New Fundraising for Hair-Raising: Follica Takes in $11 Million for Baldness-Treatment Approach

If only hair could grow as fast as Follica’s pot of money. Just seven months after its $5.5 million Series A financing round, the Boston-based startup today announced it has raised an additional $11 million to bolster its efforts to develop new methods of treating male- and female-pattern baldness and other hair-follicle disorders such as excessive hair growth and acne. Follica, which confirmed a human pilot study of its hair-regeneration technique is underway, also added several new team members, including veteran life sciences and biotech executive G. Kirk Raab, former CEO of Genentech, who joined the company’s board as chairman.

The Series B round was led by Polaris Venture Partners of Waltham, MA (Polaris partner Kevin Bitterman also took a seat on the board), and joined by existing investors Interwest Partners of Dallas and Menlo Park, CA, (which led the Series A round); and founding investor PureTech Ventures, in whose offices Follica is headquartered.

Follica’s main initial focus is developing a treatment for the extremely common form of hair loss called androgenic alopecia—better known as male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. “This financing will enable us to build out the company and move well down the path towards [regulatory] approval,” says Daphne Zohar, managing director of PureTech Ventures (and an Xconomist). “Our research has been progressing in a very positive way. We have had significant interest from the venture community and while we just closed the Series A round a few months ago, and weren’t planning on bringing in more money for a couple of years, we recognize that additional funds enable us to move more quickly. We have worked with Polaris before and they have been a great partner to us which is why we accelerated the Series B round.” Zohar added that Follica is in the process of transitioning to its own office space, and that it already has independent lab space.

My story about Follica’s debut last January and its quest for a baldness cure sparked a long-running (440 comments and counting as of this writing) conversation among the startup’s would-be customers that’s still quite lively all these months later. This highlights the intense interest in—and vast potential market for—an effective treatment for hair loss. Follica, for its part, claims treatments for conditions of the follicle represent a $10 billion-plus annual market. As Zohar said of the general field of aesthetic medicine back in January: “There’s huge markets, and most of the technologies and things that are out there don’t come from real academic science. A lot of them are this late-night infomercial type of thing.”

Aiming to inject some credible science into the field, Follica was formed in late 2006 by PureTech and a roster of leading researchers that includes University of Pennsylvania stem cell biologist George Cotsarelis, Harvard Medical School dermatologist Rox Anderson, and Vera Price, director of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Hair Research Center. As part of today’s announcement, Follica said it has bolstered this scientific firepower with the addition to its scientific advisory board of Samir Mitragotri, an expert in transdermal drug delivery at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

At the root of Follica’s approach to hair loss is Cotsarelis’s discovery (made after the company was formed) that when the skin’s uppermost layers are removed some cells within the wound revert to a more basic state from which they can develop into either skin or hair—and that he could actually direct cells in this “embryonic window” to form new … Next Page »

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1,840 responses to “New Fundraising for Hair-Raising: Follica Takes in $11 Million for Baldness-Treatment Approach”

  1. rev says:

    Amazing !!

    Articles/progress like this make Aderans and InterCytex look like a preschoolers convention.

    . . . . .

  2. TheOne says:

    Woop woop woop, good news, COME ON FOllICA!!!

  3. Shooter says:

    So the question is, do we switch boards? lol

  4. P says:


    edit: damn you shooooterrrrr

  5. M says:

    Zohar I love you, Cotsarelis I love you, Follica I love!!! This news makes my day, I guess a lot of guys day. Great news, thank you very much!! Please Follica don’t let us down and keep on going as quickly as you can.

  6. rev says:

    I think Follica gets 11 million in funding for every 440 comments we post here…. so let’s keep them coming lol

  7. Z79 says:

    “Zohar also demurred”.. what does demurred mean? Does she say that the no drug trial-rumour is wrong or doesn´t she wanna give away any info?
    Sounds like the abrasive gel we heard reports about is the route they are hoping for, or what do you say? That would be very interesting and exciting. No sandpaper needed :)
    They seem so more confident and serious than any other company I have followed. Hard not to get excited!

  8. Jim Bob says:

    It’s about time something is being done about the long neglected disease of male pattern baldness.

  9. Phil says:

    Is that a year, from January, when Zohar’s intial comments where made, or a year from the start of the pre-clinical trials?

  10. G says:

    Yes – it’s a year from January. HOWEVER, Zohar said that the data won’t be in for AT LEAST a year. So don’t except any announcement in Jan 2009.

    “At this point we are looking at the human response to disruption and the timing of the human ‘embryonic window’ post disruption,”

    That harvard study indeed is what Follica is doing right now, and that statement above also supports our conclusion that in this study Follica is checking for normal skin response to abrasion.

  11. P says:

    I’ll show you an embryonic window!

    … this post has no point, I just needed to sign up for follow up emails.

  12. K says:

    This is certainly good news. Follica, our faith is in you! You can do it!

  13. hs says:

    i would assume the second round of investment is based on evaluation of progress and associated due diligence…i guess this means they must be making headway…let’s hope …

  14. Shooter says:

    Any updates on Dr. Mercola? His statement (if true) was very significant. It would mean that a cure for baldness is 6 months away at this pointm (at least for high profile investigators like himself). Unlikely, yet I’m curious nonetheless.

  15. P says:

    My guess is Mercola really was joking, but when his staff told him about the response, he instructed them to say he would “update us in his newsletter”. Good way to get some subscriptions.

    The good news on this article is that Daphne claims they are on track to meet their earlier time line, but also says additional funding could accelerate it. Let’s hope eh?

  16. R says:

    Yes, this shows consistencuy in Follicas / Reps approach, time lines and basic premise of science. Mercola was not joking and must be pointing to Follica. Also, if you look at this string…. Follica Takes in $11 Million for Baldness Treatment Approach you will see that Intercytex is still in the game and the update was June 2 2008. This will end-people and many researchers are jumping on the baldness wagon. Enjoy the news!

  17. Shooter says:

    R, what do you mean Intercytex is still in the game? Intercytex, imo, is definitely NOT in the game. They are liars pushing false timelines for funding (which they won’t get) and an organization run with Bosley executives hellbent on getting people’s hopes up and wallets open. You’ve stated before that you don’t believe in ICX so I’m just curious what you mean.

  18. R says:

    Yes…..I should have explained further. I don’t trust Bosley and never considered Intercytex anything but a money mill….But, the article was posted on June 2, 2008 about the continuation of Intercytex and The London Times Article stated they are moving forward. This was my intention and to say that even though I have false hopes for Intercytex, the competition is moving forward to solve this disease.

    Secondly, Intercytex is proving another method that may interest greater practioners to build upon the existing idea / platform and will most likely align hair science with multiple procedures and pathways.

    Thirdly, I was suprosed to see the London Times article but believe many of the researchers and firms are starting to low-ball thier progress in fears of public nuances, trade secrets etc… We are in a race to find the cure / viable treatment and we cannot forget the breakthroughs by the following….Follica, Intercytex????….U of Bonn, Histogen, Luna and the Stanford researchers……these are the knowns so we will see major developments soon.

    Again, Follica is building and receiving funding and recruited the top minds to date. Hang-on and enjoy the potential breakthroughs. Another note, researchers are viewing this and will jump on the band wagon as they are seeing that this treatment may be easier than previously thought!

  19. Shooter says:

    Thanks for clarifying. I personally think that Follica is the only company with promise in the *hopefully* short term. The other breakthroughs are nice, but I’m sure we all want an actual treatment sooner than later. And who knows, if we’re EXTREMELY lucky, Acell might yield some interesting results too…

  20. JS says:

    It’s nice to hear some positive news from Follica, Hopefully they will be able to kick on now and if it goes well get some more financial backing to speed it up even more.

    I’m not going to count my chickens before they’ve hatched but i’m feeling a little more optimistic after this news.

  21. Zorro says:

    Ms. Zohar, Can you PLEASE confirm the regularity approval that you think is required for Follica i.e. do you have to go through phase-II & phase-III trials?

    We’ve had several debates discussing whether FDA trials would be required or not, and still no one knows for sure. I’m asking this just so we can have a better estimate of when to expect follica in market. If its going to take at least 2-3 years from now, then I might as well move on with my life (btw, I’m NW7 @ 24 – really bald, and my life really sucks! :(

  22. Make Me Beautiful says:

    YES!!! Finally some fresh news from Follica… their silence was starting to really upset me…

    Not the news I wanted to hear, but I suppose more money and more scientists working on the team means better, and hopefully faster, results…

  23. Go Follica Go says:


  24. nillu says:

    If follica will make this possible in future .That will be a big news for whole world in this decade.

  25. M says:

    This sounds strange but we live in a time where appearance can determine someone’s life. We are all focussed on our bodies. If Follica’s brings the cure on the market, they deserve the Nobel price! They will make millions and millions of people happy and will give them a (better) quality of life.

  26. NR says:

    this is great news. R, what does this mean for companies like rogaine and propecia? Will they now have to seek alternative methods and try to get involved in the permanent hairloss race?

  27. Patch Adam says:

    I tend to avoid the role of the dissentor, but am I the only one who notices the BS in this? What legitimate medical company would refuse to share nominal results? Maybe the kind who doesn’t really have to much to share. By all means, PLEASE make me eat my words, but for now my words seem to be the only thing with some substance

  28. Shooter says:

    Patch, I agree with you, but I believe at this point Follica does not have any results to share. Their studies in humans have only just started (as far as we know) about two weeks ago. Hopefully if this company is legitimate (and I believe it is), they will make information more readily available as they develop their procedure. All we can do now is hope and speculate. You are absolutely right to be skeptical at this point. Many companies with similar goals have failed in the past.

  29. R says:

    People,………..Even the under dogs are working to cure this and provide multiple paths to end hair loss. Remember, it is easy to be a nay-sayer but only those go across the grain invite opportunities.

  30. rev says:

    PEOPLE. lol I mean Patch. It’s not really BS as much as it’s Follica’s attempt to protect their intellectual property. There’s already a handful of guys self experimenting with Follica’s patent,and they’re seeing some results.

    The last thing Follica wants is to have someone else beat them to the finish line. Silence certainly keeps the competition at bay.

  31. R says:

    People. remember that this Follica procedure is nothing new and was discovered back in the 1950’s. Also, lay-people and other researchers have supported the same finding as well as provided new paths and logic to solve hair loss. Look at the Aug 2008 issue for Intercytex. Nobody want one firm to earn all the money. The Follica breakthrough just openend the flood gates to solve this disease. When in history have you see so many breakthroughs (also easier than previuously thought) but so many researchers and firms for hair loss? As well as support each others breakthrough by showing each path can restore hair. Compare U of Bonn, Intercytex??, Follica, Histogen, Luna and Standford. They all as well as many more behind closed doors are working hard for the cure and their pockets. Billions!!!!!!!!!! And Nobel prixe will be earned!!! Also, this will support other organ and bilogical cures along the way.

  32. M says:

    I think it is just good that they don’t come with some miracle pictures of a guy with a full head of haire AT THIS MOMENT. Can you remember the bald patch that was totally filled with Dutasteride, how maney of us got that kinde of regrowht?? The trials have started yet, it takes time to enhance their procedure to get optimal regrowth in most men, not one or two to just show it to the public.

  33. Patch Adams says:

    Someone made a great point: The race to the finish will be our greatest advantage as the consumer. Its the defining feature of capitalism! But my contention was the puffery that seemed to be Follica’s announcement. I’m sure their intellectual property is as protected as it can be with patents and rights of exclusivity. I would just expect some validation of their research/results to maintain their credultiy

  34. Make Me Beautiful says:

    Am I the only that finds it a little weird that supposedly Follica’s human trials have already begun, and they have not released a word about it?

    I kind of understand why Follica is so quiet about their work, but come on…

    We just want to know want to know what in God’s name you’re doing! We’re not asking HOW you’re doing it!

  35. rev says:


    RE credibility: Follica’s credibility lays in the caliber of academics and seasoned business associates contributing to the company. The scientists are actually experts in dermatological disorders; the executives have actual experience bringing new products to market.

    RE validity: It would be nice if they could validate everything today, but keep in mind 01) Follica is not publicly traded, so they don’t have to divulge anything, 02) Dr Cotsarelis substantiated some of the research back in 2007 ( 03) There were a few posters in the previous xconomy article that substantiated hair regrowth after damage. 04) There are people, from various message boards, seeing some results via amateur attempts using Follica’s patent 05) Follica just started trials, so there’s little to show to the public. 06) Patents or not, I’m sure Follica’s business side is mindful of the competition, and regulatory approval more than our desire for facts.

  36. R says:

    People…Follica has brought to view the process as much as possible and we are trying to solve this disease over night. We need to give it a good year to allow for manipulation of the procedure to obtain great results. Secondly, Patch, your concern is warranted but we are here for one reason…We belive this will work and remember that many other companies and people are showing results…in diverse strategies.

    Also, we need to be real…the scientific approach require time and we would not expect automotive and or any other business to show their latest breakthrough without the proper time to analyze and correct setbacks. Why are expecting anything sooner? This is immature and we need to wait a year. Follica is real and the procedure was duplicated from the 1950’s – today!

    Competition is growing and the need to cure this creating a race from knowledge workers and not fly-by-night informercial products.

    Follica is doing us a favor and we should wait until the results can be shared. They (follica) will not jump the gun again and create a nuance for the company. If everyone thinks this is a failure and then do waht Grommit did and leave. Everyone who stays knows they are here for one reason…they believe this will work or why waste your time here?

    Please visit science daily news and see how fast science is moving in all directions. You will be amazed!

  37. washington says:

    R… would like to know its opinion on this article above, HypeScience, speaking on the kit of follica for the next months, me it seems an utopia, you also thinks this? thanks.

  38. D says:

    A user translated it on this forum:

    If it is about to come out as a kit in few months and sold widely to everyone relatively cheap, I have a feeling it will just be slightly better than Rogaine and Propecia, which means it is not the “cure” we hoped for :(

  39. G says:

    For the Love of God! They haven’t even done their trials yet, and you’re thinking it’s not the cure – real smart!

  40. P says:

    Want to trade lots of money for thick luxurious hair.

  41. JS says:

    Why do people think that if the Follica treatment doesn’t cost a fortune it won’t be very good.

  42. P says:

    How much it costs is irrelevant, the results of the trials will show how effective it is.

    I was simply saying I would be willing to pay large sums of money for a truly effective treatment. Effective being 95-100% recovery of my hair.

  43. M says:

    Yeah, it will be sold at the Walmart as a familypack. Buy 4 pay for 3 and grow hair for the entire family. If Follica completes their procedure, it will be world news and a phenomenon. For the first time mankind has cured hairloss. Besides that it is the life work of many people working for Follica, they cannot give it away as a simple put it on product.

  44. Shooter says:

    Alright, a couple things. 1) G is right, Follica hasn’t even DONE their trials. We have no idea how effective it’s going to be. Furthermore, since PRELIMINARY trials JUST started, the article must have made a mistake when they quoted “months” instead of years. There is no way that this hasn’t been tested on real people fully and is still expected to be released in months. 2) Just because they use the word “kit” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s Rogaine. The kit, as far as I know, will be sent to dermatologists to administer under professional supervision. Cotsarelis himself said this process “is in no way simple.” 3) Even if this isn’t a “cure” there are a few things to consider. Anyone that REALLY wants their hair back only needs 20-30 percent density from Follica’s procedure. A carefully executed transplant can take care of the rest if need be. 4) If Follica’s procedure is effective at all, I see no reason why it can’t be performed multiple times to enhance results. Let’s just do our best to wait and see.

  45. P says:

    Why are you so quick to accept mediocre results? 20-30% density from Follica would be an outright failure in my view.

  46. rev says:

    …and propecia and rogaine are a success?

  47. R says:

    People…THINK!!!!! Why would Follica when they just started trials already be marketing a damn kit??? This is one viewers speculation and if it is this easy to regrow all your hair….Remember new follicles….Then this would be more than remarkable. You purchase the kit for $200 and you have hair for life!!! This is the path of the kit based on the previous science of hair growing forever with Follica’s approach.

    I highly doubt that we will see a kit based on the science and research being conducted. But..Think! If it is this easy and we have heard of lay-people acheiving same results in the bathroom with medeval tools then why worry?

    You restore just 50% density and you will see major coverage. I bet this will produce at least 80% coverage which will be the same as 100% with the naked eye. You only notice hair loss when 50% of the area in question minaturizes. So 60% coverage would show great results.

    Please stop over reacting and look at everything intelligently. HELLLLLLL I FORGOT THEY FOUND BIG FOOT!!!!! YOU don’t think that maybe these reporters like to pull peoples chains?

    Again, they stated in the article to regrow like beards etc.. to add coverage and hair for people. I hope it is a kit and it is that simple. I would be happy for simpllicity with excellent results especilly if the hair persists as they and others have concluded. Relax and spend more time researching big foot and let real science prevail. The reported was probably bored!

  48. Shooter says:

    R, you are very right. I hope your speculation on density is correct. 80% would be a Godsend!

    P, I didn’t mean to say that I’d be satisfied with 20-30% density. I was just trying to make a point that noone truly knows (probably not even Follica) what the exact density will be. For that reason we can’t assume failure (i.e. Rogaine and Propecia) or success (95% density with a take-home kit). Sorry for the confusion. I hope for all of our sakes the best case scenario plays out.

  49. rev says:

    A kit makes perfect sense once you get past the current debate of timelines and pricepoints.

    If Follica sees success they’ll need a distribution network. They can’t exactly open a chain of international hair outlets overnight; however, every city has a doctors office, a dermatologist, or a cosmetic spa staffed with competent people. Offer them an easy-to-follow kit, and you’re set.

    Potentially, this is one of Follica’s biggest advantages over other Hair Multiplication technology. Companies like Aderans, and InterCytex require costly cell cultivation equipment, highly qualified techs to biopsy and micro inject the scalp. Follica could forgo all that drama if they could turn their product into a kit.

  50. P says:

    If they plan on manufacturing these kits themselves they may have to go public.

    Assuming great results, Follica going public could mean big time money for investors. Perhaps my hairloss obsession could be *gasp* profitable?

  51. JS says:

    P…I wasn’t talking about your post it was the post by D i was talking about. I haven’t got a clue what the cost will be like everyone else and i think that report was going off old information.

  52. NR says:

    I’m still confused as to how this kit could b out within months? How do we know that article is even credible?

  53. Dave says:

    I wonder if the article got it wrong. Maybe there is a hair growth kit but it’s not made by Follica. I found a patten on what sounds like this hair growth kit but I don’t see any familiar names on it, although I still want to do more research on this. Also, I have read some poor journalism before where the author was just incorrect or got things mixed up.
    Here is the link.

  54. rev says:

    That article definitely got it wrong.

    Everyone has to ask themselves how a company could possibly release a commercial product in 2 months when it barely started trials –and we’re talking rudimentary trails that just involve wounding, but don’t involve compounds.

    It’s merely a case of poor reporting.

  55. WASHINGTON says:


  56. WASHINGTON says:


  57. P says:

    There is a post on a hairloss forum with someone claiming they have insider knowledge on the subject. They said (back in January) that Follica would have hairloss “cured” within 1-2 years… that would be sometime in 09.

    “Cured” to me screams full recovery. Ohh baby I hope so.

    PS: I make no assertion to the validity of this persons claim, but some of the other forum members seemed to consider him reliable.

  58. D says:

    Yeah, I “woke” up that post. I am “Striver” on the hairsite :). Well I guess they will at least know how good it works in 2009, whether they can get back a full head of hair with their first try or not.

  59. rev says:

    Please, please, please don’t get caught up too much in this “insider” bullcrap. The internet’s full of lonely people looking for attention.

  60. Shooter says:

    Supported anonymously
    In spite of
    Expert analysis and

  61. Dave says:

    Anyone read the new link below? Any thoughts?

  62. P says:

    Same old info, different format. People ripped the patent apart pretty much the day it was published.

    There are people trying their damnedest to get a hold of all those drugs on the list and do this at home. So far the results (from what I’ve read) have been less than stellar, but there HAS been results.

    Obviously the doctors at Follica would be much better at this in any case.

  63. Patch Adams says:

    Well suffice it to say, Follica has been able to generate the industry buzz that precedes any great product release, vis a vis any Mac product

  64. rev says:

    Mac products huh?
    Well… let’s hope Follica works better than Vista.

  65. P says:

    Imagine if Steve Jobs got his hair back with Follica. It would be like an explosion heard round the world.

    That guy shits and it turns to solid gold…

  66. Make Me Beautiful says:

    One thing that really gives me a sense of trust on Follica is its staff; I mean I don’t Zohar would be hiring every single expert in every single area remotely related to hair in the entire Universe if she didn’t believe her company was on to something real…

    But that’s just my thinking…

  67. R says:

    Ok….We are now seeing progress, formulas, investment and voices claiming to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, who is up for waiting with a Realistic and Intelligent Timelline so we can see the actual results? Regardless of this being a kit, HT Doctor and or Dermatologist, the underlying factor is success. If it were a kit…which is not to hard to believe based on the posters who have tried this themselves, then such a kit would represent a simple solution to a common problem.

    You see it is not that hard to see the simplicity of this due to the knowledge and advancement of science. Once they understand the underlying mechanism, then they just have to work to create an artifical environment to mimick and trick the body’s on biological process.

    I say this in regards to the multiple posts at numerous hair sites and when one individual presents and shawdow of doubt..the masses run to non-believer side. Please understand that the “Secret” formula is out and many scientist and firms are racing to cash in on this procedure. I believe that if it is a kit and the results are favorable….then we all win.

  68. D says:

    R: I would like to get some advice from you. I emailed Follica before asking when they could expect to launch their product on the market, just a rough estimate (3-4 years or more?). I got now answer, beside the standard reply. I asked this because I would like to plan a regimen to get some regrowth. I have thinned in the front and a bit on the top, so I am considering of maybe doing something about it. I am just afraid of the current treatments. So I would like your opinion on this since you seem to have a lot of experience about this: should I do something now or wait until a better treatment? I think I could wait 2 more years, but not much more after that.

  69. Shooter says:

    I too would like to know this. If I knew for certain a “cure” or extremely effective treatment was coming, I would really like to get a transplant now. Future loss is a huge concern so I can’t possibly commit to one without more information. Advice? How do we know that Follica will be better than say Rogaine (groundbreaking at the time, but not much in the big scheme of things)?

  70. rev says:

    Seriously guys. NOBODY has those answers. Not right now anyways.

  71. P says:

    If nothing works to control my hairloss (yet to be determined), I’m shaving my head and not worrying about it.

    Hair transplants are too expensive, and imo make you look worse if they are not done extremely well.

    The guy from PBS broadcasting comes to mind. Every time I watch Newshour with Jim Lehrer I can’t stop looking at one of the broadcasters plugs. It’s almost irritating.

  72. rev says:

    Not only that P, but if ever talk to guys who had a hair transplant more than a decade ago they’ll tell you that their transplanted hairs actually diminish in volume. Some of the guys on hairsite reported %50 loss of their transplanted volume.

    So if you’re keeping track: 01) Most transplant doctors have the ethics of a greasy used car salesman. 02) Hair transplants are woefully overpriced for 99% of the people out there 03) Transplants produce a fleeting illusion of hair at best 04) Results are rarely good, but those are the results doctors use to promote their crappy service. 05) Transplanted hair volume decreases over time (along with your donor supply).

    BOTTOM LINE – pray Follica works !!!

  73. Shooter says:

    Those are good points, rev. That is exactly why I am so hesitant. Do you have an estimate when you think we’ll have enough information to make an educated decision?

  74. rev says:

    If Follica stays true to its word (the original xconomy article) than we should have some TANGIBLE results (good or bad) by the beginning of 2009 (which really isn’t too far away if you think about it).

    Of course, everything I say is pure speculation; I’m in the dark along with the rest of you guys (and gals).

  75. JS says:

    Personally i wouldn’t bother with a HT, I would rather shave my head and get a baseball cap than line the pockets of those charlatans. Even if follica dosen’t show the results that we hope for i’m 100% certain a real treatment will be available in the next couple of years, Science is moving too fast for there not to be.

  76. Shooter says:

    Wow, JS, for some reason whatever you just said made sense. I hope you are right about the treatment thing, but even if you aren’t, there is no way I could in good conscience support that business (and scar my own head).

  77. NR says:

    ya I wouldn’t go the HT route. It doesn’t lead to positive results. What I wanted to know though is if it’s better to go and use rogaine while we wait for the possible cure. I’ve heard mixed reviews of the product but isn’t it a safer bet than a HT or propecia?

  78. R says:

    Lucky everyone of you who have the Internet to learn and grow. HT’s work very well and with good doctors they are undetectable. Men and women around you have it done and yes even Cotsarelis stated that HT’s last for ever so stop thinking otherwise. Bad posters spread rumors. You have seen bad Breast Aug.. at the bar yes! but would still date the lady. My point is that any procedure, drug and alterntaive approach is a personal one and you should research every avenue. You only hear and see bad procedures and never say that HT’s don’t last forever and or the results are bad. I have and researched live people and you can’t tell!!! Only the nad ones and many are older people who just don’t give a damn anymore and you wont either as you age see the world through grown up eyes.

    My advice…HT’s work very well and last forever. But… decide what is best for you and you only. Follica will work and everyone here is lucky that we are educating you or the alternative would have been bad procedures and foolish drugs etc… Never assume anything until you walk in someones foot steps and understand their emotions.

    Today hair loss is accepted but that never gives you the right to assume that any procedure or approach is wrong unless you investigate and speak to live (in-person) individuals in order to see things first hand. Many good HT doctors will let you see patients….My take is to wait as I am more mature today and see that it really doesn’t matter if you are bald. I started losing mine since the age of 22 and maintained most it. The frontal area is HT’s and nobody even when I tell them including hair stylist can not tell it was ever done! Theynare amazed and say I am lying. Hell my long-time friends forgot that I ever don Ht’s and its been 14 years. People….You only hear and see the bad procedures in society no matter the ailment. Follica will work so wait!!!

    Most hair site posters repeat words and talk a big game but trully don’t have first hand accounts. I will log in as a new member and downplay everything here and you would all see doom and gloom. Please understand that if I did not care nor the others, you would never be properly informed.

    Question: Who knows more than those that experienced the path taken? Until you tried and walk the path, your comments are speculation. If you want good HT doctors see the bald truth and if you good alternatives visit the MPB website with natural solutions.

    Please ask questions to people when they comment and you will see that they lack history. Your response did you experience first hand yes or no. Answer no, tell them goodbye!!! They are noise makers. Real knowledge people would explain and share wit you.

    Also, hollywood women (many) and men (many) are HT patients and you can never tell the good ones!!!

  79. K says:

    Adding my 2 cents to the “What’s available” convo.

    I tried propecia. It made my man parts BURN like crazy the two weeks I was on it. Also during that time I had no desire to have sex with my girlfriend which, needless to say, did not make her happy. Add in the fact that she doesn’t care about my hair but cares if I am fully functional, the propecia was dropped.

    I would never do a HT for the reasons you guys mentioned.

    Rogain? Never tried it, maybe I shall as a last resort.

    I truly believe that if you want a full head of hair back, a hair piece is the way to go. I know many of you are groaning now, but the people who say “they can always spot a piece” are full of crap. Yes, there are some terrible ones that people make obvious, but if you do your research and take your time you can have amazing results. I would never suggest going to the rip off salons but would consider a local one if the price was right. If you are willing to pay a few thousand per year, you can have your hair back.

    Am I advocating hair pieces? No, I don’t think I will go that route. I’d much rather shave my head down and be done with it. However, I really do see hair pieces as the solution for many men’s hair problems.

  80. rev says:

    Sorry R, but you are incorrect.

    Hair transplants don’t last forever for everyone. If you don’t believe me than you’re free to ask people that had a hair transplant over a decade ago. If you’re attributing those results to poor transplant doctors than I dare you to list-off ten good ones because I’m hard-pressed to name three… that’s not a large number consider 50% of men and 30% of women suffer from hair loss.

  81. P says:

    Seriously fellas, if you are young and losing your hair fast (like me) DO NOT get a hair transplant.

    Not only is there a large risk in continuing to lose your hair (and eventually look like a guy with obvious hair plugs), but you get a scar which makes shaving your head impossible and TRAPS you in the land of nightmares. On top of all that! is EXPENSIVE! Plus there is always the potential that it goes wrong.

    That is a whole lot of risks in my personal opinion.

    The website “” has a lot of great information on non-prescription supplements that are supposed to help (I can’t validate any of it, I only just started them). Also, “” has a great deal of information about laser therapy (which I also cannot validate the results of since I am just starting them).

    In both cases, assuming you did everything they recommend, the price is far lower, and the risk is far less, but the potential for gain (imo) is greater… depending on your level of hairloss of course.

    Edit: interesting that they are moderating comments now. I wonder why.

  82. R says:

    People…..You are witnessing personal experiences and opinions…some bad and good results that are being shared with all of you. Please remember that we all care and want this to end. Follica is backed by hard-working scientist and supported by people like us and billions of dollars that will line thier pockets, not including fame.

    In a nut shell…all choices are personal and never say on procedure is better than another due to it being a personl choice and results vary based on hair loss pattern and severity. I forgot I have ever done HT’s and women ask me me handsome etc… The Ht’s are over 14 years old and counting. many HT’s been done since WWII and still lasting by known people in my life. They fixed the pluggy look but would never tell!!!

    Everyone here is cares and we need to support each other rather than down play procedures, supplements or drugs. You ask and we will share individual stories. Propecia for example did not stop me form sex but many others experienced the effects. You see, your body determines the response!

    Let’s keep this forum healthy and realistic based on facts and personal experiences. I have seen the pros and cons of all procedures and pills and share to inform and offer real hope and a clear mindset when you look and respond to someone.

    Remember train wrecks are usually shared! You see and hear mostly bad posters spreading rumors and false claims. I will say this…go to the hairsite and see how many people think Follica and everyone else is a failure…Why do they waste their time then???

    I am an advocate to wait based on my experiences but would defend good procedures, supplement and doctors when warranted. My regret to HT’s is not the results…it was my decision at the age of 24 and being young without the Internet and people sharing. Again, my results are excellent…my lack maturity made me jump the gun.

    Now….There are numerous supplemts that support hair growth and located on a website called

    Good HT doctors located The Blad Truth Website.

    Good hearted and caring people….Here! I hope this disease ends and I hope you take my advice and comments to heart. I will never promote anything but will defend real doctors and results based on first hand experiences. I am often used as an example of a good HT’s in hair salons etc {an people still can’t tell and want the number, the scars are hidden and real short haircuts don’t show scars},,, but still I will tell you to wait as something big is coming soon.

    Be mindful and challenge everyone who brings negativity to the forum. Ask questions and see if they have first hand history to support their comments. You will be suprised how many are just repeated blanket statements with strong biases based on lack of knowlegde. This website is used to stop this behavior and Zohar etc… vistits here only! Lead forums by example!

  83. R says:

    Rev you stated for everyone…Yes! because many are not harvested correctly, wrong donor location, senile hairloss based on late age and this compliments diffuse thinning. Follica procedure may not work forver either and the dermabrasion and or new follicles may create a problem, but we don’t know that yet. You see many of the past 10 years HT’s were still being done by incompetent doctors and the results are showing when resident hair recedes.

    There are many factors but individual response to anything is the nutshell. I will not name any doctor results are personal exeriences. Even the best hospitals and doctors have failures and you hear those responses qucikly in the media.

    I can only share that over 14 years and mine look strong and I forgot they were ever there and so have my friends and strangers when told can’t tell in any light (Itested the HT’s in different lighting)with success.

    I still say wait as explained above but look at your source Rev and what research have you done in live form / interviewed those from good doctors and good results?

    I just my experiences and will say wait! But I never accept blanket statements and or false words by a few posters who myst have had bad HT’s.. Many HT patients in the past were never good candidates due to their pattern being diffuse and yes many men experience women pattern hairloss. So many factors contribute.

    However, I support your comment Rev and state that all party’s should wait and see the next generation of procedures and potential cure for hairloss. By the way, many drugs, procedures and supplements have killed, mamed and scarred people for life..even the common ones and these events plague the web.

  84. R says:

    I like to add something people…why are HT’s not lasting more than 10 years today when bad ones were done in WWII era and still growing?

    Remember that a few bad posters eliminates any attempt at that procedure, we should then eliminate rogaine, propecia, wigs, hair extentions, vitamins etc… My comment is there will be bad results and any bad result will outweigh 1000 good!

    So..please remember you only know mostly when things go bad and hardly the good. There are people experiencing great results with many of the aforementioned products and procedures and many on T.v. Movies etc… Yes you see bad results but never the good ones.

    Now….I still say wait and shave the head as this would have been my take if I had the Internet in my day due to seeing new opportunities and being more mature and not caring anymore. I hope my responses help and you know that I trully care about all of you and the best for all you. I mean it everyone… not trying to be sentimental..but I care and we need to have more ladies visit so we can help them as well as cancer and injured patients in hopes to give them hope and leaer vision. I appreciate all your rebuttals and understand why you think the way you do and I would too if brought in on a another platform. So… we are here and hopefully we can continue to help and support each other.

  85. rev says:

    I guess you’re right R (that 50% volume loss is the exception and not the rule); Having said that, I know of 5 people on hairsite, and one person from another board that either suffered from poor regrowth or volume loss over time.

    I’m simply saying that hair transplants are the epitome of an uphill struggle. First you’re lucky if you can afford them, than you’re lucky to find a competent ht doctor, than you’re lucky to achieve the illusion of hair without depleting your donor supply, and than you have to worry if your transplants will lose volume or if your drug regime will lose its potency over time.

  86. Denton says:

    R said:

    “I like to add something people…why are HT’s not lasting . . . ”

    Answer: senescent alopecia (look it up)

    “bad ones were done in WWII era and still growing?”

    There were no hair transplants for male pattern baldness until the late 1950’s.

  87. R says:

    Volume loss is usually surrounding hair fallen out and mistaken for HT’s this is being recognized and at one time I thought the same thing but found that my surrounding hair fell out. Your eyes plays tricks on you especilly when your going through this shit!

