The Greater Boston Mobile Technology Cluster

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Hardware and Infrastructure

Acme Packet, Burlington, MA

Aerva, Cambridge, MA [story, story]

AirPrint Networks, Waltham, MA

AirSprite Technologies, Marlborough, MA

Airvana, Chelmsford, MA

Ambient Devices, Cambridge, MA [story, story, story]

Analog Devices, Norwood, MA [story, story]

Asymatos, Brighton, MA

Azimuth Systems, Acton, MA

Bluesocket, Burlington, MA

Cartiza Networks, Littleton, MA

Colubris Networks, Waltham, MA

Crosscountry-Auto, Medford, MA

Danger (Microsoft), Billerica, MA

Digit Wireless, Burlington, MA [story]

1st Works, Norfolk, MA

GeoPheonix, Cambridge, MA

Global Telebrokers, New Bedford, MA

Google, Cambridge, MA [multiple stories]

Isabella Products, Concord, MA

iSkoot, Cambridge, MA [story]

HummingBytes, Ashland, CA

MobileSphere/Slydial, Boston [story, story, story]

NMS Communications, Framingham, MA [story, story, story]

Optasite, Westborough, MA

Project-A-Phone, Concord, MA

Starent Networks, Tewksbury, MA [story]

Tatara Systems, Acton, MA [story]

uReach Technologies, Andover, MA

Vanu, Cambridge, MA [story, story]

Zeetoo, Chelmsford, MA

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