Youth Marketing Mashup East

YPulse hosts a two-day conference on From the conference website: “Teens, college students and early twenty-somethings use technology in every aspect of their lives, from studying, to socializing, to entering the workforce, to consuming media…Today’s youth marketers not only have to stay current with youth culture, but they also have to leverage technology to engage this market. How do you cut through the clutter? How do you get young people to relate to your messaging? And how do you successfully leverage the mulitple technology platforms that young people are using everyday? [At the Ypulse Youth Marketing Mashup East] today’s top brand, corporate and social marketers, media professionals, educators and non-profit organizations will gather to share their best practices, research and latest strategies on marketing to youth with technology. With a unique blend of attendees from the corporate and the civil sectors, marketers get a rare opportunity to network with academics and youth advocates who are working with youth on a daily basis, while non-profit and civil service organizations will learn new and creative ideas to connect with youth from their counterparts in the corporate marketing and media worlds.”

Information here, registration here.