    Secondly, WWII era! HT’s etc… WWII era 1941 etc… 1950’s time line era not the actual date…just to make a point of time and sustained growth… is still how many years 58? And hair is growing. HT’s were not done by many but done and people still have hair growing. Secondly, you have stated a few people but 1000’s of others with good results are still feeling good. More and more women are doing this procedure and its growing with greater number of people, many of whom are on T.V. especially women.

    With everything said, I don’t want this to be a HT Forum or another hair site. We only trully hear the negative and this is shown by people down playing Follica before the trials. My point is that everyone responds differently and it’s your choice. I have witnessed many people down play hair loss until they experienced it and now they are freaking out and would consider cow pucky if it worked! Smile

    To get back to reality here in this forum, Follica will be the catalyst and is mind you to end this diesease. The science and people involved as well as those self-experimenting is reality enough. Also, we all know that one of the desperate people out there will try Acell and may even discover another platform. We have many high-intense / desperate people and who knows what will come out of these experiments.

    Later this year…I believe more news will shed greater light and I’ll bet that Follicas technique as hinted with a potential take home kit will be easier than previously expected. Another great thing about Follica is that many dermatological diseases will nbe potentially cured. We have it bad??? Try Vertiligo, burns, major injuries and disfigurement. We need to keep things in perspective and hope that not only hairloss is cured but the millions of people scarred and disfigured by skin ailments and disease.

    We are trully lucky compared to many and need to appreciate Follica and others trying to solve this disease as well other dermatological problems hampering people and their true being.

    I will not comment further on HT’s as everyone here can research and speak in-person with those that like their results. We hear all the negative with the select few and unfortunately these select few outweigh the million positive. So, we stay focused on the latest breakthroughs and paths to end this disease. Here my supplment approach to fight hairloss with my own success.

    Propecia, Green Tea Extract, Curcumin, Reservatrol, Taurine and multivitamin. The natural supplements have awesome health benefits backed by science. Curcumin blocks propecias side efects. Supplements from Life Extension Foundation with scientific reports explaining the health benefits. I hope this helps everyone!

  88. R says:

    News…Drugs don’t lose potency with hair loss… your hair loss progresses beyond the drugs capability. So it is best to tackle hair loss from muliple levels and areas. I have stoppped propecia for several years and came back to it with the same good results. This shows that again, comments from people are only individual experiences and not the majority. You will hear many negative responses from Follica due to incompetent application, bad reaction to one of the ingredients etc…. So we must keep our perspective and this is why I want multiple companies and different treatments due to not everyone may be able to take some of the procedures due to side effects. Multiple choices should be available.

    See this string that helped me tackle hair loss to an all new level.

  89. rev says:

    I’m sorry to argue with you again R, but it’s quite common for propecia to lose some of its potency at the 6-7 year mark. I’m not saying it happens to everyone, but it happens often enough.

    Again, it’s more the reason we need something more legitimate than the current offerings for hairloss.

  90. P says:


    I mean if we are willing to PAY for a prescription that has the potential for wang limping side effects and MEDIOCRE results, just imagine how much money there is to be made on a real treatment.

    I really hope they will be announcing results by next Jan. I can start saving my pennies if it works as well as I pray.

  91. A says:

    Rev its not that Propecia loses its effeciency its just that mpb has run over the top if it. Remember that MPB cant be STOPPED at this point in time by any drug it can only be halted for an interim period. So the drug does not actually lose any effeiacy its just that mpb has progressed past what the drug can actually do for you.

  92. JS says:

    Come on guys, The reason we’re here discussing the latest developments with Follica is because the current methods don’t come upto scratch, We could go round and round in circles if we start talking about HT’s lets leave that to the people on Hairsite.

  93. R says:

    Remember that Histogen is knocking on Follicas doors and benchmarking their approach. They plan a 2015 launch – about 6.5 years from now and they are on the back side of Follica. They stated that the formula would be able to create new follicles as well as awaking resting ones. Fuchs has shown that the follicles are alive but resting (just need the right amount of signaling), so Histogens and Follicas formula may be enough to awaking the sleepers. This would give you all your hair back without the need for new ones.

    Histogen is looking at both approaches and as long as they change the micro environment you will not need additional hair just awaken the sleepers.

    Many hairs awaken with current treatments so strong signals from wnt and other growth factors may be all that is needed. It was interesting to see that many of the resting follicles awaken. If Histogen is on the back side and benchmarking Follica with a 6.5 year launch, Follica,s 3 – 4 years is not that far fetched.

  94. R says:

    People….Any news on this group?

    New IND Submission for Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA)
    Indication Using ASC-J9 Foam
    AndroScience Corporation is also in the development of ASC-J9 as a topical treatment
    for androgenetic alopecia (AGA, or male pattern baldness). For this indication,
    ASC-J9 is being formulated into a new Foam formulation. A new IND for AGA
    indication, using ASC-J9 Foam, is expected to be submitted to the FDA in Q3 of 2008.

  95. Shooter says:

    R, I don’t know alot about it, but I did sign up for trials and was told to check back later this year for updates.

    I did as much research on Follica’s inner workings as I could, and have a few pieces of information for anyone interested.

    Samir Mitragotri (Follica’s new scientific advisory board member) was awarded a 171,155 dollar grant by UCSB to study “Drug Delivery Into Microdermabraded Skin” in June of this year. The newsletter I found this in mentions him as a part of Follica, Inc. This seem to confirm the theory that Follica raises less money independently than most companies because alot of their research is carried out at major universities. It also hints at the process they may be using. Here is the link:

    Also, former CEO of Genentech Kirk Raab joined Follica’s executive team. This is interesting, not only because of his experience, but because Genentech manufactures erlotinib, the American version of the EGF inhibitor gefitinib. Many home Follica experimenters feel gefitinib is the drug most likely to be used by Follica, and having control of erlotinib sales would (in theory) give Follica the ability to use a similar drug without the need for extra regulatory approvals (hopefully). It’s patent doesn’t expire until 2020, so maybe there is some kind of deal worked out between Follica and Genentech. Who knows.

    These are just little pieces of information combined with my own conjecture. I could be way off, but hopefully this is helpful to our cause.

  96. Haircoach says:

    Too Scott Kellog and Samir Mitragotri have done several patents about drug delivery. see espacenet…

  97. TheOne says:

    Good find.

  98. NR says:

    R, what exactly would ASC-J9 do? Would it stop the loss of hair and regrow it? I’ve done some research on it and still don’t understand if it would b very effective. It almost seems like another rogaine type product to me

  99. R says:

    NR it does sound like a new foam that compliments Rogaine and the like, however it is a new formula that may yield greater benefits and outcome. As technology and science moves closer to understanding and eventually curing hair loss, we will see outliers like ASC-J9 that may bring back follicles and or keep at bay hair loss.

    Looking at forward statements by Follica, Histogen, Standford and Luna, any outlier company (to be successful) will need to create a product that will stand on it own. The current treatments don’t work consistently for everyone so any new product would most likely have greater research that trully addresses hairloss.

    Outliers will be beaten down as well as current products due to real science and practioners working to understand and create a path to address the issue. The only current treatment that will built upon is HT’s and this will compliment Intercytex and other companies if they hold their weight in gold.

    I am betting on Follica to end this disease and the others either dropping out and or creating another path will equal-end results. Remember that a breakthrough in hair loss translates to breakthroughs in other diseases. hair complicated but no so to cure based on todays knowledge and once we fix this area of dermatological diseases, others will follow and be addresses through wnt and siganling channels. Hopefully U of Bonn will find the right drug and switch the circuits back on. The good thing people is that the hair is there, just need more amps!!

  100. NR says:

    That’s very interesting R. How long do u think it’ll be before this product could be released? I’m srill considering rogaine but if this is more effective then should i wait?

  101. R says:

    NR….Rogaine will need to be done daily and topically and if you stop, massive shedding! I would recommend propecia starting at a half-tablet or even a quarter tablet and see how it works. Everyone responds to treatments differently and you will need to way your circumstance. BTW…What Norwood scale are you? The reason I ask is that if you are NW5 – NW7 early in life, most drugs, vitamins and HT’s won’t work very well due to the agressive hair loss. This why people see things as failures and in reality, they were never a candidate and or the actual drugs were not strong enough to stop the speed / agressive loss.

    This is why I always say ask and listen people because we assume that one size fits all and this is never the case. Your response to drugs, vitamins and HT’s are personal and biological. If HT’s lasted only ten years then those doctors that are HT Doctors would never do it to themselves, that would be absured!

    There are many people out there trying to stir up lies, false claims and want you to be bald and react to negative criticism. This why this forum can help you as people here have basically tried everything.

    If your hair loss is not too severe, I recommend trying propecia but if its a fast loss and the pattern resembles a low horsehoe then you opt to wait. Many people don’t progress beyond their current state if they were experiencing a loss of ten years or more and you can pretty much see the pattern and extent of loss at that time. People who are severly bald will know within the first 5-8 years they started. My pattern has not changed even when off all the drugs and vitamins for 14 years.

    I since started and got regrowth in the front and back….my hair is pretty consistent with my brothers who tries nothing but he has more hair due to not having the same agressive gene, but the pattern is the same. He started at 29…I started at 21. Just the front is different!

  102. A says:

    Man i really cant wait 2 or more years for this. losing hair should be considered one of the most confidence depleting things in the world. Just started my Propecia and Minoxidil quest to help me keep what i have for a couple of years. HOPEFULLY something will come along by then. Dont really care what aslong as it works im happy. (Also SLIGHTLY off topic question here. R i went to the website you provided hairloss-research. I dont know about there methods. I mean would taking alot of suppliments really do much, and no im not having a go at you or anything just intrigued.)

    P.s Everyone on this forum should try and get along because at the end of the day we are all in the exact same boat. No one is any different then the next person on this issue.

  103. R says:

    A….You are correct and we need to be family here and share and support each other. Now back to the website. I never take that much and the majority of my supplements are for overall health (i.e. Curcumin, Reservatrol, Green tea extract and multi-vitamin) The two for hair loss is propecia and taurine. I have found out later that all of the supplements are good for hair especially taurine, curcumin and reservatrol. I read Italians are working on a patent with curcumin / reservatrol called Reservage. So try these or at minimum propecia and curcumin / Resrvatrol(which offsets propecia’s side effects).

    A…..If you are losing hair fast then these drugs may slow some down but may not work. Please give the propecia and curcumin/resrvatrol 1 year to see if it works. Life extension Foundation sells Curcumin and Reservatrol in high safe potency.

    Again….Everyone responds differently. There are older men from 55-on that have great results with propecia so it could work. I don’t believe in a drug losing it’s effectiveness, its your hair loss agression! So you may keep this at bay. I started losing my hair at 21 and started propecia in 2001 stopped in for three years and continued with regrwoth. 14 years and regrowth. That is why your pattern and genetics is the determined factor.

    A side note: Follica will in my eyes come out with THEEEEEE Product. And my vision states it will be easier than previously thought to regain all your hair back. I just have a feeling that science has landed for balding people. Also, they have identified psoriases (spelled wrong) key inflammatory signal and anticipate curing this disease. this is an autoimmune diease (dermatology) and will support hair loss due to signaling factors as well as skin restoration by inhibiting signal channels. They all relate to some degree. You should hear naother announcement by Nov 2008 (follica).

  104. Shooter says:

    A… this is definitely the right “forum” (if you want to call it that) to be a part of. People here are knowledgable, supportive, and are more concerned with an effective treatment than badgering others for their views.

    R… you always scare me with your optimism (I’m a “knock on wood” kinda guy) but I really, sincerely hope you are right on this one.

  105. Happy 1 says:

    For what it’s worth, I was on Propecia for 4 years. It worked well during that time and I didn’t have any side effects to speak of.
    Over the past year, I felt it was indeed becoming less effective over the span of time. Studies made on Propecia’s long term effectiveness also confirmed my suspicions.

    In light of this, I made the switch to Avodart two months ago.
    I was pretty reluctant to do this as I had read volumes on the possible side effects.
    Avodart was being blamed for everything from impotence to engine trouble. It is on the point of being ridiculous.

    After I consulted with my doctor, I made the jump. (I’m 47 and was beginning to have some urinary issues so Avodart was the logical choice.)

    To date, I have had no side effects. I haven’t been on it long enough to see the effects on my thinning, but it has certainly not gotten worse.

    I am sure that side effects do occur in some individuals. I do not dispute that. However, I think that they have been vastly over exaggerated.

    I’m hoping that Avodart will help delay my hair loss from progressing further, but I have to say that I made a very conscience decision to not let it affect my life. I got a nice short buzz cut this spring because I saw it as a way to re-affirm my decision.
    It REALLY worked. Seriously, I was amazed on how little having hair matters.

    I’ll probably let it grow this fall but in the meantime- literally, no worries!

    I love reading this forum everyday and hearing all the progress being made. Capitalism is a wonderful thing!

    I hope that Follica makes lots of money. I’ll be more than happy to help line their pockets with cash should their efforts be successful.

  106. Seriously says:

    i am so tired of constantly worrying about my hair, constantly feeling like i’m ugly and not worth anything because everyone my age has all this perfect hair,,,

    we have pills and surgery coming out the ass for fat people who can’t stop putting food in their mouths, but for me, working out and trying to stay in shape did nothing but accelerate the hairs jumping off my head.

    i’ve spent a fortune on this crap and maybe got 5-10 hairs back.

    just please please please give me back my life, i’m so sick of this. it’s sad, it’s pathetic, point, laugh, i really don’t care… i just want to ME to like ME again, so i can stop looking in the mirror and hating who i see.

  107. P says:

    R, where did you get this information about November 2008? Was that from a Follica official or just a guess?

  108. R says:

    My optimism is based on real science and a true effort to stop this disease. Never in history scientist trully cared enough and or tried to cure hairloss. This is why this day in age is exciting. I agree that you should shave your hair and if I could go back in time this would be my choice as well. The Internet did not exist for us so consider yourself lucky! As we age we see that being happy is number one and hair does help, but most decent women dont care about your hair.

    My November forcast is a guess based on Follicas initial trial and report that will follow. Please dont expect a major announcement before Spring 09. Regardless, all you need to remember is many companies are working and forcasting around 2010-2015 = 1.5 – 6.5 years from now!

  109. rev says:

    No offense man, BUT STOP FORECASTING timelines. It’s clear that people look up to you here. The last thing we want is for you to become xconomy’s version of hairsite’s “the game”. People have accused me of being a bleeding-heart optimist on hairsite, but even I know when to draw the line. This is a delicate matter for most; please don’t give people FALSE hope for the sake of getting attention.

  110. R says:

    Easy….My timelines are base don the actual forcast by the scientist and researchers as posted in the permalink and the November is just refferring to the 60 day pilot study by Follica. So the Nov 08 forcast is based on thing…Follicas 60 day trial which is ample time to deliver the news. I too am cautious by repeat forcasts based on what was relayed by the researchers. The 60 day pilot study is small and news should be brought out by researchers. I stated “should” hear something due to the short-time line of sthe stduy.

    Follicas first announcement was May 2007, Jan 08, Aug 08…Maybe around nov-dec 08? I don’t know but I speculate due to the pattern and the one year to go through all the stages. Every milestone will most likely be communicated especially if it is good news. Sorry…not trying to scare anyone and I know your concerns!

    Follicas, Intercytex????, Histogen etc.. have laid out timelines so those are repeats.

  111. rev says:

    I’m merely saying is that people respect you here; don’t blow it. I like the positive tone we have on xconomy, but I don’t want to give people false hope. We don’t know Follica will divulge anything after their 60 trial, just how we didn’t know they would raise an additional 11million so quickly.

    Everything’s speculative at the moment.

  112. Haircoach says:

    HAllo to our hopes…Zohar says “4/5 years by now…”

  113. rev says:

    That article hints of accelerated trials, and topical formulations. Interesting indeed.

    Still, we have no idea if proof-of-concept will pan out in our favor; if it does, than most would agree 4-5 years couldn’t come soon enough.

    Great find haircoach; thank you !!

  114. WASHINGTON says:


  115. D says:

    Hm. I wonder how to interpret this: positively or negatively? Do they mean they will probably solve the puzzle in 4-5 years or maybe that they basically know it works, so the only thing that remains is going through these trials that take 4-5 years?

  116. Shooter says:

    I think it means another 5 years…. I swear if I hear that one more time….

  117. NR says:

    I found a website that i believe is selling the ASC-J9 compound you were talking about R. Any thoughts?

  118. JS says:

    The articles from aren’t quoting anyone on the 4-5 years it seems to be the author who is making assumptions. Consider the fact that at the start of the year when MSNBC did their report, The doctor doing the report said they hoped to have it in market in 3-4 years if everything goes perfectly, And the latest news from follica said they had moved forward their second round of fundraising to speed it up further which would suggest to me that they are progressing very well and if they keep on this track they will have something ready within 2-3 years at most.

  119. P says:

    I also agree that the article is NOT quoting Zohar, and looks like yet another timeline guess. Someone should contact the author of that article and find out if they actually interviewed Zohar, and if she mentioned 4-5 years.

    And since everyone is guessing, here is my timeline for a cure to hairloss: hope for 2 years, plan for 10 years.

  120. R says:

    I don’t any further data on ASC-J9 compound. The company is hush at the moment and not discussion anything valuable to the public. Since Robert Buderi is an Xconomist, maybe he can shed light on the article stating 4-5 years. This would place Follica in a bind if Histogen and Luna beat them to the punch. I believe Follica will need to move much faster than that and we don’t know how much data they actually have and not sharing to the public. If lay-people are experiencing regrowth with sewing needles and toenail clippers by gauging themselves then these top scientist must be ahead with real results beyond the self-mutilation practioners. I believe Follica is more advanced than discussed with the advancement of money supporting damn good results.

  121. K says:

    One thing I agree with R about is that they have HAD to test this on someone already. I mean, come on, you don’t raise money like this or persue the idea without at least one scientist calling in his bald friend as a test subject.

    I’m telling you, they have had to have played around with this some because it’s not like they had to create a new drug or proceedure to do it.

    They know.

  122. R says:

    The scientific basis is one of knowledge that dates back to the 1950’s, substantiated by accident and self-mutilation victims and supported by new scientific paradigms that incorporate the latest cell biology with conusmer and finacial needs. This knowledge being advanced by Follica is one of great importance beyond hair loss and will translate to other organ diseases. Please understand that even though I highly doubt Intercytex, they are still a player and working to bring their technology to the foreground around the same time as Follica. This will be interesting and maybe not a without planning due to if Follica brings only limited fullness, Intercytex could fill in the rest. I look at these timelines expressed by the leading scientist as unique on how they bench each other.

    I trully believe in Follica but if Intercytex can multiply 1000’s of hairs than this too will be remarkable as any coverage that will replace every area of the scalp is golden. The promising thing is that Follica and the others that are striving to end-this disease are creating products that work on scars (donor area) and the like so everyone should be able to wear their hair very short.

    On another note regarding my November forcast. I believe that the current trend of information sharing is moving faster as the experiements and studies are on-going. This is a speculative forcast and could be sooner or later, but I feel that as we progress, the rate of knowledge (shared knowledge between investors etc..) will produce more insight and media coverage as we have seen these last three months. We are discovering different media outlets communicating and gaining interest in hair loss and will hold the leading firms in the spotlight making them share and divuldge information. This is happening as you have seen.

    Remember…We have never had some much attention and effort being applied to hair loss in the history of mankind that is backed by top scientifc minds. Believe me that every breakthrough and new information will bring greater competitors to the market because I feel that restoring hair may be easier than thought due to the greater knowledge of hair science, G-receptors, strong anti-oxidents and signaling pathways that are acheieved and sustantiated by numerous scientist. Those that chose to sit this out and push back to avoid cures and real treatments are now obligated to contribute and solve this or lose all revenue and credentials. You will see many products start to disappear soon after the real products come to market. Believe me that today, mediocre companies and products are being re-evaluated and marked for death like revita and dr. proctor as real products displace inferior practioners and their half-ass products.

  123. A says:

    lol @ Doctor proctor that guy is a joke. Look guys R is pretty much the man on this topic so i would agree with him at all times. If your like me and holding on for dear life for the next 2 + Years until THE definative option becomes available. Get yourself on Propecia get some herbal counters to propecia to avoid Sides. Get some Minoxidil happening hold on to what you got and just wait it out. Use proven methods until an ultimate method is available.

  124. Shooter says:

    A, we’re all holding on for dear life, but as knowledgeable as R is, I’m not sure he has much more information (as far as Follica is concerned) than anyone else. We don’t know AT ALL that Follica will be “the” definitive option or that it will be 2, 5, or 10 years until it’s available. THIS IS NOT A NEGATIVE POST, I’m just saying that not even R can give an accurate timeline when not even Follica themselves can. We still have no idea if these “proof of concept” studies worked. I’m TOTALLY frustrated, like we all are, but I can’t get my hopes up on 2 years because there is a good chance of being drastically let down. I’m more concerned with results than timelines to market. If it works and works well, we can all find a way to wait.

  125. A says:

    I hear you Shooter. Believe me i do. And i didnt mean that he was the font of all knowledge, but at the same time he has researched this i think alot more then most of us have and may have even been in contact with follica more based on what he does know.

    But in the end the most any of us can do is get a HT or Prop, and Fin and thats it. Nothing else REALLY WORKS it may help, but not solve much.

    Am i the only person who actually finds R to be refreshing by giving timelines i find it gives me something to look forward to and at the same time i know i may be waiting till 2015 for a result it does not hurt to expect one by 2010 or 2011. Times are changing and things are getting fixed faster and faster.

  126. rev says:

    Timelines are dangerous… especially when they come from a bystander. The only person that could shed addition light on the matter would be an actual Follica rep, or Robert Buderi (the author of this article).

    I’m not trying to be a pessimist; I feel positive about Follica, but I want to withhold judgment until we know, for certain, that they established proof of concept on actual living, breathing human beings.

  127. R says:

    People….frustration is setting in but please look at the attention that hair loss is getting and the latest scientific breakthroughs aligning hair loss with greater discoveries that are aimed to end this disease. Zohar stated that in the past there were never real science behind past hair loss products and now they (Follica)are shifting the pendulum toward a viable solution.

    You are witnessing new knowledge that is supported by a greater understanding for biological processes. The 60 day trial is to see how much disruption is needed to create follicles. Remember that with the naked eye you will not be able to see new follicles forming but will see such activities with a high-powered microscope. They are looking for the least disruption for the biggest bang. Also, if you read Follica’s website, you will see that they are looking at different areas of dermatology and creating new labs to facilitate the growing business and industry. Follica is embracing for a mass explosion of opportunity and now positioning themselves to handle such opportunities.

    I am waiting for Luna and Histogen to make greater announcements as well as U of Bonn which only stated they are working hard to cure baldness. Many more that we have never heard of are trying new solutions.

    We are in a place of time where hair loss is considered a valuable entity not only for baldness but for other diseases as stated by Follica and most likley pursued by other researchers and companies. The human and was monetary potential is driving this endeavor.

  128. happy1 says:

    I’m not sure if anyone posted this link before:

  129. P says:

    Why the hell do we have to wait until 2015? If it has already been shown to stimulate growth and create new follicles, why the hell can’t we decide for ourselves if we will risk it?

    Fucking FDA is such a waste of my damned taxpayer dollars.

    On another note: if this companies product stimulates dormant follicles and it is simply injectable WNT signaling proteins and some growth factor, that gives me hope for Follica to do the same.

    GOD I HOPE THIS WORKS!!! Just tell us alreadddddddddyyyyy.

    Robert Buderi, any way you could find out an estimated timeline for the release of additional information? I know you have glorious hair and all, but if you could check for us baldies that would be great :)

  130. Shooter says:

    Yeah, I agree with you P, I don’t see why we can’t decide for ourselves what risks we’re willing to take. All I really want to know is if the process works well. If it does, I can wait for 5 years, but I really don’t want to wait 5 years just for it to become another inferior product or Intercytex ordeal.

  131. Shooter says:

    I wouldn’t say “follica” joins “l’oreal” but people involved with both companies in some capacity certainly seem to know each other.

  132. P says:

    Ugh! So much … potential… plz… hurry.

    Peak oil better not crumble the global economy before I get my hair back.

  133. Phil says:

    Can anyone find the link to the harvard study. If they’re no longer recruiting that’s a very good sign that it’s more than well underway.

  134. rev says:

    Phil. This used to be the link, but it’s dead now.

    This is what it said.
    Description – The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of microdermabrasion on hair growth. The study may last up to 2 months and subjects will receive $750 for completing all visits and procedures. It involves 2 skin biopsies. Eight study visits are required. To participate in this research study, the subject will have to stop all other anti-aging treatments except emollients approved by the study doctor.


    Inclusion Criteria
    1. Caucasian males 20-50 years of age
    2. Has male pattern baldness.

    Exclusion Criteria
    1. Current or recent use (within the past year) of isotretinoin (Accutane).
    2. Is currently taking hormone therapy, or steroids or other immunomodulators (examples are methotrexate, cyclosporine) or has taken these medications within the past thirty (30) days (inhaled steroids are acceptable).
    3. Currently using Rogaine or Propecia or used them in the past forty-five (45) days
    4. Is immune compromised or undergoing therapy to treat an immune disorder.
    5. History of keloids or hypertrophic scarring.

    Additional inclusion and exclusion criteria will be discussed with you during the screening visit.

    At the screening visit, we will have you read the informed consent and meet with the research staff. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and time to consider whether or not you would like to participate in the study. If you decide to participate in the study, the study-screening visit will be performed.

    Clinical Unit for Research Trials in Skin
    Massachusetts General Hospital

  135. Phil says:

    thanks for this Rev.

    Do you have any idea of the date when this was first posted?

  136. R says:

    OK………….L’Oreal is part of the hair and beauty gig and have looked for ways to curtail hair loss. Like I said people…once a viable and intellegent path is discovered and supported by top scientist that pursuing a cure (any field) with solid science…others will join and at times merge resources. for xample see thie link.

    Now…Follica is expanding their lab to not only tackle hair loss but other dermatological diseases and conditions. This collaboration with L’Oreal is a strong link to viable solutions down the road. Like I said before…Show a need, money and viable scientific solution and they will follow.

    The Internet is a double edged sword. You can promote and reach greater people but if you have inferior products….you and the reputation that governs your existence is futile. Please understand that you will hear and see greater dermatological and hair loss reports being generated as we continuously unlock the codes that affects half the people on this earth. Yes! half and what money can be generated? Billions with a continuous endless supply of future hair loss sufferers until the G-Receptor can be turned off at birth!.

    My meaning this need will go on forever with treatments from Follica that will provide an incessent feed of money and patients as they age and the pattern changes. This why if Follica restores 100% of the hair, they will still have business because you will restore only what is missing and that changes over time and new people entering the balding stage will be at the back of the line. So Follicas breakthrough will provide millions – billions to everyone willing the jump on and provide this service.

  137. M says:

    P, I’m sure Follica Won’t be available before 2010, because they have to go through trials. If they didn’t need the trials, they would have definitely said so because not only do they know about all the speculation that’s being going on about trials-vs-notrails, saying they don’t need trials will only generate more interest in Follica. I for the life of me can’t figure out, how answering this simple question could affect their business. The only thing staying quiet does is keep the follica buzz alive, because they’re still at least 2 years from time-to-market!

    R, I’m sure your intentions are not bad. But I think we all know that the science is progressing rapidly and there will be a cure in the future. What most of us want to know is when any of those scientists are planning on bringing it to the market, and that is anywhere between 3-7 years. So please stop posting the same stuff about Luna, G-receptor, Histogen over and over again – all of them are AT LEAST 5 years from market. All of them will require extensive trials, and they haven’t even started their trials yet! The only people you’ll find on these forums are the desparate ones like me, ones who need a cure asap (1-2 years), NOT in 5 years! So why are we even wasting our time talking about those anyway?

  138. P says:

    That’s it… I’m not checking this damned website for 6 months. If something big happens somebody email me.

    Until then chaps!

  139. R says:

    M…your talking backwards nothing comes out yesterday and all you need to understand and learn that no scientist will deliver any news that will compromise their studies.The other organizations are listed as new targets and front runners. So please, people if you are looking for answers tomorrow, then you might as well give up! It wont happen that fast!

    No one scientist gives a damn for a bunch forum members demanding they publish their findings at will. It takes intelligence and dilligence to work through this area and all areas of science.

    I am only here to help and guide and if you guys want me to stop repeating myself then stop trying to get an answer in your expected time frame. It takes time and real science. You want something in 5-days go take Revita and the other half-ass products like Dr. Proctor. You will be lucky and fortunate to have it in 5 years so wait as no-reputable scientist will answer your cries for the sake of their research and product.

    I have listed alternatives herbal and FDA so research and hold on to what you have. If your hairloss is fast………No product other than Follicas etc… will work. The herbal and FDA products are there and so are the links that we provided to help each and everyone of you in order to guide you and support you.

    Hairsite welcomes tyrants and those that see things irrationally. I welcome feedback but make sure you understand my attempts to help and if I have over stepped my grounds, I apologize in advance M. I care about you and everyone else suffering from this disease.

  140. M says:

    R, I’m not asking about their results. All I said was that they need to at least tell people if they have to go through phase I, II & III trials or not. EVERY drug company does that, I even contacted androscience & Intercytex personally a while ago and even though they haven’t mentioned it on their websites they’ve responded to my emails and said that they have to go through phase-III before their products can be marketed. That gives a good idea of expected timet-to-market. And how is that equivalent of me asking for any propriety information, research etc???

    I’m certainly not suggesting anyone use those make-shift drugs. The sole point of my post to you was to bring this section back to normal. No offense, but read your own posts and it’s just the same info over and over again. All I’m saying is that people stick to the truth, which is that we know when Luna, Histogen etc are expected to market their drugs (in 5 years) and it’s almost pointless to even discuss them further. The only confusion is with FOllica and they are being overly secretive even about basic info regarding the trials. Frankly, that is the only reason why I visit these forums to expect some new info. If Follica were to say, they don’t have to go through FDA trials, I’ll just stop visiting these forums and come back in jan next year to see how they are doing. Otherwise, we’re in big dump considering the nearest available cure is at least 5 years away. The reason I’m so concerned about this is because I’m NW7 and in my 20s, and there really isn’t an alternative for me out there.

    Your posts make it sound like a cure is around the corner, which sadly isn’t true! The only possible cures at this point are Follica (which everyone-everywhere is bickering about, and we don’t have basic answers about) and what Dr.Mercola/Phil are getting (which we have no idea about). So to you hairloss cure in 5 years might be an easy thing. For an unmarried-NW7-guy in his twenties, it’s a BIG thing! That’s why I want some honest answers about timelines, it’s not that Follica needs to worry about funding, as per Zohar they already have enough funding to cover all their expenses. now only if they were a little more concerned about answering their future customer’s simple question, it really wouldn’t hurt them or their venture!

  141. R says:

    M “Your posts make it sound like a cure is around the corner, which sadly isn’t true!” No not true words and I have repeated that with todays due dilligence by scientist the effort to cure hair loss in a whole scientific model that is bringing in top researchers and brains to the forefront.

    I repeat the other companies because again they are in the now! Secondly, Histogen is benchmarking Follica so they stated themselves 2015 which 6.5 years from now and they are behind Follica. So Follica stating their timeline is their time line. The others I have posted are in game and because they are using new technology and nano-tech particles, then yes, expect products further down the line. My point is though, if these lagging companies want to succeed in hair loss they need to move sooner. Because once a viable product is out and works consistently. They are out!

    Again, we all feel your concerns and need to see things clearly. If we want to just wait for Follica, then we don’t post again for at least several months. No one company will give you anything you wanyt especially their research. They need to keeo things under wraps. That is why most companies forecast many years to stop people from calling them. Follica made this mistake and had to back track. They did not expect this much inquiries by people, I guess!

  142. rev says:

    I really hope you’re right R… I really do. Hairloss has turned most of us into a cranky bunch of SOBs.

    Having said that, I can’t get excited about anything until – you guessed it – I see proof of concept from Follica.

  143. Bcure says:

    How damn difficult can it be to grow hair.
    Worst thing with this shit is that you cant do anything about it. If I was fat and unhappy I would just go out and run and excercise, if I was too hairy and unhappy I would just get laser treatment. If I had a big noose and was unhappy I would get a noose job, there are cures for every damn thing except hairloss and this just sucks and this is what makes it so damn hard to deal with. If I knew for sure that there would be a cure out in say 3-5 years that would be another issue but you can never be sure with these companies. ICX failed miserably when there was so much hope going for them. I really hope Follica is different because I am tired of this shit going through my mind. I never knew I could be this weak, I used to think I was strong but this really brought out the worst in me.

    What really sucks with all this is that there are some other good products that are just laying around in some lame companies portfolio and is not being pushed for market. This just sucks big time. Im talkin about ps1, ru and some other stuff.

    There could be a cure out, there sould be a cure out. We are living in a capitalist world, people are superficial and people demand cures for lame-ass diseases like hairloss.

    Please find a cure and please do it soon.

  144. A says:

    What he said. LOL

  145. K says:

    is kit like a propecia? fixing some damn hormones…?

    god…. then why do we even call this a cure?

  146. Bcure says:

    K what are you talking about? No Follica is not like propecia, not even damn close.
    Follica approach goes through wounding the skin and sending it into another state where new cells are formed and the hope is to press the system to form certain cells (hair cells) instead of simply producing new skin cells as is the custom after wounding.

  147. URGH! says:

    Ok guys, back again, contributing absolutely nothing except a little bit of a rant again lol.

    I, like many of you guys here, have turned into a little bit of a lurker in regards to this website recently. I hate to admit it but a little too much of my time has been spent scouring and researching everything from the inner workings of MPB to the 440 brutally honest comments expressing peoples sheer desperation for a cure. It’s amazing how easily it can kinda become the main focus of your life, and before you know it, every waking hour revolves around logging on and researching baldness some more. Psychologically it’s been quite an intense ride and has made me ask alot of personal questions regarding my identity, my self esteem and my ability to adapt to the challenges life throws at me. Quite amazing really how this natural process can cause such an array of emotions.

