have a killer iPhone App?  And, how can companies like yours take advantage of this new opportunity?   Join us for this special MITX member event; we’ve invited a panel of experts with first hand iPhone App experience to explain the lay of the land and the strategies that work.  The topics for discussion include:

  • What makes successful Apps? How can you tell if yours is going to be a winner?
  • How do companies that supply Apps to the App Store get paid? What are the rules?  What are the pricing and revenue models?
  • What is it like dealing with Apple? How are Apps approved?
  • What are your options if you build an App that Apple does not want to sell … what about unofficial App sellers and “jailbreak” Apps?
  • Is the best strategy an iPhone App without a Web-based companion site, or do you need to do iPhone and Web applications together?
  • What about developing for Android, Symbian or other platform options?  Is the best choice to go iPhone only?
  • How does Apple’s recently announced iPhone OS 3.0 change the game?
  • What does it take in resources, talent and time to enter this business?  Should you quit your day job and launch your iPhone App business now?
  • Sharing your iPhone App experiences – and anything else you want to know.


  • Jason Jacobs, CEO of FitnessKeeper, publishes an iPhone GPS fitness tracking application for runners and cyclists
  • Ravi Mehta,VP of Viximo, supplier of an iPhone App Development Platform
  • Brad Rosen, CEO of Drync LLC., vendor of a Wine Information App
  • Charles Teague, CEO of Lose It, supplying the App that helps you shed pounds

Moderator and Organizer: Gene Landy, Chair of the Technology Business Group at the law firm of Ruberto, Israel & Weiner PC and the author (with Amy Mastrobattista of the same firm) of The IT/Digital Legal Companion, an entrepreneur’s guide to digital technology and media law published in June 2008.”

Information and registration here.