Cleantech Engine Revved In ’08—Deals to Remember

These are the salad days for the Boston area’s developers of alternative energy and clean technologies. Such firms had no problem landing big deals with corporate partners, governments, and investors in 2008.

At the risk of sounding whimsical, the standout cleantech deals in 2008 provoked thoughts of a not-so-distant future when, for example, advanced batteries developed in the Boston area power everyday cars in Kendall Square. Imagine the day when we (or most of us, at least) turn on the lights, knowing that, say, 25 percent of our electricity comes from renewable sources such as sunlight, wind, and rising tides.

Similar to how we at Xconomy compiled a 2008 list of biotech deals yesterday, the cleantech deals in the list that follows weren’t selected based on dollar values alone, but a combination of value, innovation, and local impact—especially the latter, because of our focus on hyper-local business coverage.

Here is our list of 2008 cleantech deals to remember:

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