    One of the most heartening things I have seen though, is the degree of support I have witnessed from people such as yourselves in these various forums. It has again re-enforced my belief that MPB does provide you with a degree of humility and empathy towards others, as we have seem first hand how something as trivial as hair can dramatically change the way people view you. I’ve always regarded baldness as one of the hardest things I’ve had to go through, and have on many occasions been willing to trade everything I owned in order to have never gone through it. If this finally is the answer, i’m starting to think i am very glad to have gone through this whole experience. It has changed me in ways you can’t imagine, and when this whole struggle is over i’ll be such a better person for it. I’d go as far to say I don’t think i could ever possibly have a self esteem issue ever again, if my baldness was to be resolved; After years of cover-ups, dermatologists, near enough obsessive behavior, watching balding patterns and having MPB thrown back in my face time and time again; The prospect of living in a world where i’d never have to worry about this again is actually bringing me to tears just thinking about. I know to many people that may sound incredibly silly, but I think many of us understand the sheer mental exhaustion worrying about this can cause. Just imagine guys, when all of this is over, instead of refreshing this website a couple of times a day, you could actually use your time for something productive. Imagine scouring the Internet researching films, books or music rather than biological processes and androgens. Imagine not spotting signs of balding on near enough everyone you see, imagine not having to cringe when the topic of hair is brought up. If it really is 2-3 years, then wow, I look forward to so many humble, kind hearted people, having their self esteem completely restored.

    Rant over lol.

  148. K (the first one) says:

    The last “K” wasn’t the original K, that was me.

    Anyway, URGH! That my friend was one of the best damn posts I have ever read. One of the things I don’t want to EVER regret is how I acted during this time in my life. The process has just started with me, therefore it’s certainly fresh on my mind. In time I hope in time I get over it, because on my death bed I don’t want to look back with a heart filled with regret over opportunities missed and me acting like a douchebag because I was crying over my hair.

    There is so much more important things, but even I find it *SO* hard to get over this process. I’m just like you, I lurk on all the forums out there, HLH, Hairsite, HLT just trying to find answers or something I may have missed. This is the ONLY forum that I actually post on. One of the things I see are people totally cross the line of what is considered a normal reaction for hair loss. I mean, I read a post the other day with guys saying they do not wish to have children in fear of passing the gene to them. I never, EVER want to get like that.

  149. R says:

    URGH! Very True and Yes! We end this diesease our ability to understand and become more compassionate will lend itself to many people who have suffered from diverse diseases. I have become a much better person and relate this experence to others in similar / diverse experiences. I know too mnay people that have hair and happiness and are immature and rude. They need to suffer too! :o)

    I am always shocked by how adults behave like kids and the ability to bring hair loss as a way to insult you. I wish everyone could feel this disease and understand the trials that accompany this non-trivial assault on our self-esteem. I like you would welcome a breakthrough in three years as the alternative is basically half-ass attempts.

    Due to the need and science that actually translates to hair loss, we will see soemthing that will trully work. If not from Follica, then some other company. Right now, companies and researchers see greater avenues to cure this and will work hard due a greater platform of hair biology and monetary expectations.

  150. JS says:

    Great post URGH!, I think most people who go through this will feel the same. It’s very easy for people who never experience things like this to tell someone to get over it and move on.

    Hopefully Follica can provide the treatment we’re all hoping for and the sooner the better.

  151. A says:

    What Urgh said, best post ever. And TO true, way to true. When i noticed myself looking at every persons hairline instead of there face i knew i was in trouble. When i told my gf that person is going bald and she said wtf he clearly isnt, i knew it had become an obsession hehe. I like you have a sooner the better ideal. LETS GO FOLLICA.

  152. Bcure says:

    Yes Excellent post Urgh, right on spot really. Suffering in all sorts and walks of life brings out a chain reaction of emotions wouldnt you say? Obviously first anger and helplessness and then it slowly moves on to acceptance if one is lucky and strong minded enough.

    I hope by the time there is a cure out I have accepted hairloss. That would be a great proof of character. If I just opened the paper one day and read “Cure for Hairloss available” and thought too myself, “oh well, why not” and went and had it done. Compare that to lurking these forums day and night waiting. You wouldnt get your hair back any faster anyway, would you? If there is a cure available it will be all over the place, everyone will know about it.

    In fact, that will be a goal in my life, to get over it. If I manage to completely forget about this I know that I can achieve anything I put my mind too. But that has been my aim for the last two years, to get over it, and I have failed miserably.

  153. D says:

    URGH: I totally understand you. Hairloss is affecting my daily life ENORMOUSLY. I am 25 years in October, doing a Ph.D. in wireless communication, and going through depressive moments every day because of my hair loss. I met a beautiful girl that I am starting to fall in love with, but my hair loss is constantly preventing me to fully be myself, afraid of getting rejected etc. It is really destroying my life quality TREMENDOUSLY. As you said, this changes you as a person, and if one day I get back my hair, I feel I could again truly be myself and feel stronger since I have gone through this tough period. I would put all my focus on research (if the cure comes in the next 3-4 years :S) and I’m certain I could produce much more than now, since now this feels like a barrier. I am SO praying and hoping for a cure soon. Thanks for sharing your feelings first URGH, but I think we should maybe start by just posting real research posts here, so that we don’t make this into an another hairloss forum like for example.

  154. R says:

    Yes D, I tried to post the same article three times yesterday but the system wouldn’t allow me. This shows soemthing positive as scientist are able to regrow hair in different areas of the body. The ability to regenerate organs (hair follicles) translates to other areas of science as well as compliments Follica and other hair loss researchers in solving this dveastating riddle.

  155. R says:

    Histogen has named its product. They are benchmarking Follica and I highly doubt it will take until 2015 (6 years) until it’s available to the public due to Follicas rate of anticipated speed to market.

    Quote: “One of Histogen’s significant applications for ReGenicaTM is its utilization as an injectable for hair growth.”

    Also…Look at their other discoveries that may aide wound healing.

  156. G says:

    Hmm…The next statement says “Histogen’s injectible ReGenicaTM for hair growth will begin clinical trials in Q4 2008, and launch is planned for 2015.”

    If they themselves are aiming for 2015, I doubt it would hit market any sooner.

  157. R says:

    I see your point! However, if they are benchmarking Follica, they would most likely see results sooner. Six years is still not that far off and mnay more organizations are striving to compete in this arena. Histogen’s product not matter their comments to be a cometitive product will need to jump very near the competition in the market. If for example Follica hits the market and works consistently on everyone, who would change if Follica works?

    The window of opportunity will grow narrow if the a soild product shows consistency and reliability. My guess is that Histogen will if successful hit the market sooner. The six year prediction is a comfort zone for investors. Follica is targeting a sooner date and Robert Buderi has a list of companies targeting 2010 – 2012. His list not mine!!! So, Histogen will need to shit much sooner before the pot gets too full. I highly doubt it will take 6 years. Hell standford researchers stated two-years.

    My point….Their predictions and sicne science has evolved, why not?

  158. JS says:

    One way Histogen could set it’s self apart from Follica is by developing their product for the sole purpose of regenerating resting follicles.

  159. A says:

    To be honest aslong as one of them has a good result in 2 – 5 years i could care less who cures this riddle. LOL

  160. rev says:

    AGREED. I have no brand loyalty when it concerns my health and quality of life.

  161. R says:

    I believe that regenerating existing hair follicles is on the minds of Follica and other researhers. Since the hair follicle is alive and resting, they (scientist) mention regrowing new hair follicles and activating resting follicles. The research is showing that not only regular hair loss sufferers will benefit but those that have scars and injuries where new follicular formation is warranted.

    This is why in my eyes that the market concerning hair loss will compliment a multitude of sufferers due to the combination of regenerating existing follicles and creating new ones. I too agree that brand loyalty is not of concern and researchers / companies know that whom ever finishes first will take in huge profits and the vast majority of the people.

  162. G says:

    R, Follica’s website says that their procedure create brand new (de novo) hair. I doubt it will rejuvenate existing hair, and actually that is one of my primary concerns with Follica. My head is oily as is, and with additional sebum glands on my scalp – it’ll be like an oil-rig!

  163. G says:

    Btw, any news from Dr. Mercola & Dr. Phil?? Someone should contact their staff, it’s been several months now.

  164. R says:

    I was told off the record that both new follicles and existing awakening of resting follicles were being looked at due to the ability of the procedure and greater understanding of hair biology.

    This is being supported by the Standford U scientist, Histogen and Luna as well as Fuchs etc.. The process of creating new follicles as you stated G could offer some side affects to some people who are pre-dispositioned to oily hair and skin. However, such side affects if any, would be reviewed and tweeked.

    I don’t know if you are looking at different shampoos etc, for oily hair but many exist and you may want to try organic natural shampoos. Try the Life extension website and talk to an agent.

    As for Dr. Mercola and Phil? I would guess that they are on the Follica wagon and waiting to see the results (investigate) and then jump on the hair train. My guess is that they are investigating and we will see them and many others acknowledge this breakthrough in the near future. Remember, the coming 2009 year will bring greater knowledge and will set the stage for a product time line. Funding shouldn’t be an issue as celebrities and lay-people would donate money to cure this disease so money as we all know would never be a reason for a road block.

    If Standford U, Histogen and Luna etc.. can awaken resting follicles then Follica’s Top Scientist already know the potential to offer both approaches. Scarred, burned and injured people would benefit from new follicle formation and many others with awakening resting follicles. The important aspect would to change the micro environment to allow continuous growth.

    Oily hair would be welcomed for a full head of hair and I am willing to take two-showers a day and or buy an expensive shampoo to have my hair back 100%. You would too, don’t lie! :o)

  165. J says:

    How likely are we to see Follica come to market in 2yrs? Is this possible if all goes perfect?

  166. A says:

    If all goes ABSOLUTELY perfect. Then i see no reason why they wouldnt get a product to market in two years. But it would not be beneficial for you to EXPECT it in two years. My way of thinking is expect 5 years and with the knowledge that is known today 5 years will bring something to the table and if it does come in two years then you will have even more reason to celebrate because it will beat even your own timeframe. With 5 + Companies working on a real treatment for baldness its not far away.

    For now. If you are preserving do what is currently PROVEN to regrow hair and that is propecia and Minoxidil.

  167. J says:

    MSNBC video Nancy S. said within 3yrs, thats sometime in 2010. They just got 11m funding and said they didnt plan on bringing more money in for a couple years but it will move things a bit faster. So they knew they wouldnt have something ready until 3-5yrs. why would they tell us within 3yrs???

  168. sparks says:

    From reading post earlier in this long discussion about when and to what extent there will be a marketable solution to hairloss, i relize that no one really knows anything as far as an actual timeline. I think it is important for people to remain hopeful but not get caught up in what could be. Don’t get me wrong, the progress that has been made has got me pumped but i am not going be the guy that waits around for some corperation to make good on its promise of a cure. I think the best thing you can do now is create the hype around these recent developments in hairloss research, raise awareness, raise funds but most of all just be good with who you are now. I think if you work on being comfortable with that, then these days where there is no real solution to hairloss, they will go by much faster. That being said, i agree with an earlier posting that said the competition in the market can assure us all that companies are working as fast as they can to get there hands on the HUGE pot(10 billion annually)that is up for grabs in the hair/skin restoration market.

  169. J says:

    How come we dont see any results on Dr.Phil? thought he participated in something this summer?

  170. TheOne says:

    No one confirmed that Dr Phil was going through any kind of hair loss research program at all, If I recall correctly it was a joke made by Dr Mercola (Mercola made 2 statements regarding a hair loss program and one apparently was a joke and the other true). I’m quite certain that Dr Phill isn’t doing anything at all.

    However, some of Dr Mercola’s staff confirmed to me and others that he is doing some investigation on a hair loss treatment using adult stem cells.
    When asked to prove it they said that they DON’T have any proof, so I asked how do they know? and they stated “If he said it, it must be true” which leads me to believe that they don’t know anything at all and he is not going through any treatment, maybe both statements were just meant as a joke?

    I haven’t been on the chat feature on Mercola’s site for some time so I may a little later to see if there are any ‘updates’, I was previously told that any future updates will “only” appear in his news letters which I view as a little suspect, maybe just to get people to sign up.

    Dr Mercola clearly hasn’t regrown any hair and in the statement made by him it said that its “possible” that he would have a full head of hair in “1 years time”, well that 1 year time frame is quickly closing in and still nothing!

  171. zeke says:

    I can not access that site where the photo is posted, can someone give another link?

  172. R says:

    People… Please note the Dr. Mercola Staff Update! Nothing!!!! If Dr. Mercola is part of a study, he will have to wait until he is authorized to provide a statement and such a statement involves select words etc.. I highly doubt you will hear from him or anyone until the trials are completed.

    The above post by washington shows a man at home doing some Follica stuff with results???? I and nobody else trully knows for sure but we will have to wait. I am always cautious with lay-people and photos. If this is real and he was suffering from hair loss for the last 27 years, then this is very big.

    We will have to wait until the hair grows out and that he can provide new pictures in a different area showing before and after pics (i.e vellus hair -> dark growing hair).Until then, take it for what it is worth!

  173. J says:

    I am feeling positive about follica and most things I read about them. I think they will succeed with this process… and fairly soon… mabye 2yrs… Im a very optomistic man. MSNBC Nancy S. seemed very optomistic about the procedure. within 3yrs. I will most likely break down and cry with joy if it works….

  174. Shooter says:

    I really am not optimistic by nature, especially when it comes to hair loss treatments. I hope your timelines are correct, but we really can’t get our hopes up until they give us something official. The DIY test Washington posted looks good, but there is no way to scientifically verify its validity. I’ve followed that poster for awhile and he seems legit, but there have been far too many scammers to get really excited. I really hope for Mercola’s update, but I think R is right. If he is “investigating” Follica, he is most likely waiting until they establish proof of concept like everyone else. I need to be honest with Histogen, however. I do not see it as anything of value. I read one of their powerpoint presentations awhile ago, and they thought a “cure” for hairloss would only account for 25% of the market. They felt wigs, transplants, and propecia would still get 75% of people’s money… clearly they haven’t done enough research to realize the real potential of a “cure”, much less produce one.

  175. JS says:

    Considering he has been doing that at home without any medical experience, I think it’s showing some great signs that Follica will be able to do exactly what we hope they can, It’s not some far fetched day dream like some would have us believe.

  176. R says:

    One thing that is happening is that companies and people of value are actually working tomcure this where in the past, it was never considered or attempted scientifically. As for Histogen, that mindset, if true, will waste many good scientist time and investor money. Histogen would fail and not be considered anything of vaule in the hair loss world. People may joke about hair loss but the one who cures it will be the richest man on earth. You will at least 40% of the population reaching for the product with many more who experience hair loss reaching in the not so distant future.

    Stanford people seem optimistic so this may be another avenue around Follicas tim line. Many of the front runners were studying and analyzing hair loss for many years prior their announcement to us in the media. So, years of research has already backed much of the hype, the proof on humans is needed. Again, this is a new era and who ever fails lose miserably nothing less of that and Follica and their competitors know it!

  177. R says:

    I would have to say that after reading Histogen’s power point I must have passed over the market share forecast. I have only read the competition such as the current treatments and drugs today. Histogen stated that they substantiated Cotsarelis research and following that guideline which would go way beyond the 25% market assumption. Histogens quote “Hair Growth is the most lucrative and easiest market to penetrate”

    Hopefully, they understand that the Internet will not allow for a long time, inferior products to be sold without a fight. So if Histogen waits too long, they will lose a major market share. That is if Follica is successful. I am still waiting on further news from Standford as this looks like the easiest and near term.

  178. J says:

    R,when can we expect to hear news from follica on the pilot study? If this study is successful, what next? human trials? how long? Approvals? then what? Whats is the process and time lines? Do you know?

  179. G says:

    J, They Won’t announce anything about their research study, because there isn’t anything to announce! They are doing it just to understand scalp’s response to abrasion/disruption. After the study, they will probably pursue actual trials. As of the timming, that all depends on if they need to go through FDA or not, if they do, then don’t expect anythng in market before 3 years. Otherwise 1-2 years is realistic.

  180. J says:

    G, thanks… I thought they said that they dont need FDA approval???

  181. R says:

    The trials and expectations were referred to by Zohar to contain many phases within a year. This concludes that the procedure is most likely not to difficult, the application is easy and that they expect results based on their science within a year.

    The phases are based on response and Follica is trying to discover the least amount of dermabrasion for the biggest bang. Follica will announce details as they are warranted and we will hear news in the near future.

    Follica stated several phases in one year, a new office / lab space, increased funding and others see the money potential and are willing to actually cure this disease.

    Please read the Follica Takes in $11 Million for Baldness Treatment Approach | as it shows divesrse and promising science/tist and multiple paths and short estimated time frames are coming to light. Please re-read the above llink and remind yourself that nver in history has anyone cared about solving this disease? Never! Now, we see how easy it might be to cure or reverse hair loss.

  182. J says:

    GREAT NEWS!!! the several phases are a year from when? January? Now?

  183. A says:

    I think if Follica is constantly successful with there multiple Phased approach and does not have to pursue FDA compliance, we may be sitting here in 2 years time wondering what to do with our new hair LOL. In all seriousness i dont think ive ever been as excited as i am now, Christ im only 24 but this has killed me since 18. Knowing that EVEN if the latest timeframe is 6 years ill still only be 30 by the time A cure comes to pass is a big +. And with all the people working on this THERE WILL BE A CURE BEFORE 6 YEARS. And if follica succeed see above about new hair in 2 + 3 years.

  184. J says:

    I know how you feel A!!! I know exactly what to do with new hair….Feel like a million dollars and do about a thousand things I dont do now….. I pray for Follica!!!!

  185. KKwilliams says:

    wow this seems like just too much hope/belief too early on. Hope you guys aren’t setting up YOURSELVES to be heartbroken yet again!!

    without more data /proof of concept nothing of any significance has been established by follica.

  186. JS says:

    KKwilliams…..I don’t think anyone’s rushing out to buy a new comb just yet.

    But Follica are moving things along as they said they would, And if the guy who has been doing his own version of Follica at home is telling the truth then it does add a little bit more weight to the possibility that the professionals might be able to achieve some great results if it all goes well.

    I think most people are being cautiously optimistic with regards to Follica, But it can’t be denied that real science is being used for the first time and is already opening up new avenues to investigate and help find a solution to hairloss.

  187. V says:

    “The phases are based on response and Follica is trying to discover the least amount of dermabrasion for the biggest bang. Follica will announce details as they are warranted and we will hear news in the near future”

    Seriously R, you need to stop speculating. You have absolutely no idea whether the above is actually the case at all, stop making complete assumptions and presenting them as fact. It’s obvious people listen to you here, so be careful in what you say. That’s a few times now I’ve noticed in the last couple of days.

  188. J says:

    Is R a doctor or connected to follica somehow? Just wondering cause I have been taking what he says seriously….should I?

  189. G says:

    V, agreed – I don’t think the trials have anything to do with discovering least amount of dermabrasion.

    J, R is NOT affiliated with Follica. So don’t take his words seriously!

  190. jordan says:

    i’ve been keeping an eye on the old board, thought it was quite!! wow have a missed a lot!!!

  191. R says:

    My comments are based on what would generally be required to tackle some of the road blocks. No, I am not a doctor, but more knowledgeable than most of you based on experience. You people trully don’t appreciate knowledge and the Internet. In my days you did not have this medium so you are lucky. This will be my last comment for awhile. This forum is becoming noise like Hiarsite! I tried to bring logic but like most forums, there just noise. Good luck!

  192. J says:

    sorry R, was just wondering and I appreciate what you do say. I don t want any noise either…. I want knowledgable facts!!!

  193. nearlyhomer says:

    Take a bow V,J and G. Ye’ve just driven away the 1 person on this forum that truly knows what he’s talking about. I log on to this forum on a daily basis mostly to see what R has to say on any new developments regarding follica. Mostly there aren’t any but at least he keeps a postive outlook regarding developments and actually gets up of his arse and researchs the issues. What have ye added to this forum besides ye’re constant pessimism and petiteness?? R, please reconsider your decision to leave this forum. I know i’m not speaking for myself when i say you would be sorely missed here.

  194. R says:

    People…. I am here, Just taken a break to let the new beees tackle the issue. Remember one thing. 99% of my timelines are based on what the researchers say and that I add why it may be true. Secondly, my November prediction was just a comment that we may see something new based on the first dermabrasion trial. Why is that a bad prediction or comment? It makes sense that around that time frame we should hear an update. Remember if you just read the Robert Burderi comments and string….you will see that the top “leaders” in the field are predicting 2-6years. They are, not me!

    I will rest to waht is added and give this forum a break for awhile so we can allow others to communicate. On another note. If you are waiting for Follica, then wait, they are not obligated to give you information so be happy that they are working the issue.

  195. V says:

    Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. Grow up. i’ve called you on something that I’m completely legitimate to call you on, so how about, instead of acting like a baby, and accusing me of being ignorant and a noise maker, why don’t you step down from your perch of hairloss messiah and stop blurring the lines between speculation and actual fact. Tell me why you’re more knowledgeable than me R, please explain to me why asking you to back up your random assertions makes me a “noise maker”. You’ve done nothing other than get a lot of peoples’ hopes up about a product that may not potentially even come to light. Hell I’m incredibly optimistic about follica, but i’ve seen the heartbreak that watching something like this go down can do to someone. Frankly I think it’d probably do people more good if you did stop posting here, there are enough people dedicated enough to research and report, without jumping on a huge band wagon and thinking themselves so much smarter than everyone else. do you know what Fck it, if it happens it happens, if you leaving makes people actually tear themselves away from this board and actually get on with their lives until it does, all power to it. And also, before you get all up yourself, your posts aren’t even logical or scientific at all, you’re no different to any other poster, you just decorate it with psuedo-scientific language and unecessarily complicated grammer.

    “The phases are based on response and Follica is trying to discover the least amount of dermabrasion for the biggest bang. Follica will announce details as they are warranted and we will hear news in the near future”

    Zohar also demurred when I asked about the reports in the reader comments on our story from January that the study only involves testing small patches of dermabrasion without administering any drugs to the wounds. In fact, she wouldn’t even confirm that the researchers were using dermabrasion to create the wounds in the first place. “At this point we are looking at the human response to disruption and the timing of the human ‘embryonic window’ post disruption,” she said. “Disruption,” she added, “is not necessarily the same as dermabrasion.”

    “You should hear naother announcement by Nov 2008 (follica).”

    “Zohar yesterday confirmed that a pilot study is underway but wouldn’t confirm where or give any other details on its timing other than to tacitly stick to the timeline she laid out in January, when she said that final data from the study would not be available for at least a year”

    I could go into detail on all your posts and tear you to pieces, but i can’t be bothered. This is using this article alone. So you know what, throw as bigger hissy fit as you like, but don’t acuse people of being noise makers, because that is the basis of 90% of your posts.
    Peace x

    P.s Stop calling normal people “lay-people” it’s really fcking annoying.

  196. R says:

    Welcome to the Hairsite part two filled with morons and non-educated children pissing and moaning. This will be my last post as this forum like the others are filled with jackasses. Good luck and V can guide you through expectations. Life is too short for half-witted bithces. Bye Bye!!!!

  197. Tom says:

    Actually V, R does keep contact with Foolica Reps and knows what he is talking about and has never stated difenitely atime but what was assumed based on past experience and he also stated that his predictions were what the scientist stated. If you can read the above posts you would see that. Bur, like R said, this became another hairsite based on Morons like you V. Good job at doing nothing but complaining and wanting results without actually researching yourself. R researched and provided muct to many people. But we see that people just think they know it all and have to act like children. Your a bad ass on the computer but a real man would research and give helpful rather than accuse and ride on everyones coat tails. You sound like your about 17 with no maturity to see that you are wrong and just whining.

  198. Grgeg says:

    Hey V, what are you bringing to the table? What have you ever contributed? How about you go the hair site and talk your game there. You don’t know anything and have shown anything but anger and useless behavior. If your educated, lay-people is used by many educated people and not considerd a bad thing. Grow up dumb ass!

  199. TO says:

    V, Wow, aren’t you backwards with your accusations. R hgas provided hope and real logic to the forum and have educated you (maybe not you) but others on how to look at the trials and ask questions. If you trully read his posts they based on much facts and information brought to us by the researchers and R has only speculated and never given a definite time frame. When he said November, he stated most likely or probably and never definite. He explained how the information is gaining momentum and we are seeing many companies make breakthroughs at a very fast pace.

    Why would bring this toxic behavior to someone who cares and has challenged us to ask questions and see these breakthrough through scientific eyes. V, I and others will await how you bring knowledge and logic to the forum. I’ll bet you just reitterate R’s comments that have already shown hope and realistic view points

    I agree, you should go to hair site with that toxic behavior. Otherwise take the lead brother!

  200. CC says:

    Hey V, if you don’t want to be heart broken than why post and read. Like R stated, science is serious today where in the past they never were. So kiss R’s and all of our A#@. Too bad this forum succomb to this nonsense. However, we need to keep things alive read what Buderi posts as this offers hope and science that R kept telling us to read. Hell, R was right to wait and see but many of you want answers yesterday. Not going to happen, especially for you toxic V.

  201. A says:

    wow V. Way to be a tosser yeah?? Maybe you and Gromit (Who i think you are) and KKwilliams should go back to HLH and continue to be pessamistic there. Whilst we optimists will continue to post our thoughts here about how excited we are at people moving to cure something the afflicts us all.

    Your opinions arnt really welcommed here. And you could not tear anyone to shreds FYI.

    R. To be honest you make my day pretty refreshing when i get home from work and read all the latest posts here. Your loss would pretty much mean the end for this newsroom.

    So i emplore you not to let a couple little dickheads ruin your mood.


  202. R says:

    No, can’t leave…Just wondering why I waste my time with people like V and Grommit who always see the negative and compare today’s scientist and real attempts at curing this disaese to those that just made no effort at all. I appreciate all your comments but I will attack now.

    V and the others…Please show me your best….I stated facts that are supported by the actual people. If you refer to November???? It was just an assumption based on the new trial and the updates this year alone by Follica and Buderi. My knowledge compared to yours.. I tried and did everything with hair loss with great success.

    You all have the Internet…imagine if you did not have this medium! What would have tried and where would you be without people sharing data. You talk a big game but prove me wrong. Bring the posts and show me where I was lying and or stated facts “without” explaining that thsese are my beliefs only.

    Come and show me how I said anything different than the researchers. This is your home work assignment. Also, Zohar stated multiple stages in a year. Look at how many new information came to light in six months. So my November guess was an assumption. You guys want absolutes today…no way people…because lay-people as we are represent the money / target audience that have a litlle voice until there are enough competitors to strengthen our voice. So for today, stop looking for answers until 6 month – 1 year. This is the reality but is November that far feteched based on the amount of data that has surfaced this years so far?

    Also re-read the Robert Buderi posts. When in history has this been done/ What real science has attacked hair loss and expected time frame 2 – 6 years by the researchers.

    If youo don’t are comments…leave and send e-mails to the corporations and wait! This is my call to your bluff about us being nothing but nonsense talkers. Why watse your time?

    Remember the hair follicle is an organ (complex) so many more people will benefit in varying diseases.

    BTW…you guys believe in those photos from Hair site…ask them for greater pictures and evidence. Some of you may have a bad reaction to Follica’s chemicals…so you may not see this as an end, so you better pray for more than hair loss approach and that is why we should keep all the firms in sight due to needing more than one approach.

    I have communicated with the best and spoke with Cotsarelis…have you guys? I am not given anything that is false and my comments are based on the scientists words. I will add my thoughts like we all do but if you want a true to the point answer ….Stop logging in until June 2009. If you do log in daily, then you believe the comments and hope for something sooner.

    You forget that Follia is one of many….Yes I repeat these words because I want everyone to see the reality and the race and stop relying on one firm. You just need to think before you speak. So come on guys lets have it now as you want to explore and discuss these issues bring your A game and show me your research. I have spoken to almost all the researchers and have communicated with them enough times to ensure and end will be near. The money and science is showing through as well as investors who believe in the returns. Again, contact them and or shut-up. When I called them…they already had enough data and believe me…they know and are in control of this way beyond the coomunication here and you will see more sooner than later in regards to information. Why, the ability to cure and or treat hair loss at this remarkable level is big to more than half the worlds population. What a big market share to penetrate, yes!
    One year update

    Follica Announces $11M in New Financing and Expanded Team

    (Tuesday, August 12, 2008)


    Follica raises $5.5 M to advance new treatment for androgenetic alopecia into the clinic

    (Tuesday, April 01, 2008)


    Dr. Cotsarelis Interviewed on NBC’s Today Show

    NBC’s Today Show (Tuesday, January 01, 2008)


    Follica co-founder publishes research in Nature

    Various publications (Thursday, May 17, 2007)

    Let begin boys!

  203. R says:

    Forgot…New home work assignment. Please re-read these posts and provide an update on the time frames by the researchers. This represents only one place of many where the information surfaces. Wow…Real science beyond just 10 years ago! Also in one of the Bald Truth talk show several years ago. They predicted and hinted after speaking with scientist etc. that baldness cures and breakthroughs would arouond 2010 and 2015. Round numbers but wow these compnaies and new dicoveries for the most part were not known for potential hair loss solutions. Well get started and re-read so we can move on to looking at a bright future. Also, there are unknown firms that you will see soon that are jumping on the bandwagon…my little secret and suprise!

    Aderans Research Institute
    Baldness Cures
    Bessam Farjo
    Dermal Papilla (DP) Cells
    Farjo Medical Centres
    Follicular Cell Implantation
    Follicular Unit Transplantation
    Gene therapy
    George Cotsarerlis
    Hair Cloning
    Hair Rejuvenation
    Stanford Center for Clinical Science Research

  204. JS says:

    R…. I don’t know why you reply to people who don’t want see how far research has come in such a short space of time, For those of us who have been on here since the earliest posts about Follica and enjoy reading your posts and the various links and facts about new scientific developments hopefully you will stick around.

    Unfortunately there will always be people who are pessimistic and use past failures which didn’t have any real scientific research behind them, As there excuse to moan.

  205. G says:

    First of all, I’m not a pessimist at all. You wanna meet a real pessimist? read HanginInThere & fckhrls’ posts on hairsite. I want a hairloss cure as much as anyone else and I have been actively following all potential cures and even contacted some companies (Androsciece, Intercytex, Follica, and ACELL) myself.

    In one of my earlier posts, I also ackowledged the fact that scientists are really working hard to find a cure for this disease – we know that! The problem is that you make it sound like it’s around the corner. When it clearly isn’t!

    Now, let’s look at your timeline of 2-6 years. If we take out Follica & Intercytex from the scene (the only possible cures within 2 years). There isn’t a single company that can have a cure in 6 years – This is a fact! I have looked at all the alternatives, and all of them will require extensive trials (5-7 years at least). And non of these cures are even in IND stage yet! Again these are facts, not pessimisim! and again we know that scientists are working on a cure BUT the reason we come here is to know if any cure is coming within 1-2 years. So if we remove Follica & Intercytex from the scene, what essentially you are saying is the dreaded old “Within 5 years!”

    Also, I think you are overly optimistic. Earlier you mentioned that Histogen could be out really soon. Then I pointed out, that even Histogen itself on their website are giving a timeline of 2015 (7 YEARS!), you responded by saying:

    “My guess is that Histogen will if successful hit the market sooner. The six year prediction is a comfort zone for investors. ”

    You’re dead wrong, if anything companies sugar coat deadlines for investors. They Don’t show longer development times! Classic case being Intercytex, they let the word out about possible commercialization in a country with less restrictions. That announcement combined with phase-I results meant that eveyone was excited about TRC being in market around 2008-2009 (their are many longtime users on hairsite who will support my claim). Also, as a result of these announcements Intercytex’s share price went up!

    However, when they dodged phase-II results in March, combined with Dr.Kemp’s interview which essentially hinted at phase-III trial before market – their stocks plumeted. Everyone on hairsite know’s about that!

    All I’m saying is that we look at everything realistically! Folica is proceeding nicely with trials BUT they haven’t said anything about FDA trials – despite our repeated requests. If they don’t have to go through FDA then what’s the problem in acknowledging that? They already have the funding, they already have the patent, so what’s the hold? So a rational person should assume that they would require trials which means the time-to-market for Follica is 2-3 years!

    Still, if you want to be overly positive about this whole thing – be my guest. And if things don’t turn out right (like with Intercytex), then you’d become TheGame or JTR of hairsite!

  206. KKwilliams says:

    First off I dont know how this site somehow thinks it holds this distinction of being the only place truly in the know and where bickering is non existent? Its getting ridiculous.

    Its more like the place of hopelessness masked in positivity and ” If you’re not going to pretend with us your not welcome!!”

    R may be knowledgeable but I dont follow this place enough to know…dont think he needs to leave but whatever either way. The experts DONT KNOW either in terms of time lines. Intercytex was online for 2010 now may NEVER come out.

    Neosil was on the way NOW bought out and temporarily/maybe permanently shelved just like Ru5581(I think its name) I do agree that we are getting closer but that was inevitable given time. It doesnt mean were almost there though. We can stay positive but buying in so completely is just plain stupid and. History repeats itself and “we” have had the cure around the corner and expert opinions of a cure within years forever now. Its up to us to maintain realistic expectations.

    This sites users really need to discuss things less aggressively IMO and stop getting in pointless fights over differing opinions. If someone posts something you disagree with so what?? It would only bother you if deep down you fear or partially believe it. WE ALL want something to work so enough fighting.

    P.S.I dont get why this is being touted as a major scientific breakthrough. It was accidentally discovered. Not fully understood. And its a naturally occurring biological phenomenon. that’s like me saying I invented scabbing on injured cuts lol. Bottom line follica may not work period. If it does the question then becomes how well, how much, density, hair quality/color etc etc etc.

  207. R says:

    This Follica breakthrough was known for many years prior and Histogen is benchmarking this approach. If you read my posts they tout cure / viable solution and I have stated that some of these may work for many people and some may not like current drugs. Foolica will not post anythig that will compromise their product and any other firm for that matter.

    Histogen has stated 2015.2009 is coming up so 6 years. My only thoughts for all of you is shave your head close and live! many of you are young and you will see things differently later in life.

    For the other competitors, they trully know that they need something big or exit the market due to the Internet and communication boards. Intercytex??? Yes I put ??? because we don’t know as of yet.

    The other companies and researchers like Standford, re-read what they said.

    Sometime and maybe this time the actual cure / viable treatment will be available to tackle hair loss. We can down play everything but my comments are stated in two connotations cure / viable treatment meaning it could require on time or multiple.

