Healthcare Policy—Delivering the ‘Get-Well’ Plan

How do industry, government, innovators, clinicians, and investors work together to create both “health” and “wealth”? Such “Connected Health” is the subject of this evening forum at the British Consulate-General Boston, the full title of which is, Healthcare Policy—Delivering the ‘Get-Well’ Plan: The Role of Connected Health. Speakers include:

—Dr. JudyAnn Bigby, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
—Brian O’Connor, Founder and Chairman, European Campus for Connected Health
—Eoin Lambkin, Executive Director, European Campus for Connected Health
—David Whitlinger, President and Chair, Continua Health Alliance
—Joseph Kvedar, Director, Partners Center for Connected Health

To register, contact Matthew Campion: 617 245 4583, or, [email protected]