Anomopoly, Dirty Truckers Snatch Top Prizes in Band Battle; Thanks to All Our Sponsors

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in the audience favorite vote was:

The Dirty Truckers — 30.8%
Seymore Willie—13.8%
The Main Drag–13.7%

Seymore Willie; photo by Jason Walker, www.personalsnapper.comThere were quite a few photographers on hand to record last night’s proceedings, and we want to point you to two collections of shots that have already been posted on the Web. Jason Walker, who also happened to win one of our door prizes, has published more than 360 amazing shots at his site And Kennieth Burwood of American Well has posted more than 200 very artful shots on his personal Picasa Web collection. Jason and Ken gave us permission to excerpt several of their photos here; click the thumbnails in this article to see larger versions with photo credits.

We can’t close this wrapup without thanking our fantastic event sponsors, who were led by Microsoft and Invest Northern Ireland, along with Bristol Studios and Nimbit, which put up the two great band prizes.

EneROCK; photo by Kennieth Burwood, them as event sponsors were Aerva, the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, iRobot, KMC Partners Public Relations, MITX (the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange), and

We had a cadre of super door prizes as well: Microsoft donated two Zunes, iRobot dusted things off with two Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners, and Harmonix Music contributed three Rock Band 2 bundles.

Finally, we had an incredible group of Event Supporters, who bought ticket blocks: American Well, The Computer Café, EnerNOC, General Catalyst Partners, IDEO, LaunchCapital, Nano-C, Pegasystems, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

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Wade Roush is a freelance science and technology journalist and the producer and host of the podcast Soonish. Follow @soonishpodcast

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One response to “Anomopoly, Dirty Truckers Snatch Top Prizes in Band Battle; Thanks to All Our Sponsors”

  1. Tina Zethraeus says:

    Too bad we missed it!
    The Xconomy staff will always be my favorites. Incredibly talented!