    Scienctific discoveries represent “Accidnets” so don’t let this bother you either. If you look at current and pst treatments, accidental discoveries underscore the research. I and you don’t care how it was discovered but it was brought to view by many scientist with different approaches. We need to look forward or why in chat on these boards. Thos that think nothing in at least tow years should not watse thier time.

    These boards are for support and hope and to let concerns, shar knowledge etc,, If you want to abosolutes, they don’t exist even after major discoveries. Again, the companies falling to wase side are inferior practioners and products that will be exposed and money lost. The strong viable compnaies and products is what we want.

  208. R says:

    Nothing big but something new for balding men and women.

  209. jordan says:

    so does anyone know if they have started trails yet?

  210. d says:

    I work in drug trials and let me tell you, they involve HIGH secrecy. Do you think they will want to give away information because some screaming 20 something is have a bad hair decade? Guys shave your head like me and focus on developing a personality.

    nice posting R, keep em coming.

  211. Michael says:

    R, I find your positive view on the future of hair loss treatments or … dare I say hair loss “cures” refreshing. False hope can be dangerous, especially if you are unreasonable with your expectations or if you cannot handle a little disappointment that life inevitably dishes out on a regular basis. However, there is nothing wrong with hope with a valid reason to be hopeful.. or believing that good things MAY actually happen. For some of you glass half empty people out there… you may try it.. it may just change your life. MPB is depressing enough without the gloomy skeptical downtrodden point of view. Maybe a few of you feel like it is your responsibility atleast to be “the voice of reason” to those that have a positive viewpoint (R). Well trust me as someone that has been losing his hair since 19, I am familiar with the pathetic options we have to treat MPB. I realize all of the failures in the past to cure or treat MPB. I also know there is no current cure to MPB. That is why I visit this website!

    Having ridiculous looking hair that I will eventually have to shave really soon is frustrating but if I focus on that it starts to affect my personality. I choose to have faith it will change. I hope it will change sooner than later.

    I tell my (beautiful) 25 year old girlfriend… and friends that I will be rockin fabbio hair soon. (I’m 34) Will it happen? We will see.

    There is more to life than looks… and hair, but at the same time it would be a plus… icing on the cake. I anticipate the day when a “cure” or atleast a good treatment is released to the public. It WILL happen eventually. I think its great R is positive. I always like to hear what he has to say.

  212. A says:

    Agreed, Nice post. R is refreshing as hell for me. And as stated i really enjoy reading ya posts. I look forward like many of us do for a cure for this thing. I personally hope it lands before my 28 birthday, im now 24. 4 years seems about right for me :). Lets go Team LOL

  213. Happy 1 says:

    Perhaps someone can provide more details/clarification:

    This morning, 9/8/08 on my way to work I was listening to Paul Harvey’s comment upon the news.

    I can’t quite recall the words exactly, be at the end of the segment he referred to an “amazing, startling breakthrough –CURE”- for hair loss coming out of Germany.
    He paraphrased the above with the statement that this CURE was to be made available in….MONTHS.

    Honestly, I have no clue as to more than that. Please don’t think I’m trying to cause a storm in our little teacup. I’m just wondering if anyone heard the same. I find it hard to believe, but Paul Harvey is a good reliable source of news. I remember that he broke the Stanford story about the creation of new hair follicles on mice months before it came out on the internet.


    By the way, thank you R for your contributions to this page.

  214. JB says:

    I am new to this discussion but i like the direction things are going. It is not easy to deal with MPB, especially when there is little known about where companies are on finding a cure/viable treatment. I have so many questions and i wish there was more then speculation to rely on. I have the understanding that follica HAS found a viable treatment but are getting the approvals before it commercial use, and because they are using procedures and drug compounds already with FDA approvals, then they will be able to release this procedure into the public in 3 years or there abouts. I do not know this to be a fact and to know if there is any truth to this. Also, like Michael said “MPB is depressing enough without the gloomy skeptical downtrodden point of view” so i do appreciate the optomism.

  215. D says:

    Interesting Happy1. Maybe he refers to Neoshil 101 (I think it’s called), which is an anti DHT agent (topical) I think, with basically no side effects. But last time I heard they are not planning to commence any new trials until 2009 and they are in Phase 2. So maybe they will finish that phase in 2009 sometime and then release it while being in Phase 3. I have a feeling that is what he means, but not sure though.

  216. D says:

    how exactly have ICX failed? honest question.

    all the sites tell me they’re still doing phase 2 trials but a number of people on here are stating that the company’s a failure.

    i think i’ve missed something, please fill me in?

  217. D says:

    I find it very hard to believe that Paul means this genetic research from University of Bonn. Something like that is very unlikely to come out in months. Maybe someone should contact Paul and ask him what he talked about. I would if I lived in U.S.

  218. Happy1 says:

    I did a little looking. Perhaps I was mistaken in Mr. Harvey’s verbiage.
    I think he might have been referring to hair Fiber rather than the follicle itself.

    Neosil is on standby as the company was bought out by Peplin.
    I don’t think they are pursuing phase 3 trials at this time.

    I think ASCJ-9 is in trials for use as an acne treatment. I too am wondering about what happened to trials for MPB.

    My limited understanding is that ICX didn’t exactly fail, it just didn’t translate into the magic bullet it was expected to me.

  219. K says:

    I stand by you as well. The main hair loss forums are filled with such craziness that they resemble an insane asylum more than a support group. Now, having a healthy dose of pessimism is good, especially when dealing with hair loss. I mean, how many times have we been told “five more years.” So much so that it is a running joke now. Do you know more than us? Maybe, maybe not. There is no way of telling. But deep down, I believe in you. I believe you are someone who may have more knowledge than the rest of us and is responsible enough to know not to say things that you don’t fully believe in. Its obvious you believe the magic bullet is on its way and your strong beliefs give us all inspiration.

    Our rally cry is simple:
    We all fully know that the follicle is a complex organ, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    In the realm of cosmetic surgery, we can basically do it all. We can make our “junk” bigger. We can shorten our noses. We can suck the fat out of us. We can even bleach our damn skin. We can do it all but one thing – grow hair.

    We have seen the gefitinib patient. We know that follicles dormant for years can sprout hair once more. Now we are seeing we can actually create new hair follicles within humans and it’s time the scientist finally solve this riddle of the human body!

    I mean, as a species aren’t we DUE for a new, big discovery? It seems as if it has been a long, long time since we’ve had a MAJOR breakthrough on, well, anything.

  220. R says:

    Than you all! First, why this is different is because scientist are actually using and dissecting hair biology to solve the riddle. This was never done for this disease in history at this level to cure / vaiable treatment. That is why it is near and will work and bring a new era. The market share, revenue and nich is aligned awaiting the silver bullet. Once a scientist or firms says we will do this and end this !!! The only path for the rest of the researchers is to follow and jump on the money train. That is why we are seeing major breakthroughs and knowledge like never before.

    Again, we are witnessing scientist actually given a damn where before they never cared enough to make a real product.

  221. KKwilliams "one of the pessimists oohh" lol says:

    Ok for all the guys who think follica will be a success and in our hands / hands :) in 2-3 years. Do you really think( not just hope) that follica will be able to produce far better results, density etc then current hair transplants???


    Or will it just be a slight improvement with at least one or several more breakthroughs before we can at will recreate matching or close to normal heads of hair???

  222. happy1 says:

    I for one would never consider a hair transplant.
    They look horrible, don’t work and leave a scar which removes the option of shaving it all off and just being done with it.

  223. JS says:

    KKwilliams…I don’t know if you’ve seen this interview with daphne zohar from july of last year, It’s worth watching if you haven’t.

    I think if follica works then there is no reason why it can’t create a full head of hair.

  224. R says:

    First, HT work but only by good doctors and you don’t see good results just the bad ones. So blanket statements are biased. Yes! Follica’s technique is targeting a full head of hair, but we only need around 60% or so for excellent coverage. All surgeries have risk and so does medication and will Follica and the others due to everyone responding differently. You cannot have NW567 get the results of a NW234 with the same application under the current hair services to day. Hopefully, Follica will change all that as well as the others. But, because I am older now, shave the head and wait!

    See this post for Intercytex and re-read the last paragraph before you freak out!

  225. R says:

    One thing I want to add to the mix of discussions. One way to witness a stand-out product from the rest is how the news media covers and investigates the story. Follica Reps were interviewed on The Morning Show and soon if the others pan out, they too will be brought to the spot light.

    Late night informercials are there for a reason. Secondly, If Intercytex is gaining miilions more from investors to support greater research and applications…this represents that the procedure what ever the target body part is worth it and works well enough.

    Again, you see new benchmarking products making there way and new companies. The information is out there and so is the market share.

  226. Shooter says:

    Wow, I left this forum for a few days only to come back to more bickering like every other forum.

    R, keep posting. Who cares if you are truly knowledgeable or just another liar? What does it matter? You provide hope for alot of people who need it, and if you’re wrong then we are just in the same position we are now.

    If you did indeed speak in person to Cotsarelis, and based on his response still believe that Follica will be real treatment, then I’d say that is pretty good news. Once again, you could be lying out your arse, but who cares it made my day a little better. Get lost pessimists, you aren’t doing anyone a favor.

    The best advice I can give to people like me is to get off the internet for a few days, and come back and enjoy the research that people like R have been doing on our behalf. No solution will be available tomorrow and bickering isn’t going to speed up the process.

  227. R says:

    First, I have a life but care enough to share and prevent needless attempts and non-factual approaches to hair care. Secondly, I would like a cure soon but see thing realistic enough to weigh the pros and cons of treatments. Last but not least, It would be outright “SICK” to mock those that are suffering, no matter the diesase. If it affects your mind, it affects your body, soul and life altogether. I would never hurt anyone that way!

    The one premise of this site is hope, nothing more than to share and offer hope. However, behind such expectations is real science and now a real attempt to end hair loss.

    The Internet has fueld a poplulation of suffers to sound off to businesses and firms that we need a solution. Either it be cancer, neurologic, dermatologic, etc.. the need to cure and end diseases is carried by the voices. I ask that you communicate to Follica and the other hair researchers and tell everyone to keep letting these people know that we need this cured.

    One voice shows a market need and monetary worth. If Standford can pull off their two-year prediction, then we will see greater funding and movement from other organizations. Robert Buderi as well as all of us should start contacting Stanford U to sound off for a cure and the other firms.

    I have contacted U of Bonn and they are working hard to find that drug to end this disease. Elaine Fuchs is only for undersatnding the biological processes and will not produce a drug (as of yet), but a key researcher in hair biology. Her helps people like Cotsalrelis!

    Acell stated a target for late 2008 regarding a product for humans (Not Used for Hair Loss but Most Likely Will be Tried)and keep an eye on the self expermints from the guy trying to copy Follica. Also, pass the experiment and photos to Follica so they can see what lay people are doing. I was told to do so which aides them in understanding the simplicity of what lay-people are doing in comparison to professional staff. In a nutshell is supports their theory!

    These little tidbits provide a consumer need to the lead researchers and we should hear more as up coming seminars are being used as a new medium and we should keep watch for those events.

    Much have been brought out this year by companies showing great breakthroughs never thought of a year prior. Rest assured if the current speed and knowledge forges ahead with success, 2009 will bring even bigger suprises and I promise new organizations building upon these discoveries. The patents are out and scientist will work to benchmark thos approaches to solidify their market standing. Watch and see even this year the updates that will follow!

  228. y says:

    When searching hairsite, i found this post. It states that FDA approval is required. I thought this wasn’t the case. Has any one got any news on this? R?

    I have emailed to Follica Inc. about the “launching time” of her procedure:

    Hallo, Mrs Dupee. In an interview, Dr. Steinberg said:

    “We’re testing various different dermatological procedures and drug
    interventions to maximize the effect,” said Steinberg, whose company has
    licensed the technology developed by Cotsarelis. “We’ll be testing in
    humans within a year.”

    “If all goes well, Steinberg said, bald men will be able to undergo the
    procedure at doctor’s offices within a couple of years”.

    Is it true? It is very important for me. Please answer me.

    Her answer was the following:

    Dear Sir,
    Our goal is to have the procedure available in several years, but that
    does not guarantee that it will happen (we can’t make any promises).
    It’s also important to realize that we have only demonstrated the
    procedure in mice – we still need to show that it will work in humans
    and we need to receive approval from the FDA. There are a lot of
    unknowns, but we are working towards making it a reality.

    All best,

    Jen Dupee, Office Manager
    PureTech Ventures, LLC
    222 Berkeley Street, Suite 1040
    Boston, MA 02116

    [email protected]
    617-482-2333 x10
    617-482-3337 fax

    haircoach is located in [NA] and he is available to meet: NO

  229. JS says:

    y…I’ve just had a look on hairsite at that post and it was from 21.10.2007, So the articles on here have more upto date news from Follica.

  230. t. says:

    I’ve read the Stanford article and am wondering about the 2 year timeline for laminin. Isn’t it 7-10 years for a new drug, 2-3 years for a new use/existing drug? Is laminin already approved for something?

  231. A says:

    It will be interesting to see if Follica does indeed need FDA approval for a product. That would have the push the Timeframe back several years in actual fact.

  232. G says:

    Since that post is from last year – way before any of the xconomy articles were published, I’m quite sure it’s legit. I’d really appreciate if R can chime in on this and beat the “drum of happiness”, so eveyone can do the “dance of joy”!

    Like I said earlier, if they didn’t have to go through the FDA trials, they WOULD HAVE said it by now. Not having to go through the FDA trials is a good news. There is no reason to hide that, but of course, everyone labeled me a pessimist and just wanted to be cheered up with the positive-spins of R.

    R, I have nothing against you and judging from your posts it seems that you are “not really” worried about your hairloss and still have quite a lot of hair on your scalp. The issue I have is that there are a lot of people who compuslively read hairloss forums & articles. Infact, to the point that there social life is suffering and they are NW1-3 (something that’s not even noticed by genpop!)

    It is best that we tell them the truth and discuss everything realistically. Again, we all know that REAL scientists are working on a real cure…the only thing people come here for is to know WHEN they are coming out.

    Anyone who says that they are cheered up by R and understand the cure will be in next 3-7 years. Would you keep coming to this forum everyday/week for next 3-7 years just to be cheered up by R? Honestly, I started reading the comments section because people talked about interesting stuff & sharing knowledge. If you just wanna be cheered up, why not get some cheerleaders??

    R, I really appreciate your contributions to this forum. It’s just an advice from a person who went through the same experience, that don’t give people unrealistic hopes. It’s best that we stick with sharing new articles & research about hairloss and let people figure the rest out themselves.

  233. R says:

    Don,t pay attention to Jen at Follica, she does not know and has contradicted herself many times. She is a secretary without the proper knowledge. Her goal is to remove the people from bothering the scientist. Secondly, the drugs being used are already approved by the FDA…they need to show that works in certain combination without major side affects and convince the FDA of that process and safety. Based on that they may need the full spectrum of FDA bull!!!! We need to stay focused on the articles as stated above G but the articles by Buderi they do paint a warm picture of hope and short time line!

    Also, The latest news is part 1 on MSNBC, Part 2 Here and Part 3 latest post by Buderi.

    Understand the patent is out and they will achieve or someone else will! Don’t forget, people with pocket knives and stimulants are growing hair as well as people suffering injurie. So the process works even by lay-people.

    Please be patient and think! They will not give more than they can afford to without compromising the technology.

    Read above the post ” News Archive » Follica raises $11mil, reveals secret 11 herbs and spices » Tressless” The secret is out! Scientist will follow!

    BTW lamin 511 is already produced by the body, so this may curtail FDA regulation beyond the normal process.

  234. R says:

    See post: The Laminin-511 protein works at the boundary between the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin, transmitting signals between them. Laminin-511 is naturally found in both mice and humans, according to Marinkovich, who has been researching the protein since 2001.

    The research was being done since 2001 = 7 years ago so many of the stuff we see today has been researched for many years. this is the same for most of the breakthroughs. you are just hearing them now. Look we need to keep things in perspective and hair loss is serious and needs attention. this is now what is getting and all you need is one breakthrough that brings remarkable results and this my friends will shake the non-conforming bastards out of the game and without a filled pocket book. More information is coming soon and we will the extent of the research and application by many firms, some you have never heard of as of yet! Wait and see!

  235. WASHINGTON says:


  236. K says:

    I would like to bring back up a point I made earlier.

    This seems to be a simple process to do. It’s not like it requires a special drug or instrument to do. That said, do you guys believe they have already had some human trials? Now, I am not talking about real full scale trials, but don’t you honestly believe that they had at least some guys come in and go through the proceedure?

    They’ve had to.

    If I were an investor, I wouldn’t give any money unless I saw a proof of concept, because the proof of concept takes little time. There is just no way they are making 11 million without having more knowledge than they are sharing.

    In other words, I strongly believe we already have Follica patients out there, and I’m not talking about the do it yourself’ers.

    My only concern is with density. I have no doubt it creates new hair. How much hair is the question.

  237. Dave says:

    Hey guys, here is a web-cast on the Stanford study. Also, no big news but another piece of the hair loss puzzle on the second link.

  238. Dave says:

    Hey guys, here is a web-cast on the Stanford study

    Also, nothing big but another piece of the hair loss puzzle.

  239. G says:

    K, Follica is not some shaddy company run by amateurs. A lot of actual Scientists’ reputation is at stake here – if they do trials on humans without FDA approval. So there is no way that they have done any trials with drugs.

    The only photo evidence is of the cancer patient mentioned several times on hairsite. And few anecdotal incidents of people growing hair after head wounds etc.

    Also, I have heard of claim among Indian people that regulary shaving head (with blade NOT safety-razor) Stops hairloss. Which reminds of what David Steingberg said that follica procedure changes the microenvironment of the follicles. The blade can be a bit harsh on the skin – the reason we have safety razors! So essentially the harsh blade works as mild dermabrasion tool and over time either changes the microenvironment of the follicles or creates enough new ones that people think hairloss has stopped.

  240. R says:

    So Laminin will be tested in a few years on the news, but the scientist stated two years for a product. I have been part different things and eevents where the news got it totally wrong. So don’t let the few years scare you!

    We need to hear the information from Standford U only. A big piece of the puzzle but hair loss i not being taken lightly anymore for research and efforts are being made to stop the disease.

    Follica and the others know more but will share too much info, just wait and see until the next announcement.


  242. JS says:

    I was just reading that thread WASHINGTON, If the guy is telling the truth then it really is a good indication that there is more to the Follica treatment than hope, Now that he’s taken that photograph it will be interesting to see what results his next round of wounding will achieve.

  243. jordan says:

    R, when they dont the inital testing in mice, didnt they achive good density?

  244. R says:

    The research on mice has shown great results and enough to impress lead researchers, the unbiversity, outside firms and investors as well as been supported by current practioners that duplicated the results. The results on mice will always be somewhat different for humans but the underlyign chemistry / biological processes compliment human reactions.

    The self-portrait of the needling is big but we need to evaluate his progress and truth! So far, enough people on hairsite that down play everything are gettin g their hopes up about him. The density does not have to be perfect, you only need around 50% hell even 40% to fill in bare areas and the procedure can be done more than once.

    What we can expect is good hair coverage that will sustain and persist without intervention as well as fill in scars, spaces, bare areas….etc.

    We will hear more in the near future. Here, read how current medicines may help hair loss sufferers. This is a time in history where the medical and scientific community are actually trying to solve this disease. Never have they really cared enough or tried!

  245. R says:

    A totally new twist that may help a big population of balding people. Even though they inventor stated that it would not help people who are totally bald, in the interim, advances will crtique the formula and help everyone.

    It is hard to believe it will only work on certain areas especially when it works by sending signals ( I think it will halep everyone especially if someone was bald for years and now regrowing hair).

    If it does come to the public and only re-grow hair in certain areas, this will still bring another opportunity to fill in thin areas and bald spots helping many people.

    My take is that if it sends signals and works on the top of the head, there is no reason that it wouldn’t hair all around the head area. This is another avenue being pursued. Like I said, more things are coming and avenues never before heard of or explored. It’s amazing what grows hair?

  246. jordan says:

    in your last post R, are you on about follica or another company?

  247. R says:

    Another doctor trying to solve this problem. Like I said, once the flood gates and real people are trying to cure this dieases, then others will follow and work just as hard or lose everything. This is why today, real science is pulling laid back practioners out to either shit or get off the pot. And they see that since the Internet, people are reading between the lines and working to cure themselves. Whatever works will be shared and scientist need to work hard or lose. The guy doing self-mutilation, people are showing the scientist that we are working on it too. Follica has copies and reviewing what people are doing. You should forward these to Follica and the others!

  248. TheOne says:

    That article is about platelet rich plasma. It has been discussed a bit before over on hairsite, someone even contacted and posted some info from Dr Greco.

  249. TheOne says:

    It essentially involves drawing your blood, putting it in a centrifuge and then injecting the PPR into the balding areas.

  250. R says:

    The race, regardless of tactic is on! The will to solve is driving this to completion and never before have people cared enough to solve hair loss, until this decade.

    Intercytex Raises Additional $5 Million to Fund More Research into Hair Cloning
    By Julian Phillips | September 11, 2008

    The UK-based Intercytex Group, which specializes in regenerative medicine products including hair cloning technologies, recently announced that it has raised $5.5 million (£2.75 million) before expenses through a placing for cash of over 6.5 million new shares.

    The new shares, which represent approximately 8.2% of the company’s issued capital prior to the placing, have been placed with existing institutional shareholders at 42 British pence per share. The placing price represents a discount of approximately 10% to the closing middle market price on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM, on September 8.

    Commenting on the placing, Nick Higgins, Intercytex’ chief executive, said that the funds “will enable us to take our lead treatment for chronic wounds, Cyzact (ICX-PRO), through Phase III trials in readiness for partnering”. The cash will also be used to continue the development of the other products in the company’s late-stage pipeline, he said, and “we look forward to reporting further progress in due course.”

    Among those other products are hair cloning technologies that some people believe could lead to the world’s first authentic cure for male pattern baldness.

    Intercytex terms its hair regeneration product “ICX-TRC.”

    ICX-TRC is “an autologous hair regeneration therapy, a suspension of human dermal papilla cells, for the treatment of male pattern baldness and female diffuse alopecia.” It is intended that ICX-TRC will be used by specialists in hair transplant centres, dermatologists and plastic surgeons to treat patients with hair thinning or hair loss.

    According to the company, ICX-TRC procedure…

    … is significantly less problematic than conventional hair transplants. In terms of the amount of tissue taken from the patient, only a small sample of approximately 120 follicles is needed. As a consequence, trauma suffered by the patient during the procedure may be dramatically reduced. Furthermore, as dermal papilla (DP)cells can be derived from a very small area of hair-bearing scalp, a much higher population of patients will be able to benefit from ICX-TRC than conventional transplantation. Superficial injection of cultured cells into the scalp causes far less tissue damage than implanting multiple hair follicles and is a considerably simpler, shorter and less painful process.

    A small sample of hair follicles is taken from the patient during a simple 30 minute operation carried out under local anaesthetic at a hair or skin clinic. The clinic sends the biopsy to Intercytex’ GMP compliant manufacturing facility where the DP cells are dissociated from the rest of the follicle. These cells are cultured and expanded in proprietary media over three weeks and subsequently returned to the clinic in a sterile suspension.

    Using a specialised delivery system, the DP cells are microinjected intradermally into the patient’s scalp. The treatment is performed under local anaesthetic and comprises a single procedure of superficial injections, each injection delivering a minute volume of media containing DP cells. These cells are able to stimulate the generation of new hairs when injected in close proximity to the epidermal cells which generate the hair. Following the procedure, new hair growth should become evident after approximately three months.

    Phase I clinical trials (safety) have been completed in seven volunteers at a single UK transplant centre. No safety issues have arisen and five out of seven patients have shown increased hair numbers.

    The treatment phase of a Phase II trial, being conducted by Dr Bessam Farjo in Manchester, to optimize the delivery of the DP cells, has been completed.

    In this study, hair counts were obtained by shaving and photographing a small section of scalp, injecting it and then applying a specialised image analysis system to provide a total hair count. All 19 subjects in the trial have now been treated using a range of injection and scalp pre-stimulation techniques; the first six subjects were injected without stimulation of the scalp. In the remaining 13 the resident hair producing (epithelial) cells were stimulated at the time of delivery of the DP cells.

    11 subjects have now passed the 24-week time point since treatment and specialised image analysis at this time point showed:

    · Of the group of six patients without stimulation of the scalp, three had an increased hair count and two had a reduced hair count; one has been lost to follow-up.

    · Of the five subjects with pre-treatment scalp stimulation, all had increased hair count at 12 weeks and the three who were evaluable at 24 weeks all had an increased hair count at that time point.

    These data are consistent with the earlier data reported last September and the hypothesis that new hair production is improved by pre-stimulation of the scalp, leading to an interaction between the injected cells and the resident hair producing cells.

    24 week data on all subjects in the trial will be available in September 2008 and at the end of the trial, photographic data will be analysed from a much larger area of treated scalp on all subjects at 48 weeks.

    Intercytex will manufacture ICX-TRC for Europe and the US from its own manufacturing facilities. In October 2006, Intercytex was awarded a grant from the DTI to develop a robotic system with The Automation Partnership for the commercial scale production of patients’ autologous DP cells. The robotic system has an established track record in processing many different cell samples simultaneously, so that at this scale, in which large numbers of different patients’ cells are handled, all samples remain isolated throughout the multiplication process.

  251. A says:

    Hmmm Interesting note about intercytex its really about time we heard something from them, i still think that they may be the first to land a product to market.

    What i was more interested in was the post above in regards to the blood swap. That was indeed fascinating to me, if that can regularly be preformed on small areas of the scalp with success then that may actually be a good procedure to do whilst on prop or Rogain it could aid people with thinning fronts for sure.

    Looks like we do live in the golden age where maybe we can actually dream a little :)

  252. KKwilliams says:

    I dont get why ppl keep saying never before have ppl cared or tried to solve this before. Its ridiculous!! IT has been tried and attempted forever but it is a very complicated problem.

    I definitely believe that the science is improving at a compounding rate every year and that each year the advancements in all biological sciences takes us closer to our goal.

    I hope follica works but for it to be really effective it MUST produce a minimum of 40% of natural density for it to be a major treatment. At any level below 70% not 50-60 as some say it would be needed to be used in conjunction with an ht in order to get you closer to the natural result with no see through effect.

    If follica somehow manages to achieve a density of 75% or above :) it TRULY would be a stand alone procedure.

    P.S. Im NOT scoffing at the possibility of 40% native density as it would definitely help so many guys BUT I disagree with the beleif that all we need is 50-60% to be fixed. If you took out half of Bradd pitt’s hair I guarantee we would says he’s thinning.

  253. rev says:

    R. In your last post, the funding raised is going mainly towards ICX-PRO, not ICX-TRC. The rest of that post was a cut-and-paste job (nothing new). We’re expecting another report from Intercytex this month; I guess time will tell how they’ll disappoint us.

    Aderans also updated their site recently, apparently they’re in phase II trials now (in the US this time opposed to Phase I which was performed in the UK)

  254. R says:

    Time will tell, this is just a post to show they are still viable and working to solve this through their medium. If they obtain new backers, this may bring them to another level. Science has never expended this much effort and reported to solve this until Cotsarelis actually shown something that could end this problem. This is why people are coming out of the wood works to solve this because we are not buying into mediocre products.

    40%-50% density represents a beginning stage and yes 100% would be great. This comment was just to say that even a mere 40-50% density would help greatly. Technology and other advancements would compliment the rest. I too am anxious but these posts show effort and not an actual bail-out by researchers.

  255. JS says:

    R…Have you heard anything else about how Luna are doing.

  256. R says:

    Sorry Js, but No! I believe Luna is using a brand new approach with nano / antioxidant combination that was reviewed by past researchers as a way to prevent and at times regrow hair, but Luna’s technology is off the map and will require (most likely) the full FDA spectrum, If for some reason it doesn’t, then we will see updates in the near future, but my guess is that Luna may be silent for awhile and take up the rear of the other breakthroughs.

    Hopefully, I am wrong they come out sooner and bypass FDA regulations due to the formulas ability to awaken the resting follicles.

  257. rev says:

    There’s allot of ethical hoopla surrounding nano technology. It’s a taboo topic like stem cells were back in the day. I think it’s safe to say Luna have their work cut out for them.

  258. ZZ says:

    In the interest of preserving what I have until Follica or another cure/treatment comes along, I have a question for R: Do you take curcumin & reservatol orally or do you apply topically. And what is your dosage? Do you use the curcumin w/ bioprene for maximum absorbtion?

    Also, for previous questions about regulatory approval see Apparently, if the drugs & procedures involved in the Follica treatment have already been approved by the FDA for another purpose, the use of Follica’s treatment for hair loss does not need approval…..although they may choose to apply for approval for marketing reasons. So it may be able to come to market quickly, if it works, while they continue to pursue approval so that they can ultimatly market their product as a cure/treatment for hairloss.

  259. R says:

    The protocol for me is propecia, curcumin 400 mg, green tea extract 725 mg, reservatrol 250 mg, Taurine 1000 mg, multi-vitamin.

    Since Follica is using drugs already approved, they only need to prove the procedure and drug combinations are safe and do what it is intended (hair growth). I would say that Follica will work and more people will jump on the band wagon. I am interested in the man at Hairsite doing his own treatment, so this self-experiment will bring further evidence.

  260. J says:

    I just read an article on the computer by Julian Phillips posted August 14, 2008 that follica will not have a cure for at least a decade????? Anybody know who this person is?? Are they creditable??? Why the [email protected]$% do some say 2-3yrs and some say 5-10yrs away until its available??? Im optomistic about 2-3yrs but I read this and wonder if im just being given a bunch of BS…….What or whom should I believe??? Anyone???

  261. jordan says:

    is julian phillips a part of follica? in not why take his word, hes chatting rubbish

  262. disco ball says:

    a little advice…. is there any decent treatments to prevent anymore hair loss? if so what do you recommend? I’m a little naive in the hair loss game)

  263. D says:

    J: Do you mean this article by Julian?

    That looks to me as the first story about Follica, published in May 2007. At that time, they indeed stated it would probably take at least 10 years to get something out for humans. But they have advanced a lot at the end of 2007, they found a way to utilize already approven drugs to maybe activate all these processes. So then they stated that they could actually speed up the process remarkably, in just 2-3 years. So that what you read is probably outdated.

  264. J says:

    Hey D… thanks ya that was the article, you explained it for me…Pheww… I hope that follica will come out with something within the 3ys like they said…

  265. D says:

    Np man. I hope so too. Also, this is a really interesting new discovery:

    Comes from Harvard. It seems they can skip the embryonic phase and reprogram the cells immediately! I wonder what kind of impact it has on Follica’s research. It has only been demonstrated in mice thought, so maybe it doesn’t work in humans. But maybe wounding is not needed?

  266. R says:

    OK…Word to the wise….Only believe the latest findings and reports by the scientist and PR personnel from the firm when its is quoted and stated in writing. Poeple will estimate the old rule of ten years but will fall victim to the curse of assumption.

    Secondly, if any of these takes 10 years, then evryone else coming up the ladder and benchmarking their studies and formulas which are patented and recorded for review by researchers as to not overstep patent laws…will find an alternative and make greater headway before that later date.

    I have seen this in the business and chemical industry which I work closely to patents and ways to bypass and critique the formula just enough to call your own. There are ways to get around this stuff so hold-on as new players are emerging pushing the leaders to solve this or lose.

  267. R says:

    BTW….Did you see that Histogen is launching the following product and it has laminin? Just a celluar matrix for home use???? Future looks promising!

    Quote “Dilute & Shoot
    The Rapid, NO-HASSLE Kit
    Our manufacturing process and QC testing provide uniform ECM
    Human Feeder Layer ECM
    In a tube and ready to use, no messy gels
    No Tumor Growth Factors
    Laminin, Fibronectin & Collagen 4
    BioNuesis contains only soluble, natural human ECM
    All Human
    Extracellular Matrix from human fibroblasts

  268. D says:

    Interesting. I wonder what it can be used for? Could someone contact them maybe and ask? As you said R, if it contains Laminin, then it might be pretty interesting for hair growth. We have to ask them.

  269. tom says:

    im confused, who invests 20 million dollars on an if come? It seems as though it would have been pretty simple to do the exact same follica procedure on cotsaleris himself, even it were the size of a quarter to show it works. It sounds like another hair loss scam to me.

  270. G says:

    tom…you are a f**king genious! Keep up the good work.

  271. R says:

    20 MILLION? It requirtes more than just one person and Cotsarelis’s procedure was known and shown back in the 50’s early 60’s but ignored. The investment is to show with proof that it works on different people at various stages of growth and loss and different gae groups / genders. If the procedure was useless or not shown a good viable future, then you wouldn’t see the multi-millinon dollar investment.

    Some day we will see an end to many diseases and why can’t this be the time? I know past failures have hampered expectations but has anyone trully tried to cure and offer real science to cure this other than mask the area with subpar treatments and medicine?

    Believe me that it was tried enough times before being used on humans for a proof of concept study. Hair loss is now something people are trying to cure / offer a real solution. NEVER has it EVER been tackled at this level before. Show me where it has!

  272. rev says:

    Sorry to bust your bubble tom, but Follica is not a scam. You would know that if you actually read some articles about the company.

  273. JS says:

    I don’t know if anyone will find this interesting or not, But i’ll put the link up anyway.

  274. R says:

    Update from Intercytex. They are continually showing positive results of the 11 of 14 people that were available after 24 weeks.

  275. rev says:


    Arghhh. I seriously can’t believe you said that R. That’s the same bs InterCytex have-been feeding us since their inception. What’s so positive about this report? Any photos? NO! Did they find a partner to continue onto phase III? NO! Is there anything new in this report since the March report? NO! In fact, if I shuffled this report with the March report you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

    Do you know what I consider “positive” R? PROGRESS!!!!
    Again, I can’t believe you said that.

  276. JS says:

    I wouldn’t get too worked up about InterCytex rev, I personally don’t think they are in the race at the moment and i’m not expecting much from them any time soon. If they do produce something then great but i can’t see it happening.

