The Building Blocks of Social Media

MITX hosts a morning panel discussion on marketing technology in the social media age. From the event web page: “Social networking and community-driven web initiatives continue to be a top priority for organizations looking to engage customers and prospects online.  The technology that drives these initiatives is rapidly evolving, creating a dizzying array of options for marketers to sift through.  There are now dozens of community platforms on the market ranging from enterprise software to hosted platforms to free open source frameworks. Not to mention the option for organizations to develop their own custom solutions in-house.

Join us for the next event in the MITX Marketing Technology series (or follow it on Twitter: #mitxmt)! We’re inviting a panel of experts to discuss the vendor landscape and strategies organizations are using in approaching the technology behind social networking.  This includes exploring:

  • How organizations should approach evaluating community platforms?
  • Does it make sense to buy or build your own community tools?
  • How viable are open source & white label social networking frameworks?
  • What are the key features and functionality these platforms provide?
  • What are the trade offs between software and hosted options?
  • What are some lessons learned from companies who have recently implemented community platforms?”

Panelists will include Mike Gauthier, Founder and CEO, e-tractions; Aaron Hughes, Senior Vice President, Creative Director, Digital Influence Group; Aaron Strout, Vice President of New Media, Mzinga; Jeff Whatcott, Vice President of Marketing, Acquia; Dean Whitney, President, Garfield Group Interactive.

Information and registration here.