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Five Bands Selected to Compete in Xconomy’s Battle of the Tech Bands 2

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Sarah Greene, drummer Mat Tuttelman, guitar player John Grau, and bass player Mike Mann. The Boston Herald featured EneROCK in an article about workplace bands in October.

The Main Drag

The Main Drag is an indie/electronic/experimental band whose members all work for Cambridge, MA-based Harmonix Music, including Adam Arrigo on vocals, guitar, keyboard, and glockenspiel; Matt Boch on vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, and trumpet; John Drake on drums; Jon Carter on guitar and bass; Matt Levitt on violin; and Dan Cardinal on bass. The band has recorded two albums, and its tracks are featured in the video game Rock Band 2 and in a Target commercial for the game. It claims its “brother band” The Blanks, a Cambridge-based post-punk trio, among its influences.

Seymore Willie

Seymore Willie is a six-piece R&B ensemble promising “energetic, sophisticated raunchy style” delivery of contemporary greats and classic favorites. With sets that include songs by Lucky, Coco, and Papa (that’s Peterson, Montoya, and Chubby), expect to be entertained. Members are David Knauss (AMAG Pharmaceuticals) on drums, Ed Cavallo on guitar, Victor Helenic (LSI) on bass, Mauro DePasquale on keys, Paul Gatewood (ARCON) on sax, and Marty Orio singing lead.

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Each of the five bands will play a 15-minute set, with the Audience Favorite prize going to the bands that garner the most votes via text message and the prize for Most Innovative Band chosen by a secret cabal of Xconomy staffers and guests. Up for grabs are band promotional services from Framingham, MA-based Nimbit and recording studio time from Boston-based Bristol Recording Studios. May the best bands win!

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