    I’m sure we’ve all been reading about Baccy’s home testing on Hairsite, If he is telling the truth which at the moment looks likely, Then that for me would be a major thing, The fact that a man can achieve any hairgrowth after being completely bald for 20 years is amazing, And would be the proof that we are looking for that Follica is the real deal.

    The only thing that is worrying me about Baccy is he’s changing the method he used the first time, So it could improve the results or lessen them.

  277. J says:

    Has Follica had more press coverage than any other treatment, I wonder? I would have to say they certainly must be on to something extremely posotive if they have had this much press coverage and raised almost 20 mil already. They said they were not planning on bringing more money in for a couple years though?? Wonder why not?? Does that mean they didint plan on bringing something to market in 2-3yrs?? Now it said they can squash the process to 24-36months. What process?? Approvals and trials?? whats the possobility everthing goes perfect, could we see something in 2yrs?????

  278. R says:

    Positive because they did not quit or give up. What gives you or anybody the right to expect something in a couple of years. you are lucky people give a damn to actually wanting to cure this disease. If you are looking for two-years, then you all wil be disapointed. Nothing is etched in stone so wait it out and be happy that people are continuing. You are all lucky to have the Internet, so arrogance based on this medium is not warrnted.

    intercytex is a long shot but any positive results and not a complete failure or loss is something that adds value and can be built upon by other practioners. So calm down and be happy that people are trying!

  279. washington says:

    …If you are looking for two-years, then you all wil be disapointed…..then you think that she goes to delay more than this? in two years baccy and others will be with its hair.

  280. washington says:

    already it passed one year that cotsarellis announced three years for a possible cure…it thinks about this R.

  281. R says:

    My comment is to state nothing is written in stone and that too many people get upset if the response by the firm isn’t 100% to their liking. Nobody owes anyone here or in this world a hair loss cure. Period! So any breakthrough and or step closer should be appreciated. If the wait is to hard to handle, then shave your hair, cut it real short and start living.

    I hope this over as well as half the world! But we need to believe that an end is near and that we need to understand that science (GOOD SCIENCE) takes time. We are very lucky that Follica has stumbled back to this finding and that we may have a cure / viable treatment in 3 years. But we really don’t know and are naked to the truth until the information is relayed by the actual practioners. So clam down and live, rent something to take your mind off this got to have it today mentality. We are victims waitibng for the miracle cure, nothing more than hopeless victims of fate waiting for a cure. So wait and appreciate science and those that trully are investing and applyig their knowledge to end this disease.

  282. rev says:

    R. Intercytex won’t be trying anything unless someone comes along to fund phase III

    So again, I don’t see anything positive in that report. Their technology might have merit, but it’s grossly offset by their incompetent management strategy. Their execs should be fired into the sun for squandering the opportunity to earn billions.

  283. OMR says:

    Thanks R for your commnts and everything

  284. J says:

    R,… take it easy…was just asking!! I get what you are saying, ok so I am fine with 3yrs away!! If that were true than thats great!!!! I am actually totally posotive that follica will be very successful and we will see something sooner than later. Im sure they are working as fast as they can and doing their best….. nothing drives a man like success and billions of dollars!!!!!!

  285. J says:

    Washington….yes i was refering to that. It has been a year already. That means 2yrs left. 3-1=2

  286. KKwilliams says:

    So when will we have a follica update? will it be very minor referring to the dermabrasion testing going on right now…we already know wounding causes sporadic regrowth of hairs.

    I want to know when we will have a legitimate no b.s. add on to there earlier claims and hopes that “they may have found a cure” how long until they will be able to back up with real evidence that statement??? R?

    if all we get in a year from now is were still testing than I will add follica to the pile of failures.

  287. TheOne says:

    How long is a piece of string?

  288. rev says:

    TheOne – haha good one. I’ll go with “double the length from one side to the middle”

    KKwilliams – Seriously, people that give Follica ultimatums are no different from the people that scream a cure is coming tomorrow. Neither approach is level-headed; in fact, it’s childish. Let’s be adults about Follica, and consider their situation. They’re privately held, they might be sitting on a gold mine, and they’re doing this to make a buck. It’s only natural they’re observing media silence to protect their interests (for the time being). Follica will share their findings when they’re good and ready. Hopefully, they’ll share findings about proof of concept sooner than later. Until than, you and R are more than welcome to guess the length of the string.

  289. R says:

    Ok….Let me include a reality check with the string length. 99% of drugs being produced from breakthroughs take an average of 24 years. That is the latest study!

    So, pray Follica and the others don’t fall in this category. You all are best to wait and pray they care enough and have the leverage to enter trials and produce a product within 10 years. I still believe many will happen sooner but who am I?

  290. rev says:

    24 years? Post a link or it didn’t happen.

    Secondly, Follica is NOT creating a drug from scratch. They’re recycling.

    Thirdly, that goes against your previous comments about Dr Mercola having a full head of hair within a year.

  291. J says:

    R???? Now your going against all you have previously posted!!! What the [email protected]#$ are you talking about 10yrs!!!!!??? Is this whole 2-3yrs BS???!!!!! What the F#@%!!!!

  292. JS says:

    Is that the real R posting, Why would you think that all of a sudden.

  293. KKwilliams says:


    I was giving no ultimatum as you suggest. If I were to threaten pulling funding or had some power over the company then yes I could give them an ultimatum or deadline. People on here need to read posts properly and reply accordingly.

    ALL I was stating was that if within a year if we have no real updates from follica I will categorize it as another intercytex which is just continuing to lead us on and I PERSONALLY will reach the point of looking to another company for hope.

    Im not asking anyone else to do the same just giving my opinion that a year from today we should have more info or that this approach is not working as hoped.

    I am hopeful right now and already saving up lol

  294. R says:

    Please re-read my post. I just meant that any 3- 5 year period is welcomed. Most from discovery to product is 24 years. I am just saying that we need to appreciate the shorter time frames.

    Intercytex is still trying to approach hair loss in the same fasion but with a twist and this might bite them in the end. Follica’s approach is totally opposite. If Baccy is telling the truth (Cotsarelis has the photo and link), then we are on to something by learning what lay-people are doing.

    Please be happy that 3-4 years is all that is expected. I would hate the alternative (24).

  295. Shooter says:

    R, what do you mean Cotsarelis has the photo and link?

  296. rev says:

    Now that would be interesting considering every interview Cotsarelis granted he pleaded with people not to sandpaper their heads…. and Baccy has-been pretty hardcore with the process.

  297. Os says:

    i would grain my scalpe with a car tire if it will grow my hair back, hence i can relate to Baccy’s hardcore approach ;)

  298. R says:

    Update from Histogen…

    Cotsarelis and Follica Reps scan and read some of the posts as is evident here by Zohar. They are well aware of people trying and discovering their own way of doing this and believe me that this supports their research.

    The above post by Histogen shows new platforms that are utilizing stem cells for public use in the near future.

  299. mm says:

    ive always been an avid follica supporter, they are the “A” team. Kind of the fantasy football team of the drug development world, ive largely ignored histogen.

    ..but reading through their webpage (not the most unbiased or creditable method i know,,,) looks like this may turn out to be a lot of serious competition.

    its possible that all the comments here ive read about how slow histogen is taking to reach market may not give the true picture.

    Unlike follica, histogen is a new drug and the 7 years is probably mainly their to allow for FDA/NDA or whatever being the worst possible case scenario.

    the development of the drug, Regenica is….. probably finsihed. probably shed loads of the stuff in a lab waiting for the trials to start

    quote from histogen website “Histogen’s injectible ReGenicaTM for hair growth will begin clinical trials in Q4 2008” “ReGenicaTM has been shown to both stimulate resting hair follicles and induce new follicle formation.”

    Follica is probably running around like crazy doing everything they can to make sure they find a way to get their procedure to market without needing FDA approval, or minimal. which kind of collaborates the new follica staff all having experience getting drugs through FDA trails.

    Also most snippets of info we have got from follica staff, they are more keen to outline the fact that the beuty of the follica procedure is its simplicity that may not require fda.

    i dont think follica can afford to take longer than 2-3 years. The battle to get to market first isnt going to be a 10 billion dollars a year, thats FAR too low an estimate. its 10 billion dollars currently and thats just the desperate buying absolutely ineffective rubbish. NO man wants to go bald but MOST dont choose to treat it due to the ineffective solutions on the market. i bet 90% of balding guys have never heard of propecia or rogane, if these products worked well, then more people would know about them. if i had never heard of either, i bet id look about the same as i do today anyway! give or take 3 hair shafts.

    also this sounds interesting…

    “Histogen is also evaluating ReGenicaTM as an active ingredient for hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners. The Company anticipates ReGenicaTM’s interaction with hair follicles will help hair to grow thicker, stronger and more flexible.”

    i wonder if this product will also fall into the 2015 time to market bracket? i hope not. I need it now! it sounds fantastic!! thickening shampoo that actually works for once!!

    for histogen, nearly all their products are based on the foundation of regenica. i think they must be dammmmmmn confident it works in humans or their entire product lineup is down the toilet.

    Come on follica! your my team, hurry up already :)

  300. JS says:

    Surely Follica will find some more urgency in developing their treatment if someone like Baccy continues to get results using his own method? That’s if they’re keeping an eye on what people are trying at home.

    There does seem to be alot of people that have decided to try it for themselves at home, And are using different approaches based around the treatment, So there is a good chance that one of them will yield some good results.

  301. AM says:

    I’ve read through most of the posts on this and previous discussions but the results that people have gotten from trying to replicate the Follica process at home that some of you have talked about seem to elude me (Baccy?)… Maybe hairloss is the least of my worries and I should get my eyes checked out instead for not being able to find it. Could someone point me towards available links to pictures and their home-grown “procedures” (if available)?

    Big thanks in advance! I hope we’re getting close to the end of all hairloss problems so we can focus on other problems in life. Best of luck to all of us!

  302. JS says:

    AM, Heres the link to the picture he took after his frist experiment.
    Considering he’s been completely bald for 20 yrs it’s quite an impressive thing to achieve at home .

  303. J says:

    When will we hear something from follica again?????? Nov 2008?? begining 2009???

  304. R says:

    Nobody knows but soon enough if we have seen in the past year the trials and updates of funding are being acknowledged more and more. Once the first phase is completed, we will here the outcome either by direct quotes of what happened and or additional funding and approaches built upon the first proof of concept study.

    Any updates on BACCY! This is very interesting for one that BACCY has been bald for over 20 years, wore a toupe for mnay years…which screws up your scalp and causes greater hair loss and lastly, lay-person with self inflicted wounds and chemicals.

    His photos should show more hair growth if it is working as planned. Follica was alerted by the site and BACCY so they can witness another person regrowing hair through this method.

  305. f says:

    there is a tense silence throughout the forums. we know that there are more people than baccy trying this procedure out at home, but no one (at least from what i have read) have posted any results.. wonder why this is? if baccy’s results are for real more and more people would begin to regrow hair… i have feeling that this follica stuff actually works, and that the sillince throughout the forums is a reaction to that. we really just gotta wait some months and see if anyone is going to post some results. hopefully baccy at-least will…

  306. mm says:

    im wondering if follica will do any form of public follow up after the trials. it seems like their testing to see whats needed to open up the embryonic window effeciently.

    in totally no expert but i imagine this is a huge progression but its not really material for a press release.

    Follicas becoming so secretive, they didnt really want us to know they where testing, and certainly dont want us to know what exactly they are testing. i adoubt they will want to publish their findings. but we carnt blame them for this at all. its the drug industry.

    if theirs one thing id like from follica its to know just how effective this is going to be, i mean is it going to carpet our heads with hair. is it going to cover a bald spot effectivly. im worried their may be a lot of hearts broken if this product doesnt give somthing like 40% plus coverage (+me). baccys pics are making me have a reality check. (no disrespect, their amazing considering the limitations) i guess if he did this every day for a long period then where talking! maybe the rumor of a kit begins to make sence. just an idea.

  307. J says:

    mm ya i wonder the same thing.. is it gonna give a total new coverage? or will it take multiple times to have full coverage?? Im sure that follicas method will work alot better than baccys.

  308. Wicked says:

    Sorry if its a Repost but here is additionnal info about Follica ;)

  309. Haircoach says:

    Good finding!!!!

  310. TheOne says:

    Follica still need an IND and NDA.
    So it is pretty unrealistic to expect follica to have a product in 2 years.

  311. mm says:

    Is follica a new drug?

    Histogens a new drug but follica seems more a procedure using existingly approved drugs.

    this has been discussed many times and no real conclusion has been reached.

    if the top scientific minds at follica dont seem 100% certain theirs no point speculating at this point.

  312. TheOne says:

    Even if you are using already approved drugs for a new use, you have to get IND and NDA approval.
    The follica articles just say its a more straight forward path.

    “Right now their money is funding a small human study which Zohar describes as “more of an investigator-sponsored trial.” And the company has enough money to push the program through proof-of-concept toward an NDA – a path that’s likely to take an accelerated development path that compresses the usual early and mid-stage trials into a 24- to 36-month window. An approval could conceivably be won in four to five years.

    “What’s nice about it,” she adds, “is that even though this is based on breakthrough science, we are using existing compounds previously approved for systemic chronic use and reformulating them for topical acute use. We know these compounds are safe in people.””

    I think a safe bet would be if follica and histogen work, they would roughly take the same amount of time to finish.
    Histogen say 7 years? and they are behind follica by how long? 1-2 years?

  313. D says:

    Yeah. I think it’s too naive to believe Follica will start selling their product in 2-3 years. I guess at least 5. Also, we really have to wait and see what happens, maybe they cannot get good enough density, and then it’s just a new minox or propecia.

  314. TheOne says:

    It would be great if the mouse results translate to humans with no problems

    Just look at the pdf file above, here are some quotes:

    To assess hair follicle density, we measured the distance between
    follicles in three different conditions: 1. intact back skin in normal mice, 2. the area of new hair follicle formation
    following wounding in normal mice, and 3. the area of new hair follicle formation following wounding in
    Wnt7a overexpressing mice. We examined 100 follicles in 3 mice for each condition.
    In normal mice, the space between hair follicles is smaller along the sagittal axis (head to tail) compared
    to the coronal axis (side to side). For example, the distance between follicles in intact pelage skin of normal
    mice was 0.09±0.02 mm sagittally and 0.17±0.04 mm coronally. In contrast, the newly formed follicles in both
    control and K14-Wnt7a mice following wounding were spaced with an intermediate distance between them
    (0.11±0.03 mm for control and 0.11±0.04 for Wnt7a mice), and there was no apparent difference between coronal
    and sagittal distances.SD, standard deviation

    Hair type and length: We analyzed
    all of the regenerated hairs on 3 mice. All of the regenerated
    hairs were of the zig-zag type, which is the most
    common type of mouse hair comprising approximately
    70% of the pelage hairs. The length of the hair (5.8±0.5
    mm in intact skin, 6.0±0.6 mm in regenerated skin [mean
    ± standard deviation], p=0.27) and spacing of the bends
    in these hairs was not different than zig-zag hairs from
    intact skin. A representative image of the regenerated hair
    is shown.

    Hair follicle orientation. To evaluate the
    orientation of the newly formed follicles, we examined the direction
    of the follicles in 3 mice. Approximately 72-80% of the follicles
    were pointing in the correct direction (within approximately
    a 30 degree angle). A representative example is shown here in this
    K14CreR26R mouse in which the keratinocytes are blue for easier
    visualization of the follicles. In this mouse, 31/41 hair follicles
    were growing in the correct cephalad orientation. The image is
    taken 30 days after wounding.

    Hair follicle cycling. To determine the number of times that the new hair follicles
    cycled, we counted the number of hair shafts within each follicle 90 days after wounding in one mouse. In
    mice, the hair shaft is often retained in the follicle with each cycle, thus the number of hairs per follicle is a
    conservative estimate of the number of times the follicle has been through an anagen stage. We found 10 follicles
    containing one hair, 14 follicles with two hairs and 6 follicles with 3 hairs, indicating that at least 20%
    of the follicles had cycled three times. Interestingly, a normal follicle in a 90-day-old mouse would have also
    cycled three times.

    Age-related changes in response to wounding. In addition to the time points shown
    in the main text, we performed wounding (1.5 x 1.5 cm, full thickness) at 3 (n = 2) and 6 (n = 3) months of
    age. 48±13 and 70±15 follicles formed in these wounds, respectively (values are mean±standard deviation). A
    representative example of hair follicle neogenesis after wounding in a 10 month old mouse is shown here. The
    purple dots represent nascent dermal papilla detected with a stain for alkaline phosphatase activity.

  315. JS says:

    TheOne, That article from fiercebiotech isn’t quoating anybody from Follica about a timeline, It’s the author who’s making assumptions. Nobody knows how long it will take to bring it to market if it works like we hope.

    From what information we do have, Like the original MSNBC feature about Follica and the interview they did with Dr Cotsarelis in which he said “if everything goes perfeclty it would be ready in a few years” and then the fact that this board we are posting on is a story about Follica bringing their second round of fundraising forward a couple of years to speed things up, Would suggest to me that they are progressing better than some people are giving them credit for.

  316. washington says:

    I find that the more the time passes, but calvicie attacks the people. little time before believed that follica it could bring the cure in 2 years, now is satisfied with 5 years. proper the cotsarellis said….we will have the cure in 2….3 years if everything it will be certain. but with passing of little time everything moved, and the people are if conforming in waiting more 5 years. in 5 years, people as baccy, benji, among others already go to have its hair in return. I want to see follica deceased if to need more 5 years for its cure. they stop of being idiotic bald of the world….

  317. TheOne says:

    JS that article is actually quoting Daphne Zohar.

    Exactly nobody knows how long Follica will need to get to market if it works in humans (except the people who work at Follica, they are obviously aware of what path they need to take)
    but 5 years is a safe estimate if all goes well.
    This very article we are posting on Zohar is quoted as saying they need approval;

    ““This financing will enable us to build out the company and move well down the path towards [regulatory] approval,” says Daphne Zohar”

    So its pretty certain they need approval, its just at what level we are unsure of. IND, NDA or both?

    I want it out as soon as the next person but I think 2 years is pretty unrealistic.
    If they just need an NDA (Which would be the bare minimum they would need for approval)
    they could potentially do it in 3-4 years.

    Anything could happen though.
    It may not even translate to humans as well as we want or at all.

    These are my just opinions.
    I would personaly love it here in less than 2 years but I can’t see it happeneing.

  318. JS says:

    TheOne, I know they are quoting Daphne Zohar but she doesn’t mention a timeline, And we all knonw they will need some form of approval but until we find out exactly what type of approval would be needed what’s the point in wild speculations.

  319. TheOne says:

    I wouldn’t exactly call it wild speculation.

    Some people are hoping they will be out in 2 years or less, that is what I would call wild speculation.

    They need approval of some sort, so I think it is a safe bet they are going to take longer than 2 years.

  320. TheOne says:

    If I had said yay follica will be out next year, I doubt you would have argued with me.

    From the article:

    “a path that’s likely to take an accelerated development path that compresses the usual early and mid-stage trials into a 24- to 36-month window. An approval could conceivably be won in four to five years.”

    That article was an interview with Daphne Zohar, just because it doesn’t say “said Daphne” at the end of the quote doesn’t mean she didn’t say it or it wasn’t discussed, it also gives an almost specific time line.

    In the Cotsarelis interview he says “in a few years if all goes well”
    That is not mentioning any time lines at all and you used it to argue that they may be out in less than 2 years, a few years could mean anything.
    Nancy Snyderman in the video says
    “We are going to have to see human trials, which will be in the next year or two. I wouldn’t be surprised if this would turn out to be on the market in 3-4 years, maybe even sooner”

    It’s logical that it’s not going to be here as soon as you hope.
    I don’t know if your familiar with the IND or NDA process but the current research study seems like an IND stage.

    From the article:
    “Right now their money is funding a small human study which Zohar describes as “more of an investigator-sponsored trial.”

    From the IND Wiki:
    “There are two main categories of IND: Investigator-initiated, and Sponsor-initiated. Investigator-initiated INDs are used when a physician wishes to perform a clinical trial to study an unapproved drug treatment, for example a new indication for an existing drug.”

    So you see, even thought the drugs used are already approved they will need aproval for their new use.

    Follica talk about “excelerated path”, well the normal path takes over 10 years,
    It goes:
    Pre clinical (animal studies etc)
    IND granted
    Phase I-III trials
    NDA Granted by FDA

    5 years would be very excelerated.

    I personaly believe they are close to applying for an IND as they have completed animal studies and are doing a small research study the response of human skin to disruption.
    If they are granted an IND this year or next year, then I guess they could excelerate phase I-III trials into 36 months to achieve NDA.
    The exact day they get NDA they can sell their product.

  321. TheOne says:

    I know its old being from January and Follica have had their second round of financing. Also it is not an official Follica document but it is an interview with Zohar none the less.

    “Folica, which licensed the technology from the University of Pennsylvania school of medecine, will begin human trials this year. If the results are positive, the company could be positioned to file for an Investigational New Drug Application in two or three years, Zohar says”

  322. J says:

    I understand what all you are saying…but how can nancy S. say sooner than 3-4yrs to the entire world when they actually know it would take longer?? thought I heard that the 3-4yrs was given with extra padded time fram. so actually they are hoping for 2-3yrs….????

  323. mm says:

    would be interesting to find out how long propecia took to win fda approval since proscar was already approved for prostate use.

    (assuming propecia is 99% identical to proscar) then theirs always the hitch that taking proscar tablet doest affect your stem cells! (another possible issue to slow down the fda approval) but im sure the fda has seen a few stem cell drugs go through already and shouldn’t be too hung up about it.

    And if follica could indeed be 5 years away with their FDA friendly product theirs limited hope for histogen being only 7 years! that could in fact be a very optimistic estimate.

    i still think its possible to accelerate it from even the 5 year assumption. its still allowing some room for error :p i hope follica get this thing through faultlessly!

    i at least hope we know it works within a couple of years!

  324. mm says:

    found this quote in an article about fda regulation of stem cell based therapy’s

    “Unlike pharmaceutical products, many stem-cell–based products may originate in academic laboratories where researchers are unfamiliar with the applicable regulations”

    may explain the very early confusion where follica was quoting very short time frames. :(

  325. TheOne says:

    I really do hope they will have something sooner rather than later.

  326. m says:

    It is not a stem-cell based product, it uses existing products. Only they have to do is show that the procedure is safe and to some extent effective.

  327. m says:

    Yes, it must come quick. This hairloss destroys my life. Life is not fun anymore, each day I am praying for a cure and reading that it is still 5 years aways (at any given time) destroys me. Please Follica, hurry up, WE are waiting!!

  328. TheOne says:

    Maybe the people doing their home experiments will have some good luck and get great results soon.

    Also Aderans are recruiting for their phase II trials;

  329. TheOne says:

    Wow Aderans are confident.

    “Given the early successes of its research and clinical study, ARI believes that a bioengineered breakthrough is likely. We anticipate that patients will have access to hair multiplication technology by the end of the decade, and will enjoy the convenience of same-day office visits, much like the most common cosmetic procedures.”

  330. mm says:

    I have no knowledge of science or medicine so i carnt really say with any certainly at all but i was under the impression follica was a stem cell based therapy,, not the old fashioned controversial type. but it causes some kind of alteration of stem cell activity within the body. Cotsarelis is a stem cell expert. anyway like i said ive no knowledge of all this. maybe sombody else can chime in.

    m, im in totally the same boat. Im strong, proud and happy. but inside this is profoundly effecting me. but so far follica has been exceeding my expectations. Definatly please hurry it up though follica! also the more i look at baccys pics the more impressed i am, just wish he had a before pic.

  331. mm says:

    Theone! good find.

    wholly kippers that is a damn confident statement! Certainly more promising than the absolutely fact less drivel from intercytex.

  332. JS says:

    Could someone please tell me what it is Aderans are hoping to achieve, Will it be a treatment to regenerate our resting follicles, Or is it for growing new follicles like Follica.

  333. mm says:

    aderans are cloning your hair follicles and then re-injecting the harvested cells back. its possible some surrounding resting follicles may awaken or new ones developed as a by-product but im unsure if aderans claim this, intercytex mentioned it was possible once.

    bit unsure of this company, intercytex got a bad rep for having business with bosley (well hated chain of transplant clinics) but aderans own bosley! im taking their claims with a pinch of salt, but its still good news in general.

  334. TheOne says:

    Yes Aderans are doing something similar to Intercytex’s TRC.
    ICX are multiplying dermal papilla cells and injecting them into your scalp after prestimulation.
    Aderans are multipling a few more cells than just dermal papilla IIRC and they are not using any kind of pre stimulation to my knowledge.

    Aderans group owns Bosley and interesting Bosley have first dibs on the rights to ICX-TRC when they finish phase II trials.

  335. Shooter says:

    Sorry to be the pessimist, but Aderans and Ken Washenik have made similar promises in the past. This company = Bosley = Failure. Let’s use this board to talk about FEASIBLE solutions in the near future, as opposed to giving our attention to charlatans focused on using public insecurity for monetary gain. Let’s be honest, if Acell does not work (we should know sooner than later, and it’s a looooong shot) and if Follica is not coming any time soon, nothing Aderans can concoct is going to solve our problem. Btw, where is R?

  336. mm says:

    I here you and i hate the aderans website, its a whole marketing driven page.

  337. TheOne says:

    Shooter that was quite an ignorant statement.

    By the way Dr George Cotsarelis is on Aderans board of advisors.

  338. TheOne says:

    What Aderans did was NOT promise HM by the end of the dacade, they predicted that it COULD be possible.
    This is what they did before, nothing has changed they are still in trials and it is not the end of the decade yet.

    Same goes for ICX, they said the earliest POSIBILITY for TRC would be in 2008 in a small scale comercialization, when it didn’t work out (The MHRA won’t allow it) people took them for liars.
    Rediculous and childish.

    It is just as feasable to have an ARI/ICX HM in the near future as it is having Follica in the near future.
    If they all indeed come to market, it will likely be at pretty similar times.

    Acell is unlikely to regrow hair, Its potential is mainly in HT scar repair.
    We should know how well it does either way very soon, some pretty good HT doctors now have it in their hands and some are testing with FUE procedures.

    I don’t know how you can call aderans “charlatans focused on using public insecurity for monetary gain” as they don’t have a working HM product and therefore are not making any money from the public, maybe you were talking about Bosley?
    Bosley may be trying to sell HT’s on a basis that HM is around the corner, but I fail to see what that has to do with the development of Aderans research HM.
    Do you really believe that Aderans are making up HM to keep Bosley in HT customers?

    Bosley doesn’t exactly = Aderans
    Aderans Group (the wig manufacturer) bought Bosley in 2001, well after they accuired their reputation for being butchers.

    Aderans Group is the mother company in which Bosley(HT) and Aderans research(HM) are sub companies.

  339. TheOne says:

    Oops, tripple post. Sorry

  340. TheOne says:

    Tripple post sorry

  341. TheOne says:

    Sorry for the Off topic by the way all.
    I think we should keep this as a discussion on Follica.

  342. rev says:

    Well. TheOne, I guess that’s where we disagree. I DO think Aderans/ Dr Washenik are dishonest, and I keep going back to this video to prove my point.

    Washenik is a professional, he should know better than to say “just a few years” when Aderans hadn’t even started Phase II trials at the airing of that video.

  343. TheOne says:

    Well, I don’t see any dishonisty in that video just maybee over optimism.

    I agree though that Dr Washnik, being a professional should know better than assuming timelines when nothing is concrete.
    Unfortunately scientists do this all the time.

    Dr Cotsarelis said the same on the MSNBC video and they haven’t even started phase 1.

  344. TheOne says:

    Of course they all have to get a working product yet. :-)

    Any new news on Dr Mercola yet?

  345. J says:

    The One!!!?? Are you saying that dr. Cotsarelis is lying in the MSNBC video?? I still believe his timeline!!

  346. TheOne says:

    No I’m not saying he is lying at all, you misinterpreted what I wrote.

    Rev said that Dr Washnik was being dis honest in the interview because when asked
    “when could this be out?”.
    Washenik replied “in a few years, towards the end of 09 10”.

    I just pointed out that Cotsarelis said a similar thing, when asked the same question in the Follica video. (that it could be out in a few years).
    Then of course you have Nancy Snyderman in the same video predicting 3-4 years.

    My point being, scientists frequently estimate time lines, right or wrong it doesn’t make them dis honest.
    After all they are just predictions, and people make mistakes.

    Maybe they are both sure that they will have products “in a few years” but being profesional people, they should know better than to give vague estimations of time lines so soon as neither of them has a solid, definate product yet.
    Also people will usually take predictions as gospel.

    Washenik is not the most of eloquent of speakers though judging by the video.

  347. R says:

    Remember this Internet medium is exposing the the fradulant people and companies, bringing real research and products forward. Anderans, Intercytex and Follica will communicate thier findings as applicable to the business, product and investors. Robert Burderi stated in his articles that the customers are taregting 2010 or around that date. I would sit patient and wait, as you have witnessed, additional funding represents a good path forward and evidence. Also, the amount of money to be generated will exceed 10 billion and those that fail have set a level for others to jump on utilizing the already started research. Regenerative medicine is taken notice, believe me that this will work! Too much evidence by lay-people.

    P.S. Frustrating, I know! But all we can do is wait and see what others are doing and accomplishing like BACCY etc… This is all we have and or accept fate. Getting angry and bashing each other wont help matters either. Read the Bald Truths webpage about a man that succumbs to hair loss. There is an article on it, he is in bad shape!

  348. k says:

    whats the status of Follica? anyone? i dont mind having (no pigment) white hairs, as long as i have hair! ill be the human test subject!

  349. J says:

    R, so what your saying is that most people expect something to market around 2010??

  350. MMA says:

    This Robert Burderi has some knowledge about Baldness treatments? or is just another Dr. Mercola? (pure B.S)

  351. TheOne says:

    R, when you say “Robert Burderi stated in his articles that the customers are taregting 2010 or around that date.”
    Im not sure what you mean by customers?

    Also in an earlier post you said “Robert Buderi has a list of companies targeting 2010 – 2012. His list not mine!!!”
    Where did you get this list? has it been posted? I asume it’s just a list of current players, Follica, ICX, ARI, Luna etc?

    k, just look up the page to see Follica’s status.

    MMA, Robert Buderi is the author of the article you are posting on.

  352. KKwilliams says:

    I realize everyone here wants a cure but too many guys are posting u unrealistic time lines! 2years WILL NOT HAPPEN! It allows for no regulation/trials processes which ARE needed. It also allows NO time for tweaking the procedure and perfecting it.

    5 years is the earliest follica can be brought to market. it sucks but its the reality we are faced with. Id love to be wrong though :)

    p.s. Not trying to ruin anyone’s day or year for that matter lol but we’re ALL better off if we keep our expectations realistic.

  353. R says:

    Here, review this link and the timelines expressed by the researchers (sorry not customers). This provides the researchers insight. I can only hope that it is sooner but we just have to wait and see the results of everyone tryig to end this disease. Follica will publish something and we will have a better understanding of this procedure and or use BACCY’s treatment.

    The main focus is that scientist are actually trying not like those from the past.

    Go here and read!
    Follica Takes in $11 Million for Baldness Treatment Approach

  354. RK says:

    TheOne, I have one questions for you.

    You posted that IND process goes

    – Pre clinical (animal studies etc)
    – IND granted
    – Phase I-III trials
    – NDA Granted by FDA

    Now, it seems Follica is still doing the pre clinical at Harvard (response of human skin to disruption). Although, they have some investigators and sponsers for IND grants, it will still be another year or 2 to reach to phase I.

    My question is, isn’t “the response of human skin to distuption” part of phase I? It should be and sounds like ‘safety trial’.

    If it is not, even 5 years from market launching looks way too optimistic.

    Anyways, thx for info, you seem like the only person with some educated and reasonble posts.

  355. R says:

    Intercytex is losing revenue due to being in preliminary phases without a product. See string

    But they are optimistic that they will succeed and they need to work harder or show greater proof of concept of they will fail and have to jump on Follica’s strategy. This is why I always include a ???? next to Intercytex. Maybe this will be the nail in the coffin or a spark to get them off and moving faster.

    Second note: This shows hair regeneration with the human ear. This supports hair creation and normal function complimenting follicas apporach but with a different trigger.

  356. TheOne says:

    Any news from Mercola yet?

  357. TheOne says:

    The drugs previous experience in humans will be taken into account when follica apply for approval.

    It turns out as the drugs that follica use are approved for other uses it is taken into acount when looking into the safety affects on humans.

    While this doesn’t exclude them from trials altogether, it will make an impact on the length of the trials.

    Follica also need to be designated IND status before they can test the previosly approved drugs on humans for their new use. (whether they already have IND yet is unknown)

  358. Shooter says:

    I’m really skeptical about the Mercola deal. It’s just been a long time with absolutely no updates whatsoever.

    I agree that 5 years is more likely, but like I said before, I don’t care how long it TAKES, I just want to know that it works well so I can wait patiently.

  359. mm says:

    Im wondering if the human study follica is doing is actually outside of the IND approval as their not actually using any drugs. (although it may not be that simple)

  360. TheOne says:

    Who knows? other than follica :)

    I personally don’t want to think about timelines anymore.

    The way I see it, they will tell us when they are ready.

    I’m quite happy to just wait patiently.

  361. mm says:

    Im with you TheOne. I dont think its doing me any good any more! and thinking about this too much.

    Im just going to wait for new follica announcements and keep an eye on the DIY guys. And maybe send follica a Christmas card and box of cadburys miniature hero’s, you never know :p might speed things up.

  362. ED says:

    I haven’t been in a swimming pool in ten years, and I’m only 25 years old. The thought of having a normal life again seems unimaginable. Sometimes I think about all of the fun times I could have had, and cute girls I could have dated during the best years of my life if this terrible disease spared me. My only question is, if this cure ever does hit the market, will it be affordable for a normal budget? One round of an HT can cost upwards of 10 grand depending on the number of graphs. To me, these expensive procedures are not plausible for the young guys who don’t have too much money to throw around, and as far as I’m concerned, these are the guys that need it most.

  363. R says:

    Anything that would be of use regarding this magnitude would be affordable. Due to the simplicity of the procedure and copy-cat scientist, I would not worry on cost. So wait and yes, this is real and we will hear news soon enough. Keep believing as the alternative would not have people on this board.

