Tabloid: Bose Cuts 1,000 Jobs

Bose, the Framingham, MA-based audio products firm, has cut 1,000 employees due to a decline in consumer spending, the Boston Herald reported this morning. The daily tabloid reports that the cuts equal about 10 percent of the firm’s global workforce and will impact areas of the organization such as manufacturing, yet the privately held company has declined to say how many workers are expected to be laid off in the Bay State. We’ve updated our Boston Tech Layoff Tracker accordingly.

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One response to “Tabloid: Bose Cuts 1,000 Jobs”

  1. PisstAtBose says:

    Okay, tell me if you think this makes sense:

    Bose cuts its workforce by 10%, right? You think, “Oh, well, that’s probably a chance to cut some slackers, this will be a good thing in the end. Get rid of the dead weight’ right?

    So explain to me how they cut just one little old lady in a huge department full of people who, oh, I don’t know, do things like bring down a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR BILL for unneededd backup software?!
    You might think that the one unapologetic woman who is responsible for the MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR BILL might get the axe but you’d be wrong. Instead, the ONE PERSON who Bose managment decides to get rid of is
    a little 60-something year old lady who had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with costing the company MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

    Okay, so I’m saying MILLIONs OF DOLLARS a lot, but it’s a big thing. How many good employees could have been saved were it not for the blatanmt stupidity? How many peoples lives have been screwed up by this? Who is paying attention? And who the hell is in charge over there that they think that negligence is no t reason to lay someone off along with the rest of the 10% of the company?