Boston VCs: Counting the Billions of Dollars Raised


This is a revised version of an essay that Microsoft’s Don Dodge published today in his personal blog and contributed simultaneously to Xconomy.

Commonwealth Capital Ventures held their annual open house this week at their Winter Street offices on “VC Hill” in Waltham. VC Hill is to Boston/Waltham what Sand Hill Road is to Silicon Valley—the center of Venture Capital for the region.

Commonwealth Capital recently closed on a large new venture capital fund. Longworth Ventures, another Boston/Waltham based VC firm, also recently closed a new fund. In fact, over the past year or so, several Boston firms have raised over $2 billion in venture capital. While the financial markets on Wall Street are in a panic, the venture capital community in Boston is strong, with billions of dollars to invest in innovative startups.

Boston based VC firms that have raised funds over the last year or so include Flybridge Venture Capital, Spark Capital, Fairhaven Capital, Commonwealth Capital, Longworth Venture Partners, Battery Ventures, 406 Ventures, Ascent Venture Partners, and Staley Capital.

If you look over the past three years, with giant firms like Polaris Ventures, Highland Capital, and General Catalyst raising huge funds, the total funds raised in Boston exceed $10 billion.

Don Dodge is director of business development for Microsoft's Emerging Business Team. Follow @

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One response to “Boston VCs: Counting the Billions of Dollars Raised”

  1. Closing these large funds is great. Now with the difficulty achieving inexpensive debt, stronger companies will be looking for VC funding. Having these VC funds coming out of Boston is great.

    -Eric Shooman