  364. R says:

    Another avenue by hair researchers. My guess is that scientist and doctors are going to provide every avenue possible to end this disease and build upon existing platforms that will benefit the consumer.


  365. WASHINGTON says:

    never I trusted this dr. gho…

  366. KKwilliams says:

    me NIIITHER!! Hoping some new companies get on the scene soooooon!!!!! I want the possibility of 100% normal density through some form of genetic manipulation or some other form of cutting edge technology being worked on in other forms of science.


  367. A says:

    Interesting read on Dr Gho. Is this guy Legit?? Or is this just rubbish. I mean if the guy is getting good results wouldnt that be a treatment or a starting block to cure baldness right there??

  368. rev says:

    Just say No to Gho.

    He’s one of the biggest reasons most hair forums are full of bitter pessimists today (InterCytex and Washenik/Aderans being the second). He promised people the world, offered little, and now he’s been relegated to obscurity (offering his odd brand of hair multiplication that costs an arm and a leg)

  369. MMA says:

    I´ve never heard about him. Can we trust on his treatment? I thought that Hair Science Institute was a pretty serious researcher.

  370. R says:

    Note: If it works for females by targeting the receptor gene, then it should with / out tweeking help males. In the interim, it looks like they are targeting one part of the population for simplicity and will if they are going to release and announce the patent target males or someone else will for sure.

    Good find and this supports continuous knowledge at the receptor site to cure hair loss.

  371. JS says:

    It sounds like the receptor gene Elaine Fuchs was talking about, We can only hope it works and can be replicated in males.

  372. KKwillimas says:

    I hope this gene therapy kicks a s s. I feel horrible for some of the girls I have seen with hair loss much more so than for guys.

    maybe this will only work in females though as if males were possible it is the market to aim for. Unless the researcher or team has more compassion or a certain goal for women in mind and realize they can possibly modify any successful treatment cross gender later.

    def keep watching this.

  373. washington says:

    could not Robert Buderi, to try an interview with follica, cotsarellis, elaine fuchs, asking when will start the tests with its topical composites?

  374. red nosed reindeer says:

    Hey guys… I had just written a very depressing post about the chances of us having a cure within 5 years even but decided to delete it as we should try to keep things positive and maybe we will have something soon.

    the thing thats killing me is does anyone know when we might have some real follica updates?????

    I have already had work done and kinda regret it. The works as good as it gets i guess but I have very great hair from 2cm back.

    The sh i tty thing is that even if no more hair is lost i still look retarded and always have to wear a hat. so I would have been better off with no procedures as I wear a hat at all times anyways but now im minus 20k wtf!!

    will follica be able to allow for natural density. i almost feel i may laser out all of my work and hope follica blows transplant quality out of the water.

    sorry for the rant.
    any real info on follica appreciated.

  375. R says:

    Follica will update everyone and the procedure should (based on there research and preliminary results) give a natural appearance that would be normal. HT’s work but if you go to a reputable doctor and have the correct amount placed in the area. I AGREE! Never get HT’s and also regret my decision but my choice only affects me personally. Everyone around me can’t tell and many have forgotten I ever done the procedure. However, it affects me! I was young early 20’s and didn’t know any better.

    HT’s will go out the window and that is why Intercytex is having a difficult time. The organization is still trying to cater to the business satellite sites like Bosley instead just trying to end this disease like Follica.

    If researchers are trying to stay on the HT and bogus drug path, then they will have a hard time due to people reading and witnessing the shortcoming of HT’s and drugs.

    Now…Many of you say you would never get HT’s…that is because you are privilaged with the Internet. Imagine life without all this data in your hands. You too may have made the same choices.

    Red Nose…How old are you? Please take propecia and the other supplements on the MPB website to stop further hairloss.

    This follica approach will come through and others are working hard. The latest breakthrough for women will translate to men because they are targeting the same / common MPB andro receptor site. So hold on!

    P.S Histogen:

  376. red nosed reindeer says:


    I am 27. thanks for the reply. I am planning on having a third procedure with a new doctor who does great work a s well.

    I dont really care about my donor situation because either way if i have future loss or I stay where I currently am I still must wear a hat always so I think its worth the risk of getting a result I can feel comfortable with and I really do see the rest of my hair staying put easily for the next few years. If things progress I would just keep the hat I guess lol.

    No thanks to the drugs though. I dont like f ing with my hormones unless it were to regrow hair with some new gene treatment but fin no thanks.

    So no real timeline for news from follica? we will have a much better idea in say a year from today though right. I dont plan on doing another ht for maybe 10 months but if a new treatment is showing real promise I would hold off.

    Im kinda worried all this punching holes in my hairline w ht’s may damage the skin and ruin chances of follica being able to give a natural result.

  377. jordan says:

    hi, any news with human trails? does anyone know?

  378. R says:

    First, great results are possible and good doctors will produce results. Even skeptics are convinced it works and looks great with the new procedure. Dr. Oz for one!!!

    Secondly, take half of propecia but get on it stop the loss and regrow hair. I have great results and take it with curcumin to hamper any side affetcs. trust me and try it!

    Thirdly, Follica procedure is targeting to work on scars and all areas of the body. HT’s will not hamper or stop and or do anything to not allow Follica’s procedure to work very well. Don’t worry and to get good HT results you need enough hair in the area. The Bald Truth has the recommended doctors that you should use only.

    Follica will give a statement soon so relax and give them time to conduct each phase of their research.

    P.S. take off the hat…nobody trully cares and your soul / inner being represents your true identity!


  379. HAPPY1 says:

    My email with HairDX:

    I’m sure that you are swamped by others asking this same question:
    Have you any plans in the near future for a Genetically Tailored Therapy for Male Sufferers?
    Thanks for your time!

    -Thank you for your inquiry.
    Our policy is not to comment on any future developments; however, several FDA approved treatments are already on the market.
    The HairDX Team.-

    I assume the treatments they refer to are Minox and fin.
    The reply was terse, but they did take the time to do so and also to explain company policy.

  380. TheOne says:

    Yea, people read way to far into the Hair DX thing.

    It is not gene therapy, it doesn’t even mention gene therepy in the statement.

    It says, If they exhibit a particular genetic variation in their Androgen Receptor gene, they will receive a drug that may potentially re-grow their hair.

    I think they are testing anti-androgens in women, hence them marketing it as a woman only study.
    Men are already frequently prescribed ant-androgens.
    Also Anti-androgens are labeled as unsafe for women of child baring age, Hair DX are recruiting post menopausal women which are unlikely to have children and pass on birth defects.
    Women at present can only be prescribed minoxidil for hair loss.

    IMO of course.

  381. RA says:

    This seems promising, but so did the rest of them. although if they can do what they claim, which would be a once over treatment then it would be increadible and not some halfassed way where you have to keep taking some pills and have to visit the doctor over and over again as part of a annuel plan or something. So far from what I read they did not mention any DHT inhibitors that would stop hairloss. Even if new hair grows wouldnt they just fall out again if the DHT is is high?!

  382. will says:

    do you guys think we’re in the final 10 years for a cure

  383. R says:

    I believe we are due to the speed of recognizing the need for a cure / viable treatment to restore hair and that science has opened up in the hair loss arena to support and recognize new pathways to a cure.

    Never in history has science or practioners cared enough to invest time / money in hair loss treatments. The Follica breakthrough for example was known since 1950’s / 60’s and ignored. But now, not only Follica, but others are substantiating the science and more pathways are coming to light to cure this disease.

    I know this is frustrating people but this is the era, I believe anyway, hair loss will be an option. You see, lets say for example you only get 40% coverage with Follica with the first treatment, the second pass gives you 30% more. This is still 70% coverage with hair loss being noticed for the most part at 50%. So even if its 40% or so with the first round, it shows excellent promise and can adjunct any program.

    I believe however based on what they are saying in the mice model etc… that a 80 plus coverage is not out of the question.

    For example…Look at Joe Bidens HT (old style so don’t compare to todays’ work) it shows good coverage even when half-ass. This is jsut to show that we don’t always 100% coverage, but a good percentage to frame the face.

    I still believe this era and the 80% rule by my own view point. Others can weigh in but this is the era of the cure / viable treatment. Also, the firms will not give you real time lines and will forecast farther than they are planning to keep you off their backs so don’t ask them as they will not give you a real time frame and or compromise their research. Be patient!

  384. rev says:

    I found some interesting articles recently.

    Making Stem Cells from Skin (Follica related)

    Ghost Heart (matrix/Acell related)

  385. OS says:

    The reason, i belive, that the companies wont give a correct timeline for a new treament is becuase each comany want to be the first to break into the market, if for example Follica will say that they focast that a cure will hit the market at august 2010 then every other company will try to rush before them, this is why you shouldnt realy on the false forcasts giving by the companies and just be patient.. i belive we will get a good idea in the next year tho about which product will come first and when..

  386. R says:

    Yes….Like I said once a scientist / researcher says I will work hard to end this disease (no matter the disease) others will work just as hard or harder to gain recognition and money. All you need is one real compassionate person. Dave great find and this is string relates to hair loss as well. Dave’s post shows growing hair follicle on dead mice which offers a relief showing that abillity of this drug compound to stimulate hair growth even when the subject has expired.

    Read this adjunct string:

  387. D says:

    That is also really interesting. One could use chemical spray to reprogram skin cells to stem cells. Interestingly, the study was done at Harvard. Wonder if it has any connection to Follica (I doubt it though), since they were talking about chemical (gel) peels etc.?

  388. jordan says:

    i read in the sun newspaper today on page 16 about a company who have grown hair in minc using stem cells, the company has been doing tests in sweden fot the last 14 months. any idea who they are?

  389. D says:

    Hm, interesting jordan. Maybe you mean this story:

    I live in Sweden and I will contact these researchers. I was actually asking myself before why this kind of research hasn’t been performed here, since Sweden is pretty good in medicine, but we are a small country and mostly focusing on the big questions like cancer. And now it finally seems like something is happening on the hair front too :).

  390. mm says:

    Looks like its good news for sweedish mice!

  391. R says:

    Don’t get too excited, all the recent posts from many papers and news articles quote this breakthrough as a test for hair loss and any attempt to use this for hair loss cure will be a couple decades away. This is good to see progress but this medium is beypnd our reach unless a miracle comes. Ignore this avenue as you will be disappointed! Concentrate on Follica for now!

  392. D says:

    Yeah R, except the Harvard study that used a chemical spray to reprogram stem cells. That somehow reminds one of Follica, although I doubt they are involved in that research. Nevertheless, it is about programming skin cells to become specialized stem cells.

  393. R says:


    Quote: “Realistically I think we’re eight to 10 years away (from a cure). They still have to find a way to turn off the gene,” hair transplant physician, Dr. Robert Jones, told CTV News. “At this point I would say there is no cure for baldness.”

  394. rev says:

    R. You’re quoting the wrong article (there have-been 3+ different articles from 3+ different sources that came out this week). D’s referring to an article from the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. As you know Follica preclinical trials are being done by the Harvard Department of Dermatology, and Follica’s process involves stemcells.

  395. Shooter says:

    Wow, did anyone notice how bad that statement really is? Dr. Jones is the first doctor to test Acell. He has had it for a couple months and he made that comment two days ago. Apparently it didn’t work as planned… another failure.

  396. rev says:

    Dr Jones was asked specifically about the genes linked to baldness NOT acell (or other matrix based applications).

  397. JS says:

    I don’t see anything negative in that staement by Dr Jones, If anything it’s quite positive because we knew that they wouldn’t be able to alter the gene that causes hairloss for some time. But if he thinks that in 8 – 10 years that will be possible that’s not bad.

    From what we know so far Follica won’t be a cure but it could be the closest thing we get, And could be amazing in the short term, Until they have this thing figured out genetically.

  398. rev says:

    In fact, speaking of matrix based applications (Acell is a matrix). Dr Greco/Orogen was recently awarded a small grant for hairloss research … for a product that’s a combination of Platelet Rich Plasma in a Matrix.

  399. jordan says:

    R, the company in sweden sounds like they are doing what follica is doing? and why do people think follica wont be a cure?

  400. rev says:

    Jordan. I was referring to this link

    To repeat myself, its a discovery made by the HARVARD Stem Cell Institute. Follica preclinical trials are being done by the HARVARD Department of Dermatology, and Follica’s process involves knocking back normal skin cells to stemcells. There MIGHT be a connection here.. perhaps a more efficient manor for Follica to achieve it’s results.

  401. Red nosed reindeer says:

    I read somewhere(??) recently that Dr. Jones has not even used acell yet and he is waiting for the right candidate. I put no stock in anything he says or does!! He is not a good doc imo.

    Anyone who has had or is going to have an ht..strip or fue is a candidate as is any repair patient. And I guarantee when word came out that Dr. J was going to be testing acell he was swamped with volunteers. I think he’s stalling because he doesnt have the skills to use the stuff.

  402. Z79 says:

    I found an video interview with Daphne Zohar. It is about a year old and has no new information but someone may still want to here what she has to say.
    quote: “A guy who can have a full head of hair he will pay out of pocket for a procedure that enables that to happen”. Indeed he will, but does that mean that they think/know that a full head of hair is possible with the follica treatment?

  403. NR says:

    R, I was meaning to ask you about your routine with taurine. I’ve done some reading on it and wanted to ask you what you find in using it and what it does exactly to help aid in hair loss prevention? I’ve also come across progesterone and have heard good things about that as well. Any thoughts on either?

  404. K says:

    People… all it means is that we have one less bald mouse unless they contract with private company and start “human trials” (We have heard from Stanford, Taiwanese and japanese, and yet, they haven’t even anounced when they are going to test it on human)

    So, our only and best hope still is follica (may be luna, IF they start human trials)

    And, we know follica ‘cannot’ be available sooner than 5 years to market.
    (Let’s not start again with Baccy experiments. You know the chancees of the home experiments giving full of hairs.)

  405. R says:

    NR….Please see this link as it gives many products and their affect on hair growth / hair loss. Taurine… I don’t know which natural compound is working but the results of any protocol is based on your gentics and stage of hair loss. Please see this webpage.

  406. J says:

    Follica will come to market within 2yrs…

  407. M says:

    Why are u so sure about it ? How can u tell? any estimated timeline its B.S

  408. happy1 says:

    J, I have to side with M. Please provide some substance to your statement, or qualify it as just a hope.

  409. J says:

    Well you have heard what R has said? That they give longer time lines than needed.. they provide a cushon. So when they say 3-4yrs that means more like 2 or 3yrs and we already past 1yr so 2 left. Plus everything I have read and have seen in my reserch,.. I truly believe they will have something sooner than later… this may sound stupid but true… I wear a hat alot of course and about 4months ago I started getting a rash on top muy forehead about 1inch by 2inches and I never put anything on it. just kept scratching it for months until it would bleed always scabing over… it has healed now, dont know what it was ALTHOUGH .. I have a spot with thick hair on that area now!! cant believe it myself!!!

  410. KF says:

    Apparently researchers have found a second baldness gene. The article said that “treating MPB will require more research” Maybe these researchers know nothing of Follica? I doubt that. Anyways, here’s the article:

  411. jordan says:

    R what is curcumin?

  412. R says:

    Curcumin is just curry spice / Turmeric in powder and pill form. Very safe and many studies are on the way with this compound showing many health benefits.

  413. washington says:

    R, what it thinks on this news… …it believes exactly that it is of some candidate of intercytex?

  414. jordan says:

    thanks, how many pills do you take a day, plus where can you buy them from?

  415. Shooter says:

    R, have you had any luck contacting Mercola’s representatives? I think most of us would kill for an update 8 months after his impressive statement.

  416. R says:

    Washington the article is in another language and the viatmins are bought at

  417. R says:

    No luck with Mercola and I bet he is focused / tied to Follica so don’t expect much until the final product. Mercola is in a position like us for now so hang tight. Follica should be wrapping up the initial phase soon so they should be publishing a report in the near future. Like I said everyone…many organizations are focusing on hair loss so this is a good news.

    Side note: Pills are taken in accordence to the manufacturer. Please see the MPB website posted earlier for the address and multiple protocols.

  418. jordan says:

    thanks for the link R. manufacture suggest take 1 pill daily. do you take it daily? did you notice anything diffrent? thanks

  419. hakan says:

    im sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy happy:) follica follica follica follica…….. fast tas please ………

  420. MM says:

    Great news about Intercytex in Washington´s article. It says that ICX expect to come into the market in a short term , about 5 years. It could cost between 3500 amd 8000$

  421. TheOne says:

    Don’t expect follica to give a report with the results of the current research study.

    We are not likely to hear any kind of report on the state of the follica trials untill they are completed.

    We are more likely to hear about them recruting for their next studies.

  422. R says:

    Jordan…My results are probably as good as it gets due to balding for more than 18 years so my progress is sustainment and maybe a little addition in certain areas. The supplements are good and will provide overall health and support hair growth. It is best to tackle it from all angles but take the supplements for over all health. Good luck and if your beginning to thin than the results will probably be better.

  423. R says:

    The human hair is becoming a powerul medium for future cures. Baldness should not be far behind!

  424. jordan says:

    thanks R, but curumin pills, how many should i take a week? thanks

  425. R says:

    Jordan….Each pill daily. The MPB Website offers reasons behind the benefits fighting hairloss.

  426. R says:

    MM…please provide the article. Robert Buderi any upate on Follica?

  427. tim says:

    We do suffer from this and this gives us hope. I pray it works

  428. JM says:

    “It’s just 5 years away…” LOL – LMFAO!

    OK. Ya sure!! And 5 years from now, it will still be just 5 years away. (You could use any number here – 2,3,5… etc.)

    It will get here when it gets here. All of you on here so silly – constantly speculating when HM or Follica will come out! Let me guess, you’re trying to speculate when it will come, so you can have a hair transplant in the mean time – correct?

    Then, all the NW5-7’s will regret their HT’s (because they look ridiculous), and wish HM would come out to save them from embarrassment. Unfortunately, I fall into this category. But, HM and Follica will still be “just 5 years away.” This whole thing is pathetic!

    I doubt it will even come in this lifetime, let alone 5 years – just my opinion.

    A word of advice: Don’t plan having HT’s until HM or Follica comes. I know this angers the hair transplant firms who are paying the shills on this thread (I won’t mention names) to keep the vibe “positive” for Follica. This allows them to sell hair transplants in the meantime.

    Don’t you all get it? Wake up and smell the roses!

    Hate to be a “naysayer,” but let’s get real!

  429. jordan says:

    follica said in the video clip 3 – 4 years, maybe sooner!! so why do u think it wont be here in this life time? has any other company pumped $20 million?? no they havent!

    your right tho, it will come when it comes! but we will know me after human trails! plus fda is bullshit, there are loads of products like duat that dont have fda approval and are for sale on the net and people use them!

  430. JM says:

    I just think that the “enthusiasm” of some posters on here is a little suspicious, IMO.

    Wouldn’t it make sense that hair transplant clinics could be pooling their money together for sites such as this, the same way they pay for hairloss forums? It’s not hard to imagine, them paying shills to keep the “in the meantime, I’ll get a hair transplant – until Follica comes out” vibe going.

    Maybe it will come in 5 years or less, or maybe this is all just a bunch of hype designed to generate more hair transplant sales?

    I realize guys want HM and Follica and will pay through the nose for it. But, is it really that much more of a reality than 5 years ago? 10 years ago? 15 years ago?

    And in 5 years, what will it really be? We don’t know. That’s my point exactly. So, why all the positive vibe and hype on this blog?

    Again, it just seems a little suspicious to me!

  431. R says:

    Just my two-cents! People suffering from disfigurment and or poor treatments are the ones that will bash any breakthrough due to the betrayal. I agree that this is one area of concern and I will not stop you as it represnents frustration. Not everyone progresses to a NW5-7 and not everyone is a candidate for HT’s. I still warn and tell people never to do HT’s as my choice was ata very yound age.

    Nobody here with the Internet has any reason not know what is happening or concerns and or positive results with any procedure. You have a medium that we never had and many would have never chose the path and many would have based on the knowledge. Choice is double edge sword!

    Many people have opinions and never assume that we have all the answers. JM, I am sorry for your setback and trully understand! Many here would never know the pain and grief but I do. Trust me!

    I pray this ends and that we can get on with our lives but we need to look at the real science and the effort being placed on this disease.

    Nobody who was raised with the Internet has any right to make fun of or say any remarks about someone with HT’s in the early days. They never had this medium and consider yourself fortunate. There are still thousands of those that like their HT’s and some that don’t. But my comment is that today’s Internet allows everyone to read and view all aspects of something before jumping on. HT surgeon get HT’s so the 50% fall rule is bullshit or why would they put themselves in harm.

    Live and pray this ends and remember that unless you are scarred like JM, you DONT have a clue and should support and never criticize him or anybody else for their choice. You probably would have made the same choice if the Internet was not around and or chose to due to the amount of success etc.. SUPPORT IS WHAT WE NEED! NOT BASHING!

    Again, I am sorry for those that are hurt and I wish God gave me the power to heal the world and end everyones suffering. But I and nobody has that power and we should let Follica know that donations would be made to end this by the suffers.

    Histogen update:

  432. Red Nosed Reindeer says:

    First off,

    I think anyone born in 2008 will not have to worry about hair loss. If I had to look in to the future 17 -18 years away I cant honestly expect hair loss not to be “preventable” With all the places science is just starting to go I just dont see it.

    I say preventable. I think it is an easier task to prevent it than it is to reverse the damage as with most things sadly. any of us who have had ht’s or have major loss may still be in the same spot for a long time.

    Follica will need to work as a stand alone treatment with a density of at least 75% natural density for it to work. AT LEAST! That 50% loss b4 noticing is ridiculous.

    Its fine even if it takes a few treatments to hit that density. But saying ht’s can be used to add density is not a good situation IMO.

    When trying to place at high densities ht grafts either die or end up in another hole intended for a different graft causing little clumps of hair throughout the transplant. Its unavoidable when placing grafts at close range. HT’s are “natural” only in comparison with older techniques but even the best ht’s are like a 2 compared to a normal head of hair.

    I really hope follica is able to achieve true density but the odds of it working are… I have NO clue and I doubt even the docs do either yet.

    he positives are since follicas hairs will be growing out not placed in it should add to a more natural effect. they should also be softer than ht hair.

    The worst part is Id be so f in hot with even lame as s normal hair.:(

  433. R says:

    I will say that HT’s were performed on many NW5-7 with great results so this is another thing to consider. Everyone is different and each procedure weighed against the surgeon and your expecations. Histogen is gaining ground so please understand everyone that never, ever has this much attention been placed on hair research and baldness cure.

    The 50% percent rule is based on experts observation. My belief is that we are in a new age and all we can do is wait. Bitching adds nothig and maybe consider laser treatment to remove hairs or just give up on everything. I can not nor anyone else guide or direct the results or progress. We all know that the world wants a cure and money will be made. The only choice is that the researchers give a damn enough to bypass traditional viewpoints from peers and actually want to cure this disease. If not wea re all Fu$%. So wait and pray or give up and leave the forum. Nobody has the answer and we have to wait.

  434. Red Nosed Reindeer says:

    I stand by my last post about the bar that must be met by Follica or any other treatment that hopes to really get us back to a sense of normality. If all we can get is 50% that’s great and Im sure 1000s of guys on here would be over the moon with that and rightly so .


    we need a density closer to 70-80% of normal if you want to fit in and enjoy your youth IMO.

    Im not being negative just bringing up the reality of what we need a company to be able to get us. Hopefully a foreign company with less restrictions will make a breakthrough as I feel a major factor slowing possible progress and treatments all together is the fda. Obviously I want safety kept in mind but the fda is total B.s.(do your own research for that)

    I dont think we need to worry about any f our negative comments or bad attitudes causing follica to give up :) jk buddy. Things are moving in our favor though with all of this new research in to regenerative medicine in general.

    nite boys.

  435. jordan says:

    what im saying is there are alot of products out on the net without fda approval and people use them.. you dont need fda approval to sell online!

  436. rev says:

    Jordan, serious/ legitimate products require fda approval, and Follica’s target market is far too big for their product to slip under the radar.

    Allot of the products you see on the internet (without fda approval) are driven by greed/ profit, AND they certainly don’t have your best interests/health in mind.

  437. M. says:

    That is true Jordan. I hope Follica will enhance their technique. They always can apply it on us from a private clinic or something like that. There are thousands of private clinics who do some kind of hairtransplant or regrow techniques without FDA aprroval. But without FDA approval they propably won’t make a lot of money, their product won’t be legitimate for the normal Joe. Only a few of us will dare to make to step to a private clinic with an “unapproved, no FDA” technique.

  438. jordan says:

    this is true. you guys are right! well follica said we wont hear anything for a year in jan so were only a few months away

  439. CBC says:

    I want to say this. I don’t claim to know much about patent law, but I do know this, however. When Follica applied for their patent the clock started running. Thus, every year that goes by without having a product is a year that goes by without them having the exclusive right to the technique. For this reason, I think they will find some way to market their product in the near future, or else they should have never applied for the patent.

    I could be wrong though. Just a thought.

  440. R says:

    Patent laws are timed and Follica has its recipe posted. Follica will produce something albeit damn good product and others will duplicate for their niche in the market. Intercytex and the others trying to stay on the same HM and other paths and never deviating from the norm will fall behind.

    Follica was smart to tackle hair loss from a totally new concept / approach. The human hair is becoming the central depot for stem cells and such capacity will govern new opportunities for hair loss suffers. Like I said more news is coming and mostly positive. It is hard to see Follica fail based on people getting similar hair growth without major science involved. Hang loose and this thing called hair loss should pass.

    many seem that no way can a breakthrough translate to a cure etc.. Why can’t this be the era.. and if your relying on past announcements, these were done by morons trying to make money only and not trully get to the heart of the matter before making the money. The Internet is powerful so this medium and keep knocking on follicas door to show how much people trully care about a cure.

  441. washington says:

    one more time…Robert Buderi any upate on Follica?

  442. TheOne says:

    Washington, be patient, don’t expect follica to randomly update us on every little detail of every little step.

    It’s only been about 2 months since this article was posted.

    We are not likely to hear more untill trials are over. (or at least untill they recruit for the next step)
    Or if they manage to get another cash injection, which is unlikely at this point in time.

    Zohar said “results will be in, in ABOUT a year”, which will be coming up in the next few months, but don’t expect them to announce anything then though, they are not under any obligation to announce anything publicly.

  443. mm says:

    I feel very positive about follica and don’t want to spread any negative vibes, but im also not expecting much news from follica for quite some time.

    Like TheOne said we cant expect them to release the results of every bit of data. In my opinion the current human testing isnt exactly press release material, despite its importance internally.

    Follica likes to keep things secret and doesnt really need to keep people updated. follicas financed privately and thus doesn’t need to gain outside interest.

    I think follicas only really released news that is hard to keep secret. Funding, new staff, it looks like they tried to keep a low profile with their human trials.

    its rather bad this articles been here only 2 months! it feels like about 8!

  444. MMA says:

    Hey guys !! I dont know if I´m re posting this article, it´s clear info about Histogen and it contains the Histogen´s link inside.
    After reading, in my opinion Histogen its getting closer, Follica its not our only hope.

  445. jordan says:

    i think histogen are right level with follica if not a steph head, they are also dealing with the skin and nails.. this is good new

  446. says:

    this might cause Follica and Histogen to work a little faster, if they are neck and neck and competing for the finish line!

  447. KKwilliams says:

    I REALLY REALLY hope that follica does not need fda approval guys. Heres a quick article of just some of the b.s. done by the F.D.A.

    I seriously fear that any real breakthrough will be NOT ALLOWED to be given to us. Big Pharm is so corrupt and there is so many cases like when Bayer KNOWINGLY sold HIV contaminated drugs to Europe!! …Bayer received no punishment.

    Also tons of “medical” drugs known to cause serious health issues are pushed through the fda by MONEY. paxil is known to raise the risk of suicide but the data is ignored… aspartame is known to cause brain lesions and many other serious damaging effects to humans but again its in tons of food. Current money dictates what is passed not potential money.

    If the big joke companies that gives of these big 3 hair loss treatments do not want follica to deliver us a cure we will not get it. Believe that.

    I know this is way off topic but it is relevant. those who think this is nonsense do some research and see Im right. In Canada a bill C-51 was trying to be passed to ban ALL health supplements!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    that’s vitamin C calcium etc etc etc you name it they wanna ban it.

    Wake up fellas

  448. JM says:

    You bet on one thing:

    The hair transplant industry will fight like the dickens to keep Follica (or any company that come s out with HM) – out of reach.

    I almost bet that the HT industry will buy Follica or any company who comes out with HM first – just so they can “sit on” the patent.

    Why? HM represents a major loss of revenue to the HT industry in the long run.

  449. mm says:

    Conspiracy theory’s.

    If we applied the same logic to everyday life, we’d have no competition in any market and humankind would of not progressed from the stone age.

    Also the combined might of the whole HT industry isn’t exactly OPEC. Subway probably makes more cash selling sandwiches.

  450. R says:

    How do we go from excited to the ultimate demise of thses products. True the gov and FDA are corrupt! false…They will stop iinovation beyond the norms of mankind if money can be generated in diverse markets and applications. The FDA is being exposed more and more and all Follica and the others have to do is say that it is not a baldness cure but a treatment of some kind to bypass major hurdles.

    The ability to show safety and consistency is allowing more applications concerning dermatology to enter the main arena. Please stop putting these things in a coffin and live your life until something breaks. It will sooner than later!

  451. R says:

    Here is one example at the future of regenerative medicine (yes follica is regenerative medicine) and the cost savings and potential earnings for businesses will be huge. Again this is a new era of medicine!

  452. JM says:

    HM represents a major loss of revenue for the HT industry. Why?

    These are my opinions as to “why”:

    The vast majority of bald guys will never be able to afford HM (Just like they can’t afford HT’s that are available now). Even if they could afford it, most will probably elect to do nothing about their hairloss.

    So, if only 1 out of 10 adult males suffers form hairloss, and only a small % will pay for HM (just like only a small % will pay for HT’s), what kind of market does that leave for the HT business?

    Furthermore, what happens to the HT industry when all of those “willing and able” bald guys have had HM done?

    They will have to drastically lower their prices to stay competitive. Once that happens, the quality of HT surgeons will diminish – due to the lack of lucrative business interest in HT’s.

    HM will eventually become the only treatment method available as others will be obsolete. When the HM business has this monopoly, do you think they will raise or lower their prices? (hint: think “oil companies”)

    Do you think all the “world renowned” hair transplant surgeons and clinics will allow this to happen? Those guys are pretty rich. The HT business is pretty $$$ ka-ching $$$ – you know?

  453. rev says:

    Actually JM, HM represents a TOTAL loss of revenue for the (current) HT industry, but it’s not like you can fight capitalism; you can only embrace it. These people will either have to:

    1) Play Nice. shift their operations to administer the new HM product (if that’s possible)
    2) Go back to practicing medicine. They’re supposed to be doctors after all.
    3) Retire. They made plenty of cash screwing-over the poor bald guy. Now it’s their turn to crawl into history’s corner of obscurity… alone with the barber-surgeon, and the guy who made horsewhips before the onset of the mass-produced automobile.

  454. JM says:

    rev, you have a few good points.

    Good (HM) always triumphs over evil (HT) right?

    But, the HT bizz has deep pockets! My guess is that even if HM comes through in a couple years (Follica or Histogen or even ICX as an outside chance) – how long will it be delayed by the HT industry?

    They will hire lots and lots of lawyers that will put up a pretty good fight against HM. The whole very existence of HT bizz as we know it is at stake. Why wouldn’t they fight ’till the death over it?

    HT’s (and subsequent follow-up procedures)are what puts the food on the table for the entire HT bizz.

    You know there will be some major backlash from the HT bizz, when and IF HM becomes a reality.

    Something tells me that they aren’t going to “play nice”! Nor will they go down easy.

    That translates into more waiting time for us!

  455. rev says:

    As much as I enjoy a good conspiracy theory, I don’t buy it in this case.
    The HT industry is simply too small, and sporadic to stop HM.

    The way some of these HT doctors conduct themselves on message boards makes me wonder if they rather sell used cars, or fight in a sandbox like grade-schoolers. For the most part, they’re too petty to put up a unified front. Moreso, the only major hairloss drug made by Merck is on it’s last, monopolistic, breathe. Their Propecia patent expired in 2006, and their Finasteride patent expires in 2013.

  456. rev says:

    I forgot to add. We have to worry more about the science panning out in our favor rather than conspiracy theories.

    That’s why I’m eager to hear anything from Follica regarding proof-of-concept on honest to goodness, living, breathing humans.

  457. R says:

    Now we downplay the advancements with conspiracy theory’s! Why try to follow these breakthroughs if you believe the end result is failure? Wake up and see that the effort to stop, reverse and cure is new. Yes, new.

    Nobody cared before or tried beyond half-ass attempts. have they? Just relax and I will gurantee that we will here something from Follica soon! Don’t ask me or assume anything other than soon. trust me soon.

    Make your comments and become angry with the HT doctors etc… but you guys are basing everything on half-witted posters who don’t know a damn thing. You need to relax and wait as that is all you can do. Nobody is hampering Follica or the others and there is not a conspiracy theory. The GOVERNMENT is funding regenerative medicine to cure and regrow organs, limbs etc… So stop assuming as you don’t have a clue.

    If the conspiracy theory was right…why would the government fund these companies..some working on hair loss projects to regrow organs, limbs etc..? Dosen’t make sense do it? So why are all of you assuming the worst? Is it because you did not here anything new in two months? Grow up and see that science is working way beyond every other attempt made in the past.

  458. JS says:

    I for one don’t think there’s any conspiracy theories unfolding before our eyes, And like other posters have said it’s just a matter of waiting and seeing what results start to emerge, I also think it helps that so many people are keeping an eye on every new avenue that we hear about.

    I hope you’ve got some inside info R, You sound pretty confident that there will be news coming.

  459. R says:

    Anderans will need to stop woring on the HT front work to achieve what the others are doing like Follica, Standford, Histogen and Luna. The failing Anderans is trying to solve this problem the old fasion way which will show to be the wrong move. They are still optimistic to the potential growth of income once it works but they better hurry.

    P.S. Don’t read into these guys as they are trying something based on current treatments and not looking to far out of the bag like the others that are for some reason not suffering like Anserans. They “Anderans” need to change the focus and work on the same level like Histogen and Follica.

  460. R says:

    The most important thing about these setbacks is that the researchers refuse to give up and this represents a future money ring for the victor. In the past…compnaies just gave up on hair loss, but not now no matter the setback Anderans is looking to privatize and seek other monies by HT and investors to see this through. So the positive is that they refuse to give up. However…I stand by my last post is that they need a new platform as they have the scientist and knowledge. But we wait and see!

  461. KKwilliams says:

    Since I started this whole F.D.A. mini discussion quickly turned conspiracy theory by those who are too ignorant to know he truth about the fda and just blurt out conspiracy theory because that’s all they know how to do ill weigh in again.

    Im glad at least R acknowledges the absurdity of the FDA and how it works and Im glad he is still optimistic. I NEVER said I guarantee a breakthrough wont happen. I just voiced my fear that in the realm which the fda controls they’re may be suppression or at least a delay in breakthroughs reaching us.

    continues to state that never before have researchers cared enough or has real money been spent on this affliction so it for sure we are near a breakthrough. How much money or care has been spent on aids and cancer???

    In fact many researchers and scientist agree that the main aids drug AZT destroys patients immune systems and causes a staggering # of deaths. If I ever contracted Hiv aids I would go no treatment..AZT is poison.

    an argument can be made that Science has ALWAYS been about suppression more then exploration, and this instance may be no different. The current big money players would be foolish to allow any new treatment that would 100% eradicate them without trying to stop it. If these current companies give payoffs to senators etc fda yada yada yada could they not halt any progress of follica? or have payoffs never happened and that’s a conspiracy theory lol?

    I recommend watching for more info on how corporations work.

    Im not bashing you are as I DO respect your opinions and I hope we get our cure :) dont take me mentioning you as a shot ok.

    This mini side bar discussion kinda has side tracked us and I only started it as something to think about for some of you. I do agree that science is getting much closer and maybe another less restricted country may get there sooner.

    P.s. as far as the government researching regenerative medicine for soldiers dont be fooled think its for the soldiers benefits. Its more likely that it will lower retraining costs as you could just recycle the same soldiers and heal as needed. if you think they care about the soldiers well being look at the tin hummers the soldiers are in and the care they get when they return home..

    dont mean to rag on those sheeple that just spout out conspiracy theory whenever something beyond their grasp comes up to wake the F uck up for your own sake

    wow that got too long lol. nite

  462. rev says:

    I guess it’s a good thing I’m not a conspiracy theorist (in this particular case) or I’d be obliged to think KKwilliams owns a wig shop.

    Oh and KK… last time I checked, Follica was staffed with some of the very same people from some of the very same corporations you tried to warn us about in your post. In other words, they’re financially driven too, and they won’t turn a profit unless they turn out a product. Of course, if one were a conspiracy theorist, one would think Dr. Cotsarelis is actually an evil clone… grown within the dark bowels of Merck’s secret labs in an attempt to undermine the very notion of hair.

  463. JS says:

    I seem to be having problems posting at the moment, So this could be the third post in a row that i’ve tried to post this link and if all three posts show up later i appologise.

    Anyway the link is about how scientists have made another advancement using stemcells to regrow a prostate gland, I know it’s only in mice so far but it does show that they are making more frequent steps in a direction that can only be beneficial to our plight.

  464. R says:

    KK and all… Yes the government is a corrupt son of bitch and we should fear there existence on the health front. I also fear the church as they would allow people of all ages suffer disease to acknowledge God that in the first place made us Intelligent to grow and break through bariiers, If the world trully cared about each other…more money would have ben spent healing than killing, The church falls in this category, NOT ALL but the majority for their self righteous acts and concerns.

    Stem cell research is hampered by fools and targeted against the innocent trying to be eradicated of their infliction. I too as well as others have hope for a cure for all diseases and if the church trully cared about people…. they wouldn’t rely on just prayer but actual cures discovered by man.

    I may rant from time-to-time but fell that all parties have an agenda and we can only hope that they bypass the greed for just an ounce of compassion. Spinal cord, neurological disorders etc.. are in great need of a cure and stem cells etc. are the logical path.

    As for hairloss, most people are accepting hair loss and drugs are not being sold like before as well as HT due to the loss of income, the Internet exposing false products and that people to get real solutions need to stop buying half-ass products.

    Science is growing and many researchers are now moving through barriers that were the status quo. Meaning, researchers are now becoming compassionate and aware enough that to trully sell something in this era and reap billions year-after-year..they need to create and market a real product. That is why I see this era of breakthroughs as the real solution and ultimate path to cure and treat beyond our wildest dreams numerous disorders affecting mankind.

  465. J says:

    R, did they say in the video that follica may be 10yrs away from bringing their procedure to market???? or did they mean an outright cure to market in 10yrs??? Please clarify what they meant. they did say that follica is in process of commercializing it …. please clarify

  466. M.e says:

    Why in godsake would Follica need 5 or 10 years?? They are not looking for the cure, they already found the cure. They only are looking for a good technique to apply it. Every one or two months they can evaluate that because follicles develop very quickly. I think the FDA bla bla will take a year or two at max.

  467. R says:

    Don’t take the video to heart as we only should actual results and time lines from Follica. Remember that reporters are subjective and most of the time get facts wrong. To them a story is a story only. They don’t have stake or follow-up with the Follica reps as they should be before stating time lines. Follica themselves stated few years and never an actual 5 -10 years. Come to think of it….one contact explained to me that several years was forcasted a 3-4 years!

    Unless Follica states otherwise…no reporter or individual has the actual time line. My quote was from a Follica Rep!

    Again, you are seeing some setback with some of the researchers butu they refuse to give up!!! Good sign for us all! Also, have you noticed that Follicas procedure is simple enough that the investment is much smaller than Intercytex. This should show how advance and sure Follica is with thier patent and the potential outcome even with minimal investment. Intercytex is recruiting major firms and monies without great success yet. Stand by and watch, we are seeing numerous reports regarding hair los, yes!

  468. jordan says:

    R how do you know that follica are having set backs?

  469. R says:

    I never stated Follica but referred to Anderans. Please understand setbacks are normal but the main focus is that those that are finding difficulty are not giving up.

  470. J says:

    Im thinking if the first trial went well we could actually see a product alot sooner than we thought…right?

  471. A says:

    J, i dont think the first trial they doing now has much to do with the whole procedure, i may be wrong. But i think its more to do with meh i dont really know but i think if they are able to do what they say and hit multiple trials in a year and do that successfully then maybe we see a product to market in there timeframe given.

  472. J says:

    A, I guess they are in the proof of concept trial now. Not sure what would come next but I think with all the good news that things must be going good. Therefore im thinking within 2yrs we will see something…

  473. mm says:

    According to the histogen website they should be starting phase 1 trials in q4 of 2008 for their hair-loss drug..

    Have to admit the deeper i read into the histogen website the more disheartened i feel about how slow they may be moving.

    there still looking for investors for the hairloss drug

    “Histogen ideally seeks 15-25 high net worth individuals (groups) whom are interested”

    and are possibly using profits from their early to market developments to fund the initial early trials.

    “By focusing on short-term products that require no regulatory approval and products that are regulated under the 510(k) process, the Company expects to achieve a revenue stream that will support the development and clinical trials of other therapeutic products which address larger, more lucrative markets”

    To me this sounds rather a slow process! It may not be an issue and they may see hairloss as something to pour their efforts in right away. but the website hints that this may not be the case.

  474. mm says:

    on hindsight to my last post it may just be that money from early to market products may be used to boost development of the haircare product rather than completely fund it which would make the situation better. wish i could get more info from histogen.

  475. NR says:

    I just wanted to sayy thanks to R. The website you provided at hair loss research has helped me greatly. I have a new routine now and I’ve regrown almost ALL of my hair in my hairlie back ( even though I was only a norwood 1 ). But bow my mind is off of this stuff and it feels great. Besides, all the products I use are healthy for the body as well as promoting hair growth. So I’m glad I was able to catch this problem early since I’m only 18. Now I’ll continue my routine and see where follica makes it with their idea. I hope they succeed but at least now I don’t have to worry every day for the cure. Thanks again R!!!

  476. rev says:

    Expecting a cure within 2 years is no better than expecting the HT industry to join forces in order to sabotage Follica. Both are bold assertions without a single hint of legitimate proof. Moreso, the video R posted is interesting, but it’s also written by a third-party bystander (they know the same if not less than we do). The truth is nobody knows if Follica will work… let alone take 2, 5, or 10 years. If you were to believe such reports literally, you’d think InterCytex will be available tomorrow, and that the Easter Bunny exists, and that Iraq was comprised entirely of WMDs.

    Bottom line: everybody here wants a cure – now !! Since we still don’t have anything at the moment, the best we can do is hang in and hope for the best. There’s too much money in hairloss, and nobody’s going to ignore a problem worth billions upon billions of dollars.

  477. WS says:

    if you don’t mind me asking NR what routine works best for you?

  478. KKwilliams says:


    YOU are talking such non sense in ur last posts. It would not take the entire ht industry to join forces to sabotage follica. Get a handle on reality pls. If Either one of the Big pharm companies that hold patents pn fin or minox that generates millions in sales alone decided to bribe “person a” in to having the fda not allow follica to be passed as a safe product that’s all she wrote.

    Shout conspiracy theory again why dont you but how many dangerous products have been passed by the fda and continue to remain on the market???

    I guess money never changes hands and things are always above board and public safety is the number 1 priority not making money lol.

    Im only still talking about this because you cant wrap your head around the possibility not because I 100% believe or guarantee that it will happen.

  479. rev says:

    I understand you completely KK. The sky is falling, bigpharm owns the world, and anyone that won’t buy into your theory is full of nonsense. Thanks for the rant BTW.

  480. NR says:

    I use green tea extract, taurine, take a multivitamin, shampoo with revita shampoo and apply emu oil once before bed. I tried rogaine for a while but saw minimal result so I switched. And even though I named about 5 things I’m using the cost is cheap. Go to life extension to shop. Taurine cost about $20 for a year supply and it’s very effective. Emu oil is cheap there too and it’s probably the most effective for frontal regrowth. The priciest item is revita which sums up to about $120 a year. But all of this leads to a healthier body as well. Do your research on each thing I mentioned and see if you wanna give it a try. Curcumin/resveratol is effective as R has noted but it wasn’t going to fit in my budget. But everything I’m using is working fine for me and I feel healthier.

  481. KKwilliams says:


    you just continued use of hyperbole and over the top examples may make you feel smart or give your stance more credence to the uneducated by casting a sense of ludicrousness on to my point but Everything Ive stated is true.

    You;re the one who cant comprehend for whatever reason that MONEY is the major factor that makes things happen in the world but I guess Im nuts for bringing up the point that current money “CAN” control where things go by using their influence.

    Done talking with you though ill just wait for your next post placing words in my mouth about the sky is falling ok :)

  482. rev says:

    Seriously. What is your major malfunction?
    Can’t we all just get along?

  483. AM says:

    rev, just let him say his thing. There’s a grain of truth to what he’s saying but there’s no point extrapolating the instances he’s citing.

    kk, I know what you mean. Look at bovine growth hormone; here in Canada we had to ban it, but it is still in the American milk supply.

    But saying that the pharmaceutical companies are trying to block new potential treatments for hair is useless unless we get active about it. How do we benefit if your hypothesis were correct? How do we benefit if it were wrong? It doesn’t change the timelines of any of the new drugs at all. Speculation about tangential issues is merely a digression from what we’re all here for: information about potential treatments so that we may be kept up to date.

    I agree with you that it may very well be true that the pharmaceuticals are exerting influence over the FDA; but unless this were to turn into a petition to reform the FDA, I doubt it’ll do any good. Just my thoughts.

  484. rev says:

    I not trying to disagree with KK. Its obvious the world is corrupt, greedy, and profit driven; we don’t have to look far to see things that embarrass us to be part of the human race.

    I’m just having a hard time digesting his tone. It’s almost like he’s saying it only takes one successful corporation to stem evolution indefinitely. Personally, I don’t see how anyone can stop regenerative medicine for very long. I liken it to bailing out the titanic with a minnow bucket.

  485. JM says:

    The biggest reason why alternative forms of energy and transportation aren’t being used very much:

    Oil companies and their lobbyists. I rest my case.

  486. KKwilliams says:

    Lets just get this back on track fellas. I guess I should not brought it up.

    Those who know what goes on know and those who dont or cant except it dont. strange the world turned out to be flat lol. I never said it could be 100% suppressed but delayed is not beyond the realm of possibility. Especially when 1 governing body says what is allowed to be given to the ppl any key personel within can be exploited.

    The chance of it happening may be slight and I was only bringing up the point and it got overblown.

    I hope as much as anyone that follica works.Rev I said we may not get follica! not a cure ever. I guess I could have been more clear about that. Its just that follica type hair research is being done by copycat companies and if the fda blocks follica that it may cripple them as another company may beat them to the finish.


    What are guys opinions on follica being able to give us 70% density within 5-10 years? I mean even if follica works how well do you guys expect it to be?

  487. rev says:

    Technically, it’s not cost effective to develop/employ alternative technology once oil drops below $100 per barrel, yet that hasn’t stopped oilmen (YES, supposed greedy, corrupt oilmen) like Alan Burns and TO. Boone Pickens from investing into alternative energy (tidal and wind energy respectively). They understand the profitability in emerging technology. In fact, they believe the renewable sector will dwarf the oil business. Now, does anyone think regenerative medicine differs from that scenario?

  488. R says:

    Regenerative medicine and stem cell applications are the future and will turn the corner on the medical community. This advancement will not stop as a great need from investors, scientist and the public are calling for greater measures and results. You can say many things and compare apples to oranges but remember that this forum is only one of several thousand that are being utilized to discuss numerous ailements.

    Any researcher, doctor, pharma, government etc..that ignores regenerative medicine and stem cells will fall to the waste side in regards to scientific breakthroughs and applications. This area of medical and scientific community is like a snowball ona steep hill that is rolling and building momentum. So this will happen!

  489. mm says:

    “What are guys opinions on follica being able to give us 70% density within 5-10 years? I mean even if follica works how well do you guys expect it to be?”

    im wondering what the limiting factors could be to not achieving 100% density.

    Maybe loss of efficiency with repeated applications, dead/dormant follicles blocking new ones from forming, maybe the drugs wear off. im just guessing.

    currently i dont see why 100% carn’t be achieved with repeated treatment. but im sure their must be something.

    im not hugely worried about dht resistance as it can be controlled with drugs, hopefully for long enough for it not to be a big issue.

  490. D.B.C says:

    There are several factors which may affect a return to 100% density. Amongst these are proper stem cell migration, vascularization, innervation, etc, etc, etc. The follicle, though it seems pretty simple, really is quite complex and its growth, periods of quiescence, and shedding are all controlled by numerous variables, both biological and environmental. Obviously, these are things that follica will surely be looking into in depth, and I would imagine that they would not be pursuing the issue if they didn’t feel that they had a product which would be effective. Hopefully this procedure will produce follicles which will not succumb to MPB, but if not, then hopefully this process may be repeated as the old follicles are shed. Fingers crossed.

  491. bill says:

    hello guys .i was just wondering why a company would give 11 million dollars to follica for a product that will come out in 5-7 years if it actually works?i mean for me thi is paradox.i am sure that they must saw results of this product first to get the money.what do you think?

  492. AM says:


    If I’m right about venture financing, I don’t think that it’s a particular company that gave Follica the money. Basically if my memory from my business courses still serve, they might have issued private or public stocks.

    Basically it says “invest some money and in return we’ll give you control of some of the company”

    Therefore, there is nowhere in this process that requires distinct results to be shown. Investors and venture capitalists do this all the time in the stock markets. If they expect something to do well, they will incur risk for huge returns, with or without seeing results.

    In fact, if there were clear results from a product, it would not have been risky at all. And if Follica already had a product, it would not need another round of financing unless they are having troubles with legalization and distribution channels.

    Just some thoughts.

  493. J says:

    Plus venture capitalist expect a return on their money fairly soon!! within 1-5yrs

  494. Red Nosed Reindeer says:

    So is it fair to say that hair loss has been cured?

    I know this may ruffle a few reindeer’s BUT

    lets say follica is currently able just from damaging the skin alone cause the regeneration of old follicles/create new ones without any drug cocktail and cause a 10% increase in hair.

    Would this not be fundamental “hair loss cured”?

    And it would just require the adaptation and right combo of drugs to give a much higher density or could it turn out that this complete platform may need to be re thought?

    Example: cure hair loss vs build muscle

    We know to build muscle you work out at certain intensities and eat enough protein to build and regenerate tissue. However there are limits. so What im getting at is lets say the current bodybuilder limits are comparable to the hypothetical 10% follica gains I mentioned earlier. and if the only way to go beyond the muscle building limits is some genetic tampering(new platform)could this be true eventually for follica? It may only take us so far no matter what drug combo wnt mix they conjure up even over 50years! could this still be the wrong platform?

    sorry Hard to explain i guess :)

  495. rev says:

    It’s presumptuous to say we have hairloss cured. We’d have to see proof-of-concept on humans, and an official press release with intent to commercialize. Personally, I would consider a cure anything that’s: 1) affordable for the masses 2) regrows small, but repeated amounts of hair until one reaches their desired density 3) replaces the monotony of a daily hair-drug regime. Of course, some will argue a cure must give them a DHT resistant, teenage hairline within one application, or that a cure must be at the genetic level.

    As per your muscle comments.We already know, today, that blocking our myostatin production will get us roughly 40% more permanent muscle mass. No workout required to build or keep the muscle mass… cool huh?

  496. Red Nosed Reindeer says:

    I guess I was not that clear but thanks for the response :)

    I guess I mean if say not even follica but moreover the method of damaging and having the bodies own stem cells “tricked/coaked” in to regenerating follicles would this not be a cure?

    I guess its dependent on the density achievable right, but how long until we know whether this method is it or not? How long until we have proof or we need to look at a different avenue like gene therapy etc???

    its like ok yeah we “have” space travel” currently but not really! If we really want to explore the galaxy we need to scrap this tons of rocket fuel and look to star trek warp engine tech lol you know what I mean???

    Hope that example is clearer :) If all any follica type procedure can give us is say 20% density obviously its better than nothing but not what we all need hence a new platform must be sought

    New studies show that by just imagining a workout you can gain as much as half the muscle gains you would have from an actual workout. Dont have a link but I’m sure you can find it. Wanna start working out but too worried about increasing hair loss :(

  497. R says:

    Hairdx was announced but my thoughts are that this is a half-ass announcement for hairloss sufferers. If the product just alerts and states hair loss and does not cure or heal…then who trully cares. The rate and extent of baldness is based on the individual and such variances lends nothing that can’t be determined later on in life. Cotsarelis even scoffed at the idea.

    Now… Follica like the others will target 100% regrowth! The only question is that can they achieve this 100% factor or somewhere less? We don’t know and beating ourselves to death is not helping. Remember that you only see hair loss (visible signs to the naked eye) when you lose around a 50% addition would be huge.

  498. OS says:

    thing is that even a 10% densety is a sucsses, basicly today we only know how to either stop or slow the blading prosses, there isnt any *proven* method to regroth new follicels atm, so lets say you mange to grow(!!) enough *follicels* for 10% densety, you can go throw the prosses again and again and again and again.. (if money isnt an issue for you ofc -_-…)

  499. J says:

    wish we would hear something new….

  500. washington says:

    follica in 2-3 years…..half of the time if passed and… nothing.

  501. MMA says:

    No news are good news, lets be patient

  502. J says:

    I agree,…Im very impatient although I am optomistic that when we do hear from them that it will be good news… very good news.

  503. mm says:

    we have seen follica grow from their 5.5 million funding to their announcement of 11 million. also we’ve collectively researched many other companies that are developing new hairloss and other treatments with similar techniques.

    Im very hopeful that maybe ive been born into a generation that will not have to live with hairloss forever like our ancestors before us have had to. Its far from certain at this point. But im very hopefull of follica.

    also this group has made me realise that 5 years is far more realistic, ive now accepted this as a base time frame and ive also come to accept follicas secrecy as a positive point.

  504. J says:

    I agree!! I am so gratful for this to be happening in my lifetime. and as I am in the middle of my life. Hope to be able to enjoy my life to the fullest soon with a treatment.. I pray follica is a success!!!

  505. KKwilliams says:


    Hey Guys,

    Heres the link to Dr. Jones attempt at using Acell to create much improved strip scars which I really believe will work.

    Based on animal studies the healing is fairly quickly even on large wounds similar in size etc and I think we should pretty much know if this is working on/for this patient within 2 months IMO.

    It was originally posted by Chrome on another where credits do :)

    This is really something that can help while we wait for follica and other breakthroughs.

  506. rev says:

    I’m not trying to take anything away from chrome/col (that guy rocks; he’s a follicular bloodhound), but Willy (from hairsite) deserves all the credit for this one. He compiled a list of doctors to contact regarding Acell. He also got allot of flak from hairsite’s resident morons for his proactive efforts; that place is a nuthouse. Incidentally, Dr Umar will also be trying Acell, and Dr Arvind expressed great interest (unfortunately he doesn’t have access to the product in India).

    I’m 99.9% convinced Acell will help anyone butchered by strip and plug surgeries regain a relatively scar-free scalp. I’m not convinced it will regrow hair within fue punctures simply because those holes heal too quickly. Having sad that, Acell is a matrix that encourages regeneration of whatever tissue it’s neighboring. If it could be formulated into a cocktail that penetrates to the level of our dormant follicles that we might actually be looking at a genuine reprieve until something better comes along.

  507. OS says:

    One thing bothers me tho!!! and i pre-sorry for the rant!!! >< but… WHY THE F*** NOW??? where all the companies were in the last 50 years of modern medecine?? i mean bald people didnt start apreaing in the last 3,4,5 years… i truly think that bald guys were walking amoung “regualr” people at least.. 50..100 years ago? who knwos? maybe there were around even sooner!! :S.. scary hu?! they probebly were depressed as hell, pissed and angry exactly like i am atm.. so why the f*** everyone starts to give a damn and all of a sudden theres a rush to cure this.. where everybody been in the last 50 years?! no one even try to come up with a decent cure!?!?! i mean fin only came out like.. i dont know… 6-7 years back, and its actually the worst cure ever, it has the most awefull side effects (no labido for criyn outluad!) and works for only something like 20% at best, and it doesnt even stops the receding hair line within the forehead, only the other areas around the crown, and dont even get me started on HT’s..
    again, sorry for the rant.. its just freaking annoying to think that no ne gave a s*** up to this point…i wish someone would comeup with some good news soon, cause its really about freakin time!!

  508. rev says:

    OS. Research develops exponentially. Just because the first step took forever doesn’t mean the second step will be equally long. We’re starting to see a snowball effect right now. We just have to hang in.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Anyways, there’s a new product we can look into called PromoCell. Here’s the company link

    And here’s a write-up courtesy

    A German company, PromoCell, is now marketing a Human Dermal Papilla Cell culture system for hair loss that combine normal human follicle dermal papilla cells with PromoCell´s Follicle Dermal Papilla Cell Growth Medium and subculture reagents.

    The dermal papilla at the base of hair follicles contains hair papilla cells which are differentiated mesenchymal cells. The function of these cells is of great importance for the hair formation and growth cycle.

    Dermal papilla cells are formed by a group of mesenchymal cells which controls the hair follicle formation in the skin of the embryo. Proliferation and differentiation in the hair follicle are regulated by the extremely important complicated interactions between specialized epithelial and mesechymal cells together with extracellular components.

    Established in 1990 in Heidelberg, PromoCell has endeavoured to support the trend towards carrying out in-vitro cell culture tests using normal human primary cells. The company seeks to open up new opportunities in the areas of tissue engineering, protein expression and process standardization within cell culture.

  509. JS says:

    Thanks for that link rev, It’s good to know there are companies in countries other than the US which are working on this, It can only be beneficial to those of us who are waiting for something real and certain to help us.

    Also i’ve been reading hairsite and can’t believe some of the people who post on there are for real, They don’t seem to go on there for the latest developments, All they seem to do is whine and moan at people who are trying to be pro active.

  510. rev says:

    I go by the same alias on hairsite, and I’m constantly arguing with people. I think some of them own a wig shop or shares in a wig manufacturer because their tone makes me think they want HM/ regenerative medicine to fail. I mean how pathetic is that?

  511. A says:

    You should definitely do your research on Propecia before you relegate it. There is no way that it helps only 20% of people. I know many people that take propecia and benefit from it and weather you like it or not that and minox are your best friends until a cure come out.

    As far as the side effects go YES they are real BUT and this BUT may piss some people off 50% of the hysteria about your side effects are in your head. And they CAN go away at any time. Some unlucky people will get Side effects and some EVER unluckier people will get sides that last alot longer. I believe a majority of people will just get a decreased libido for a few months and then be fine (speaking on my experience) So in closing you shouldnt be abusing something that does help alot of people. Read the facts its pretty much the number 1 product on the market to keep your hair and the hairline killer is a big myth it has been proven to help keep your forehead hair.

    Sorry people i hate when people blatently bash something they seem to know little about.

    And i want follica or something to work asap dont get me wrong

  512. OS says:

    I been on fin for more then 2 years, every person i got to MEET(!!!-ie not read from the web, where undercover ppl try to sell their shit) who used it,stoped at a certain point, i didnt helped me abit, it didnt even stoped the receeding hair, its bs for a cure, take it or leave it, im talking from personal exprience here. (and A i belive that you are an agent for properia)

  513. R says:

    Actually Propecia and Rogaine work very well, the difference in acceptance and results are accounted to yuo rate and sevrity (speed) of hair loss. To help propecia work better…take creatine which up-regulates IGF-1 Insulin which supports greater efficiacy with propecia. Relax we see what is happening in 2008 alone!

  514. A says:

    R, do you take Creatine with your Propecia use?? I never heard of it and where can you get it from.

  515. A says:

    Lol me an agent for propecia, nice one. Im a 24 year old male losing my hair like everyone else. I wait and pray for a cure for hairloss which is why im on this site. And i been here since the first announcement was made. And i read and witness what everyone said even if i not posting much. You can believe what you want and i could call you a agent against propecia. But im not an idiot. I know the facts and facts are if you want a way to save your hair without hair transplant then minoxidil and propecia are your only answers from a DRUG stand point you can say what you want about them, until you have Proof that they dont work other then your claims then you really got nothing. This isnt a prop forum, or a place to bash peoples opinions as crazy as they maybe.

    And i leave you with this. If they work for the majority and dont work for the minority then they are considered successful.

  516. R says:

    OK….Creatine sold at any health food store and some data provided in the latest addition to muscle magazine at The Vitamin Shoppe (free magazine called M7A I believe). Creatine up regulates Insulin IGF – 1 which supports hair and growth. See the MPB website for greater information with the upregulation of the IGF-1 factor for hair loss.

    The author does not like Propecia but that is his opinion and many other swear by the results w/o side effects.

    Article below:

    The expression of insulin-like growth factor 1 in follicular dermal papillae correlates with therapeutic efficacy of finasteride in androgenetic alopecia.

    Tang L, Bernardo O, Bolduc C, Lui H, Madani S, Shapiro J.
    Division of Dermatology, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver Hospital, Canada.

    BACKGROUND: It is generally believed that dihydrotestosterone is one of the pivotal mediators of hair loss in androgenetic alopecia (AGA). Finasteride, which blocks the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, has now become an integral part of the current treatment approaches for male AGA. Several lines of evidence support the notion that dermal papilla (DP) cells represent the androgen target within the hair follicle. The specific molecular regulators modulated by androgens within hair follicles in the balding scalp are unknown. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to identify and quantify changes in expression of specific molecular hair growth regulators in DP of men with AGA treated with finasteride and correlate these findings to clinical efficacy. METHODS: Biopsy specimens were collected from 9 male patients from both the balding area and nonbalding occipital area before and after 4 months of finasteride therapy. DP were microdissected and total RNA was extracted from an equal number of DP from each biopsy specimen. The expression of various cytokines, including insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-1, was determined by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction. The signals were detected by autoradiography. All 9 patients were given finasteride for 1 year and evaluated for efficacy at month 12. Efficacy was graded on a 7-point scale on the basis of comparison with initial baseline photography. RESULTS: IGF-1 was up-regulated by finasteride treatment in 4 of 9 patients. Among the patients with increased IGF-1 expression, 3 of them showed moderate clinical improvement after 12 months of treatment and another patient remained unchanged. In contrast, 3 patients with decreased IGF-1 expression in the balding scalp showed clinical worsening after 12 months. The other 2 patients without noticeable change in IGF-1 expression showed either slight improvement or no change in their hair condition. CONCLUSION: In a small uncontrolled study of 9 patients with AGA, an increased expression of IGF-1 messenger RNA levels in the DP was associated with patient response to finasteride.

    Editor’s Note – We are NOT recommending the use of Propecia (finasteride) due to its numerous sexual side effects and negative effects on mood and cognition. The previous abstracts and the Soy/Cayenne study discussed in a prior update simply highlight cutaneous IGF-1 as a therapeutic mechanism in treating Androgenetic hair loss, which can be readily targeted by a Soy/Cayenne combo. It was also noted in a previous update that neurogenic inflammation also readily responds to an oral combination of Resveratrol and Curcumin, which may in part account for its efficacy.

  517. jordan says:

    hello! R do you take tumeric pill at the same time as proecia? also i want to take thermobol tabelts made by maximuscle to help burn some fat. will it be ok to take while taking proecia? thanks

  518. washington says:

    R, the new doctor of the room? lol…and nothing on follica…

  519. R says:

    Propecia can be taken with other supplements but I prefer to take it alone in the morning w/ soy extract. It is better to keep your supplements staggered. Follica will announce something soon and please read the MPB website as it provides many areas of clinical study and supplements to fight and reverse hair loss. This is something that all in this forum should and start taken to help themselves until majic bullet arrives.

  520. J says:

    just accept the baldness and wait for follica. no sense in all that bs just for a couple hairs… and hair transplants are a nightmare… wait for follica!!! propecia doesnt work worth a crap…

  521. A says:

    Once again if Propecia stops hairloss in 80% of people how does it NOT work

  522. J says:

    It may work,…but by the time you realize that your losing your hair and start taking propeca you lost alot!! then it takes like another 6months to a year of daily use befor it starts working….by that time may as well forget it……

  523. rev says:

    Most logical folks will agree Propecia is NOT a cure. Sure, it offers a slight reprieve for many users (those not prone to its nasty sexual and brain-fog side effects), but please consider that most people start their regimes when they notice visible hairloss; unfortunately that means they already lost up to 50% of their hair volume at that stage.

    I wouldn’t have a problem with propecia if someone came along with a complimentary product that gave us back that lost volume (even if it was DHT prone). However, as it stands, propecia is woefully inadequate for most people’s needs.

    I’m looking at you Follica…
    Fill-in that gap !!!

  524. ToYoungForThis says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’m new to this forum, but I read all the discussion since the 1 day of this creation. (Sry for my english i’m french)

    I have a question and i think anyone ask that, maybe because is just stupid lol. In my research about MPB i read (no reference but i read it at many place)”if your scalp as too much hair or follicle they can become dead because the scalp is ‘saturated’ and it can’t give them their supplies to keep them alive” (wow this sentence is weird in english) So for example if your are a new in the world of baldness and lost maybe a little more than 50 % of the hair on the top. You have some follicle who don’t produce hair anyomore, but they aren’t dead or ABSORB by the body. If follica work, and i hope, maybe a lot of guy can’t have a 100% regrowth because their scalp have already a lot of follicle who don’t procude hair anymore but they are still there.

    So follica may not work (ITS JUST AN HYPOTHESIS) for the poeple who are new to this ‘disease’ and they need to wait after their body to absorb their dead follicle, because their scalp is SATURATED by
    their dead follicle.

    Thx to this blog, i’ll continue to read it each day like i did for the last 2 month and maybe you can answer me if anyone got an answer.

  525. bill123 says:

    hi guys, im also new here. im a very young sufferer of mbp. im only 21 and ive lost 75% of my hair. this is a really tough time for me and i feel so helpless. i mean if i was fat and unhappy, i would just go to the gym and workout, but with mpb theres nothing i can do. i tried minox but got an allergic reaction to it. im just started propecia but its too late..

    i really hope follica ends this horrible disease else ill probably gonna have to wear a wig for the rest of my life. anyway id like to thank everyone on this forum especially R for keeping our hopes alive.

    btw when can we expect a update from follica?

  526. jodan says:

    does soy extract come in a tablet? or do you take it in a liquid form? thanks

  527. R says:

    Everyone please forget the non-regrowth of hair as it is not true. Hair is alive on your scalp but in a continuos resting phase. Many people who have been bald for years (slick) have regrown all over their heads with strong anti-inflammatory drugs. Elaine Fuchs also supported and stated that the Hair Follicle is alive and that the hair is just resting. They have shown to reverse hair loss with strong anti-inflam…but it is too dangerous.

    Luna’s technology is based on this premise. Also, if follica works…it doesn’t matter the new hair will grow and most likely awaken the sleepers for a full head of hair.

    Homework for everyone…find a severly bald man and look at his scalp under a llight and tilt his head…you will see litlle sleeping bastards awaiting the alarm clock.

    Relax and the journey is coming to a close and just announced more stem cell breakthroughs in many areas of science.

    one breakthrough:

  528. J says:

    Hey Bill123, dont worry be strong follica is coming…… you will look great and feel great for all your young years… be patient.

  529. A says:

    Yeah dude keep the dream alive. Follicas quiet period is just so they can knock us straight out when they boldy announce THEY HAVE DONE IT. And the product has Succeeded in giving atleast 90% regrowth + the chance for 100% with a second OP.

    ^^ Well thats my dreams anyway. And i hope that didnt come off as sarcastic because i was talking the truth.

  530. OS says:

    Well for 2009, i dont want more then to know that Follica has a working proof of concept going on for them, i think just knowing this alone can buy me ATLEAST 1.5-2 years for my soul to rest….cause this journey really takes its toll on me :(

  531. rev says:

    OS – you read my mind.

  532. will says:

    you know im pretty positive about it mostly because of the results from people like baccy who prove the existence of this experiment/theory, but its hard to believe it will be perfected so soon. I am not saying that it is not possible to achieve that density, but do you guys really think that a miracle cure can be delivered in 2 to five years and im not doubting it just seeing if u guys know any additional information about the procedure i dont

  533. J says:

    Will…it is possible and mabye not a cure but a damn good treatment will be here soon.. within the next 2yrs mabye sooner. just my feelings I am very positive about follica…Its a fight to the finish for them anyway .. they have to..and its very obvious thta the investors want them to succeed asap!!

  534. TheOne says:

    I’m generally quite optimistic and I have high hopes for follica but some of the posters here seem to think that it is set in stone and definately coming.
    There is a pretty high chance right now of this not translating to humans and not coming out at all.
    Heck they haven’t even shown proof of concept in humans yet.

    I agree with OS though, all I want for 2009 is for them to show working proof of concept in humans.
    I don’t care how long it takes to come to market, as long as I know it works and will be here one day.

  535. bill123 says:

    thanks a lot guys ( j and A ). god bless you. i really have no doubt that baldness will be a thing of the past. the question is when?? lets just hope we can get a cure in our lifetime! im really high on follica. i dont know why, but i really believe there the ones!
    until then im shaving my head, and letting my personality shine through. i gotta say that going through all this has defenitely made me a better human being….

    come on follica!!!

  536. jordan says:

    R does soy extract come in a tablet or a liquid form? thanks

  537. jordan says:

    R does soy extract come in a tabelt or liquid? also do you take it everyday? thanks!

  538. J says:

    bill123,…we all know how you feel. you have the right attitude,..our time is coming and when it comes well get the treatment we need and well forget about these times forever….

  539. mm says:

    Hey, dont know if anybody else has got the same info but i contacted histogen directly and they confirmed phase 1 of regenica for hair growth will be commencing this year as planned.

  540. J says:

    histogen is waste of time… wait for follica

  541. rev says:

    J – the closed-minded forum is located at

  542. J says:

    rev,.. Im close minded??? apparently you havnt been reading…im the most optomistic open minded person on this site… get real!!! post something worth posting or get lost!!

  543. rev says:

    You think Follica will be out in 2 years, and Histogen is a waste of time despite the fact both products are grounded in Dr Cotsarelis’ research, and both companies have yet to demonstrate proof-of-concept.

    I say the more the merrier. I say it’s closed minded to pick a favorite. You say I should get lost.

  544. A says:

    Guys please. Stop wasting everyones time by fighting. Its not really doing anyone any good. Everyone who posts here has different opinion weather they be open or closed minded. Thats still their opinion lets just all try to get along. I think im an optimist aswell and by 09 we will see a proof of concept on humans i dont care what anyone says baccy got it happening in my head that we may be onto something. ANYONE who has ever said that they had a cut or something like that on their head that regrew hair has me convinced that by no later then 2012 we have what we been waiting for, my optimism leads me to believe what the news reporters said and that 2 – 4 years from last year is on the money so maybe 2010. Silence from follica MAY be our best friend. I BEING AN OPTiMIST am waiting for the WE DONE IT LOL

  545. mm says:

    I dont want to feed this argument, but histogen is definatly not a waist of time. remind me of what stage follica are at? I dont think i need any more of an argument to rest this case.

  546. J says:

    to tell you the truth I dont now anything about histogen… all I know is the follica method has been around ince the 50s and with todays technology??? we have got to have it this time.. and no drugs need approving by fda then we got some good news….

  547. mm says:

    I did believe they didnt need fda approval but ive gone back and re-read all the statements and they all (especially the later ones) point towards fda approval being needed. but their *hoping* the fda tests wont be too strict as the drugs are approved for other uses.
    i dont see this as a massive issue (i hope) just a delay. only thing i care about is if it flippin works.

  548. OS says:

    Do have any idea what will happend if it will work???before you know it medics&compenis all over the world will start copying the idea, and lets say they will need a fda approval, i belive that people will travel even to Kazahstan to get a treatment without a fda approval!! (i know i would! :(….)

  549. A says:

    And that is the reason why Follica must remain silent and sign all their employees to confidentiality agreements. Who here remembers the Follica associate who came on this board and said the cure would be here within 2 – 4 years. Since then NOT ONE WORD other then Daphne Zohar herself saying that things would be quiet. Just because we here nothing doesnt mean nothing is happening, their trails my already have ended and they starting another with those same test subjects. Follica need to make money and they cant be giving away too much news too much of the time because investors wont be behind something if too much people are trying to copy it.

  550. J says:

    I think the good Greek Dr. is going to give us a nice surprise….

  551. R says:

    Another breakthrough in hair science to support additional avenues and understanding about hair loss and potential treatments.

    Hair Loss Cure May Lie in Hair Follicle Stem Cells
    An article in Nature reports on recent research on hair follicle stem cells, first reported in Nature Genetics, that has profound implications for the treatment of hair loss and male pattern baldness:

    Within a structure called the hair follicle bulge, cells with stem cell activity have long been considered a quiescent population, but a paper published this month in Nature Genetics may have turned this theory on its head1. In fact, the hair follicle contains a population of actively cycling, multipotent hair follicle cells that can be identified by the expression of a single protein called Lgr5 (leucine-rich G protein–coupled receptor 5).

    Cycling cells in the mouse intestine had recently been shown to express Lgr5, and other studies have discovered that a population of cells in the hair follicle bulge express the protein as well, so Rune Toftgård of the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, used transgenic mice to characterize the Lgr5-expressing cells in the hair follicle. They discovered that the protein was expressed more widely than expected, especially in the lower bulge and secondary germ layer of telogen (resting) hair follicles and in the outer root sheath area of anagen (growing) hair follicles. Cells expressing Lgr5 were the first to respond to anagen growth signals and, during the growth phase, were present along the length of the follicle. “The trafficking of stem cells along the follicle was a surprise to us,” says Toftgård. “We had to ask: Did the cells in that location retain stem cell function?”

    A series of in vivo and in vitro experiments showed that the Lgr5+ cells were indeed able to generate all cell types in a hair follicle. Moreover, progeny of the Lgr5+ cells could be maintained in the hair follicle for over 14 months. Some genetic tricks allowed the researchers to label Lgr5+ cells at specific points during hair follicle growth so they could track the destinations of descendants within the hair follicle. “We needed hard evidence to prove that stem cell function was retained, because the presence of stem cells outside the bulge is a contradictory view,” says Toftgård. Together, the results suggest that Lgr5+ cells are a dynamic population that actively migrate in the hair follicle during the anagen phase and are also able to contribute to permanent parts of the hair follicle. Hedgehog, an important developmental protein, may have a role in maintaining these cells. “The data seem to show that stem cells are not dependent on the bulge niche,” says Toftgård. “Stemness is intrinsic.”

    “The exciting thing for me is catching the stem cells in action,” says Denis Headon, a hair follicle development specialist at the University of Manchester, UK. Rather than cycling only occasionally, this work suggests a constant flux of cells, he says, and this knowledge can help researchers pinpoint the function of various stem cell populations within the hair follicle. “The idea that these cells are the ones responding to Hedgehog, which is required for hair follicle activity, would make good sense,” he says. Toftgård wants to look next at how these findings translate to humans, but he acknowledges that this may be difficult because human hair follicle stem cells do not express the same markers as those in mice. However, he can use mice to study the role these cells might play in cancer, he says. “It is likely that these Lgr5+ cells might be the basis of basal cell carcinomas, and now we have the tools to test this genetically.”

  552. jordan says:

    R i have asked you a question three times now and you still havent given me an answer?

  553. R says:

    Soy is in capsule form and taken daily. MPB website updated new findings on Soy for hair loss. Sorry for the delay Jordan!

  554. G says:

    You said that Follica’s procedure will also rejuvenate existing hair. I have been searching for a while now and all I see is Follica claiming De-novo hair. They have never said rejuvenation(enlargement of existing hair) in their patent or publicly.

  555. ToYoungForThis says:

    I’m agree with G, so the scalp can be saturated by old and new follicle?? Like if you got an HT and the surgeon put to many follicle to close they can die. I dont want to be negative, i really want to see follica has succes but i think about it (saturation of the scalp) for a lot of time and i think its possible, but i’m just a reader, so its just an hypothesis.

  556. Z79 says:

    G, from the patent:
    The findings of this Example demonstrate that anagen induction enhances EDIHN. In addition, these findings show that EDIHN is capable of not only forming new HF, but also of activating anagen in pre-existing HF in the telogen stage.

  557. jordan says:

    thanks R… however the only tabelts i can find is Soya Isoflavones (GMO Free Soya) Tablets and this comes under womens health??

  558. A says:

    halfway down the page you will find the Soy Isoflavones that im guessing R uses. Since he is a hair-loss reseach junkii lol

  559. will says:

    lets get this dam cure out there comoonnnnn babbyyyyy

  560. tip_top says:

    is Dutasteride better than Finasteride?? whats people views??

  561. G says:

    I’ll look into the patent later but if you quoted word-to-word, then the statement still falls short of claiming rejuvenation. Remember that minitaurized hair DO cycle through anagen, catagen, telogen, exogen. However, they are minitaurized so they produce smaller hair and their anagen phase is quite short. The above statement only claims to induce anagen in follicles already in telogen – something you could do with minox as well. But that in no way means that it will enlarge the follicles and increase the length of the anagen phase – we need both for proper rejuvenation.

  562. washington says:

    Cloned hair…Pierluigi Santi ??? Two plastic surgeons who conduct research at the institute — Pierluigi Santi and his colleague Edoardo Rapposio have certified and should be ready to patent their findings of what is now known as Iso-9001 in about four months.But the end result of their discovery isn’t what they had in mind at the outset. Commented Santi – who is the Director of Reconstructive Surgery at IST , “… The crucial part lies in the “bulb” or root of the hair follicle. Each root can be divided in two…which in turn can regenerate into a new hair…which in turn can be subdivided again. In this way with one hair can be subdivided into many and a transplant can later occur that doesn’t rely on multiple hairs being taken off the scalp and re-distributed ……Santi figures that with only 10 hairs acquired from one patient, the cloning process will generate enough follicles to make a full head of hair.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (almost 2 years later and nothing of this DR.?) SOMEBODY HERE LIVES IN ITALY?….SOMETHING NEW ON PIERLUIGI SAINTI?

  563. J says:

    How much longer till we hear something??? Follica????

  564. KKwilliams says:

    As early as tomorrow Ive heard!!!!! yey :)

    Some new time lines and progress would be nice though, gotta admit. Some guys on here seriously think that in 2 short years we will be cured. Im not that optimistic and need more info B4 I say anything sooner than 4-5 years but likely longer Im afraid.


    Its getting so heavy that I am seriously considering dropping out of school and abandoning my degree as at this point there is no point in continuing it as it would put me in public which I just cant do mentally at this point. At least if I !KNEW! 95% for sure that in 5 years time company “x” will have cured us I could feel good and finish my degree and feel hopeful for the future.

    I could finish my degree take a year off bank some cash and pay for the procedure but all this not knowing is taking its toll on me so I may just settle for a sh*t job where I can hide under a hat or something til I croak. Thats just how it is for me though :) guys

  565. KKwilliams says:


    Im also doubting that follica will be able to give us back real density. All we have so far is the 1 mouse pic with a little white fur.

    I know ppl point to Baccys home made tests but Im not impressed by that. who’s to say Follica will produce 100x better results then the few sprouts he’s gotten.

    It just seems a quick scalp peel and some drugs will not return what we;ve lost. If you look at it realistically its hard to say follica has it. Sorry to be a downer I guess I should be banned lol

  566. JS says:

    KKwilliams, You’re not being a downer and to be honest i feel the same way, Most of us probably do.

  567. will says:

    yo man i’m 22 and im going bald. kkwilliams im sure there is stuff a lot worst then going bald. Have some pride man jus because your loosing your hair your going to drop your major. Everyone in life has set backs these hurdles makes you stronger get over that shit you know be better than that. For me its hard because im a good looking guy and after i might not get that much attention, but perhaps not because of how i look just because of the way i act. If you have no confidence it will show with your job,women, overall life. Work on other things in life, a baldness cure will come be patient and until then ull have all those other kinks in life worked out

  568. happy1 says:

    Dusteride/Avodart vs. Propecia /Finasteride

    My hair was moderately thinning after using Propecia for 5 years.
    I have been on Avodart (.5 mg daily) for nearly 5 months now.
    Things may change after a couple more months, but here’s my viewpoint from today;

    Side effects: none.
    No shedding
    No loss of Libido
    No loss of functionality

    Again, I don’t doubt these things do occur, I just haven’t experienced them.

    My hair has come in thicker and I believe I have some miniaturized or dormant hairs coming back to life.

    My wife and hairdresser also concur with my assessments.

    So here’s what I think about Avodart:

    Is it a cure? Certainly not.
    Is it effective in stopping hair loss? Yes.
    Will you regrow some hair? Yes.
    Is it more effective than Propecia? Yes, but not by much, I think that the main benefit is the lacking effectiveness of the drug.
    Will you have your teenage hairline back? No.

    My advice is try Propecia first. It should work reasonably well for a while. Once it stops being effective (4 years or so) give Avodart a shot.

    I am 47 and still have a fair amount of hair. I’m probably the only one who notices my hair loss. I can’t say if a younger individual will have better or less success with either drug.

  569. OS says:

    KKwilliams, your not alone, trust me i have the same feelings.. actaully i have it worse, im 25 yo, used to be a good lookin guy untill it hit me too when i was 22-23 almost was NW4!! before that girls would aproach ME (!) all the time, 99% if there was a girl i liked i knew she would like me back… i used to think it had something to do with my personality, humor or something like that… the very very sad truth is that girls, like guys, are supeficial… we all after the good looking partners.. its just a fact of life, we cant change it. what happend is that with hairloss i lost confidance, i stoped working out casue of deppression and now i truly became from a good looking, to somethign between ugly and avrage at best (i cant pull it off with the bald looks, my head is badly shaped :/..).. so yeah.. me like you, KKwilliams, very depresed, i cant belive ill ever change, i think ill have to sattle for almost everything in life from now on.. almost any girld that will take me as i m (even if they are a bitch to me, or i cant stand them), low connfidance and blading will effect my job ofc too, socialy im almost dead, adn the lst goes on and on… thank you god for this blessing… baldness IS the worst thing that happend to me so far, i’ve been throw alot :(

  570. will says:

    yo guys if u keep believing its gona effect your life that bad then it will. you’re so insecure about yourself that shit shines through, and dont be a weakling i see guys who r ugly as shit with good looking girls all the time. What is ugly? Please define ugly also, and if you aren’t getting the best looking girls let this baldness b a lesson to you, dont care about that shit soo much. In America we all are looking for the best. You make you life and if you don’t believe that then yes you are gona b screwed get out of that depression shit im 22 and a nw4 and my friend is also he shaves his head n goes on. Pound your dam chest be a man and be the best your ass can be!

  571. will says:

    and also there are sooo many possible cures out do you really think in ten years they wont come out with something. Are you serious? Think about the advancements in medical science even in the past 10 years wow! Many people have said this on the chat but its true. No one cared about this problem that much before. There was no science behind the theories for a cure. Just people knowing they can make money off insecurities. It will happen and there is proof of this theory working. KKwilliams said that it seems baically ridiculous that a concept like this could work. Im glad your sharing your thoughts, but from what i understand cures are usually simple that we overlook. I wouldnt even doubt understanding the wounding of the skin, I bet you that’s all you need. There are soo many people working on the baldness thing, every year someone has a new theory. Follica said they were going to remain silent so damit comon wait.

  572. KKwilliams says:


    I siad it is “basically ridiculous” follica wont work??? NO. I said I dont know if something so simple can give us back the hair we’ve lost…as we all know hair growth,cycles,and causing regrowth is a very complex problem.


    Im not wanting my hair back to score some chicks or to look great. I dont really care about either to that extent over how I feel.

    I want to feel normal again. If I could either stay losing hair and be rich and nail any girl I wanted to whenever OR get my hair back today have to struggle to finish my degree pay my bills and not have sex for 5 years Ill gladly take option 2 as curing this is not just about girls for all of us man.

    I dont think overcompensating by building muscles will or can replace what you’ve lost…good for you if it does but dont push that garbage on everyone else. What do muscles give you?? I understand being healthy but getting a six pack and benching 500lbs aint gonna do anything.

    If your only concern is girls then go ahead and buff up but for mant ppl its more about personal identity not getting PussE.


    I was just expressing my thoughts of having to put my life on hold possibly having to alter even my career and schooling out of fear that a cure may be long out.

    I am hopeful for follica but after Intercytex’s result its hard to believe in today’s science right now for me :)

  573. R says:

    new knowledge growing and being applied. Just need the right amount and soon you will have a breakthrough. Just believe that science and true direction to cure this is at hand. Too many breakthroughs in short amount of time.

    Hair Growth Enhanced with Use of Keratin 17, Studies Show
    Two studies conducted and supported by the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) reveal that keratin 17 is shown to be a key element in the process of hair follicle growth. A detailed report of the NIAMS study reveals a family of keratin intermediate filament proteins are part of a network of fibers that maintain cell strength and shape.

    The American Heritage Dictionary defines keratin, in part, as “a tough, insoluble protein substance that is the chief structural constituent of hair”.

    The studies performed at NIAMS examined a particular form of this protein called keratin 17. During the first study conducted at NIAMS, researcher Pierre A. Coulombe, PhD. and Xuemei Tong, a graduate student, discovered that mice with lower levels of keratin 17 failed to grow a healthy coat within the first week after birth. Absent the necessary keratin protein, mice experienced one phase of the hair production cycle prematurely. When the hair production cycle is upset, the death of follicle cells occurs which results in thin and fragile hair. Further, Coulombe states that, “Many other keratins show an intriguing regulation in the hair follicles, raising the prospect that they too might play a role in hair cycling.” As a result of these findings, shampoo treatments, conditioners and vitamin supplements that contain keratin are becoming increasingly popular because of their ability to eliminate dry hair.

    In the second study supported by NIAMS and led by Seyun Kim, it was discovered that keratin 17 assists in controlling protein and cell growth. The findings of this study raise the possibility that this form of keratin may also regulate cell growth when used in certain settings to assist in cycling hair follicles and promoting hair growth.

    Hair products infused with essential proteins such as keratin create a healthier hair shaft, resulting in more attractive hair. Hair care products and vitamin supplements should feed the root and repair hair structure to prevent dryness, breakage and hair damage associated with age, overall health and hair styling techniques. Combinations of keratin protein and other nutrients are incorporated in hair products to assist with hair damage and problems such as thinning and split ends.

  574. R says:

    News<< BackRecognized Dermatology Expert Dr. Zoe Draelos Joins Histogen Scientific Advisory Board
    SAN DIEGO, November 13, 2008 – Histogen, Inc., a regenerative medicine company developing solutions based on the products of newborn fibroblasts, today announced that Zoe Diane Draelos, M.D., clinical and research dermatologist and President of Dermatology Consulting Services, has joined the Company’s Scientific Advisory Board.

    Dr. Draelos is a board certified dermatologist in private practice, and a recognized expert in cosmetic and biologically active skin medication research. As President and Primary Investigator for Dermatology Consulting Services, a company she founded in 1988, Dr. Draelos is focused on providing education, developing formulation technology, and conducting clinical studies in association with the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

    Histogen recently announced the creation of Histogen Aesthetics LLC, a venture developing products for the growing medical aesthetic industries based on the Company’s core technology. Dr. Draelos’ addition to the Scientific Advisory Board will be invaluable as Histogen Aesthetics moves forward with product launches and further clinical evaluations in this area.

    “To have Dr. Draelos, a renowned dermatologist, and skin biologist with focused expertise in cosmetic dermatology, join Histogen’s SAB validates our technology and potential for treatments in the growing specialty of aesthetic medicine,” stated Lawrence A. Rheins, Ph.D., President of Histogen Aesthetics LLC. “We are excited to have the opportunity to utilize her insight and clinical expertise as we prepare for product launches in post-resurfacing and anti-aging in early 2009, and continue development of additional skin, hair, and nail care products in the aesthetic medicine arena.”

    Dr. Draelos has served as Principal Investigator on more than 200 clinical trials, is a national and international speaker, and has been the recipient of numerous research grants. She is also a significant contributor to medical literature, with more than 200 articles and 25 book chapters to her credit. She is the author of the text Cosmetics in Dermatology, now in its third edition, and Hair Care, as well as serving as the editor for the textbook Cosmeceuticals, which has been translated into 5 languages.

    Complementing her writing endeavors, Dr. Draelos serves on 8 editorial boards, including Cosmetic Dermatology, The International Journal of Cosmetic Science, Dermatologic Surgery, and Dermatology Times. She also serves as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

    Dr. Draelos is a fellow and past board member of the American Academy of Dermatology and a member of the American Dermatological Association, the Society for Investigative Dermatology, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, among others. A former Rhodes Scholar, Dr. Draelos has been the recipient of many awards and honors in recognition of her professional and academic accomplishments. She was recently given a Lifetime Achievement Award for her research from Health Beauty America, a professional skin care and cosmetics industry organization.

    “The rapid development of the sub-specialty of cosmetic dermatology, with a growing focus on basic and clinical research into all aspects of cosmetic medicine, requires new technological advances to address the complexities for this growing area of medicine,” commented Draelos. “Histogen scientists have developed a technology that may address many future clinical challenges of aesthetic medicine.”

    Histogen Aesthetics LLC, established in 2008 as a subsidiary of Histogen, Inc., focuses on the development of skin and hair care products for the plastics surgery, dermatology and cosmetic industries. Histogen Aesthetics products are based on Histogen’s core technology, in which newborn fibroblasts are grown in a proprietary simulated embryonic-like environment. From this process, Histogen Aesthetics extracts ReGenicaTM, a unique complex containing naturally secreted growth factors, antioxidants and other synergistic bio-products. ReGenica is currently undergoing clinical studies as a treatment in the areas of post-resurfacing and anti-aging, with a planned product portfolio addressing a range of skin and hair care needs.

    About Histogen
    Histogen, launched in 2007, seeks to redefine regenerative medicine by developing a series of high value products without the use of embryonic stem cells or animal products. Through Histogen’s proprietary bioreactors that mimic the embryonic environment, newborn fibroblasts are encouraged to naturally produce the vital proteins and growth factors from which the company has developed its rich product portfolio. Histogen has two product families – ExceltrixTM, Histogen’s human Extracellular Matrix (ECM) and HGEN-001, Histogen’s proprietary liquid formula.

  575. will says:

    and kk williams i dont mean to offend haha im just concerned your going to alter your life for something so superficial keep doing your major man this is just a hurdle you get passed this watch how strong you get. Oh haha and when i say strong i mean mentally

  576. KKwilliams says:


    Glad to see you keeping so up to date on things


    I know what ur saying but its not that easy for everyone. no disrespect.

    Im just at a crossroads and understand it my seem a bit extreme but I can either continue to do my degree but NEVER be able to use it(unless a cure comes in 3-4 years) and get further in to debt
    OR Find a job that I can just live with and not be worried about my appearance. Just hard finding a 6 figure salary where you can wear a hat all day lol

    apologize for the negativity boys and I do acknowledge we are getting closer just not convinced its follica

  577. will says:

    to find the cure we have to find a brilliant wealthy scientist who is young and just started to loose his hair. He would find the cure.

  578. KKwilliams says:

    I dont think we need a

    “brilliant wealthy scientist who is young and just started to loose his hair. He would find the cure”.

    It is more about a certain amount of time needs to be focused on this problem before it is solved. It really is as simple as that…if it is a solvable problem.

    How many guys have had an essay or a washroom to renovate and spent weeks or months doing it with no real effort or results??? But when you actually focused on it it progressed and a constant and very progressive pace towards the finish with definite milestones of achievement along the way. The thing is that all the time you spent half assssing it is still tallied so in the end in took forever.

    Same with curing baldness.

    It has been around long time lol and there has been “attempts” to stop/reverse it since it began and 99% of them were the half asss attempts like in the essay/washroom scenario I mentioned earlier.

    Only recently has science begun to have the tools and know how to actually begin looking for a solution to hair loss. 10 years lets say but IMO its only been in the last 5 that researchers have been able to really begin to see what steps need to be taken to cure this and they still are getting much knowledge by accident so…….

    The real focus is just beginning and its anyone’s guess how long it will take with real science and numerous labs and research teams to save us . AT least that’s how I see it


    “”I feel like Im in prison and have no idea how long my sentence is!!””” Hard to stay positive in a circumstance like that

  579. J says:

    kkwilliams, I understand how you feel exactly!! Listen… I think follica will do it for us… and will do it soon!! there is no way a viable treatment is further away than a couple years…lets hope for the best!!

  580. jordan says:

    R… the only tabelts i can find is Soya Isoflavones (GMO Free Soya) Tablets and this comes under womens health?? are these ones to take? thanks

  581. R says:

    Men have been eating soy for years. The Life Extension supplements are safe and healthy. Take those supplements.

  582. jordan says:

    R thank you very much, and i feel bad for still asking, ive had a look at the life extension range and it come in a power and not tablets? also i live in the uk? thanks ever so much

  583. Dave says:

    Not hair loss it self, but another discovery on hair.

  584. KKwilliams says:


    This could actually be very useful :)

    If Follica does work fingers crossed…any non-pigmented hair could be altered back to natural color using these findings.

  585. R says:

    News<< BackDr. Gail Naughton Speaks on Histogen’s Business Plan and the Rise of Bioaesthetic Medicine during Commercial Translation of Regenerative Medicine
    ExCeltrix Preliminary Oncology Data Presented for the First Time

    SAN DIEGO, November 17, 2008 – Dr. Gail Naughton, CEO of Histogen, Inc., a regenerative medicine company developing solutions based on the products of newborn fibroblasts, today addressed attendees at the 6th Annual Commercial Translation of Regenerative Medicine conference, taking place November 17-18, 2008 in London. Dr. Naughton examined the growing bioaesthetic medicine industry, as well as shared Histogen’s business plan for near-term regenerative medicine products focused on anti-aging and post-resurfacing treatments, at the event.

    “Due to long timelines in the development of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, Histogen is taking advantage of the unique opportunity to enter the growing $4.5 billion global aesthetic medicine market, to help generate early revenues and allow the Company to continue to fund the development and clinical evaluation of future products,” said Dr. Lawrence Rheins, President of Histogen Aesthetics LLC. “The newly formed Histogen Aesthetics division addresses this market, offering scientific and clinically-proven products based on Histogen’s proprietary technology, for skin hair and nail products dispensed by physicians.”

    Histogen Aesthetics’ initial product line will be focused on ReGenicaTM, the Company’s unique complex made up of the naturally secreted growth factors, antioxidants and other synergistic bio-products that are produced by newborn fibroblasts. Product launches in the areas of anti-aging and post-resurfacing are scheduled for early 2009.

    In addition to ReGenica, Dr. Naughton spoke to Histogen’s plan to bring their human embryonic-like extracellular matrix product, ExCeltrixTM, into clinical trials as an injectable for wrinkles and deep furrows.

    “ExCeltrix, Histogen’s unique human extracellular matrix which is grown in a simulated embryonic environment, is currently being evaluated for a variety of applications, from dermal fillers to implant coatings,” said Dr. Robert Kellar, VP of Research and Development at Histogen. “Intriguing preliminary results from ongoing ExCeltrix research shows promise of in the field of oncology.”

    Dr. Naughton presented data for the first time supporting the ability of ExCeltrix to diminish or eliminate tumor load in preclinical trials. Studies were performed with three rapidly growing human tumor cell lines: melanoma, adenocarcinoma, and glioma. Cancer cells were either mixed with ExCeltrix or delivered alone in two preclinical models. In the CAM model (chollioallantoic membrane) tumor mass was significantly reduced by the presence of ExCeltrix. In the nude mouse model, cells with ExCeltrix showed little to no tumor growth, in comparison to the control which did form palpable tumors.

    Dr. Gail Naughton has spent more than 15 years extensively researching the tissue engineering process, and holds more than 90 patents in the field. Dr. Naughton founded Histogen in 2007, and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board for the Company, in addition to her position as Dean of the College of Business at San Diego State University.

  586. FW says:

    Is there a reliable website that you guys use for Propecia? Also a website for the other supplements and vitamins?

  587. R says:

    Yes These places!!!

    New Hair Loss Treatments: 9 Best Websites for Info on Hair Follicle Cloning
    The science of hair follicle cloning — or stem cell treatments for hair loss — is evolving rapidly. Alas, we remain years away from a practical, real-world alternative to current hair transplant techniques, even sophisticated ones that replace hair follicle by follicle. The real goal for most people suffering from hair loss is some sort of hair cloning process… in which a person’s own hair is extracted, then multiplied in a laboratory, and replaced en mass in the area of loss. This is the dream… and it remains elusive.

    But for all those researching this potentially revolutionary field, as a treatment or an investment, there are a few good places to start. Here is our Top 10 (Actually, Top 9) List of the best websites about hair follicle cloning or which follow it closely. In no order of rank, they are…

    1. Aderans Research Institute: “dedicated to developing state-of-the-art cell engineering solutions for hair loss.”

    2. Intercytex: It promotes “an autologous hair regeneration therapy, a suspension of human dermal papilla (DP) cells, for the treatment of male pattern baldness and female diffuse alopecia.”

    3. Follica: “Developing novel therapies for conditions and disorders of the hair follicle, the epicenter for the development and replenishment of human hair and skin.”

    4. Histogen: It is marketing “a proprietary liquid formula created by the culturing of newborn fibroblasts in an embryonic-like environment and then harvesting the naturally secreted growth factors, anitoxidants and other synergistic bioproducts that are produced” that, it claims, may have “significant applications” as “an injectable for hair growth.”

    5. Luna Innovations: It is use “nanomedicine” to stimulate new hair growth.

    6. Hair Science Institute: Dr. Coen Gho’s clinic that claims a superior method for individual follicle transplantation.

    7. Phoenix Bio: A Japanese biotech company that “propagates hair papillar cells which are the key element in hair growth and develops therapies that enable the implantation of these cells on patients thus regenerating the ability of the patient’s scalp to produce hair naturally.”

    8. Shisheido Research: Another Japanese company that is doing research into hair multiplication technologies.

    9. Bernstein Medical Center for Hair Restoration: An advanced hair transplantation clinic, the Bernstein Center also follows closely developments in hair cloning technologies and is a good source for a
    “hands on” reality check on what is realistic at the moment.

  588. washington says:

    e we still do not have nothing on nothing.

  589. J says:

    washngton,…I think we are supposed to hear something from Follica beginning of 2009….

  590. washington says:

    in January of 2009 ……. January of 2010… etc…always without accurate answers…that penalty.

  591. KKwilliams says:

    WOW R,

    the alas we are “years” away from any practical real world solution shows whos ever writing this article is doubtful of any of these 2 year hopes many guys on here are hopeful/confident of.

    Sounds like it is more like 10 years away! very distressing but I guess we’ll know more when follica releases its next update, hopefully early in the upcoming year.

    I personally am still hopeful that my 5 year hopes are legitimate but this article was sobering. Yes its great so many different companies are working towards it but it still may be a long way out and I think if follica is a bust any 2-3 year hopes go right out the window and then even 4-6 hopes are optimistic at best.

  592. A says:

    Im thinking the same thing KK. Somehow Follica seems to be the only one still and that video that was on the news about Follica coming out in 2 – 4 years seems like a lifetime ago these days. I hope im just having a bad day but it seems like the wheels have begun to slowly fall off the wagon.

  593. A says:

    Biological profile of cortexolone 17alpha-propionate (CB-03-01), a new topical and peripherally selective androgen antagonist.
    Celasco G, Moro L, Bozzella R, Ferraboschi P, Bartorelli L, Quattrocchi C, Nicoletti F.

    Cosmo S.p.a., Lainate, MI, Italy. [email protected]

    The aim of this study was to investigate the antiandrogenic activity of a new monoester of cortexolone, cortexolone 17alpha-propionate (CAS 19608-29-8, CB-03-01). Although the compound displayed a strong local antiandrogenic activity in hamster’s flank organ test, it did not exhibit antiandrogenic activity in rats after subcutaneous injection, nor did it affect gonadotropins hypersecretion when injected to parabiotic rats. As topical antiandrogen, the steroid resulted about 4 times more active than progesterone (CAS 57-83-0) and, when compared to known antiandrogen standards, it was about 3 times more potent than flutamide (CAS 13311-84-7), about 2 times more effective than finasteride (CAS 98319-26-7) and approximately as active as cyproterone acetate (CAS 427-51-0). Its pharmacological activity seemed to be primarily related to its ability to antagonistically compete at androgen receptor level; nevertheless its primary pharmacological target needs to be further investigated. Its topical activity, along with the apparent absence of systemic effects, anticipates this compound to have the potential of representing a novel and safe therapeutic approach for androgen-dependent skin disorders.

  594. washington says:

    A…which the relation of this text its with follica? multiplication of the hair? my god, the people enter here for dispatch by post any thing, not to lose the hope and only to have movement in the site… we need information on follica, aderans, intercytex…

  595. MMA says:

    A…I think it´s a great post your news about Cosmopharmaceuticals, great to know that here in Europe we can hit the market. If someone from Italy writes their comments below this article, shoult try to contact them. I already e mail them asking for a timeline.

  596. A says:

    Hey Washington. This maybe a Follica kinda run-along board. Seeing as they aint given us anything for awhile why not show that people are still testing and trying to hit the nail on the head of atleast creating something that can work for us. Lately i been doing alot of research on Topicals again and there still seem to be a few people trying to tackle hairloss via that route.

    I think its good that Europeans are making topicals that might stop and reverse hairloss even if its not definitive it could be better then what we have now.

    PSK3841 Is in the pipeline.
    CB-03-01 Is in the pipeline.

    And Fluridil is already readily available in Europe which i hear has no systematic absorbtion and a good success rate.

    Speak of which R. what is your opinion on all the above mentioned topicals you done any research to them?

  597. K says:

    I just read that article on Cosmo and it says that “Alopecia (androgen-induced hair loss in males) affects approximately 12% of all men over 20 years of age.”

    Uhhh, say what? 12 percent?! Surely, that can’t be right. Believe me, I see way more than 12 of guys having the same problem!

  598. A says:

    12% of all men means in the world. That is like 1 billion people + dude. Thats a shit load of people lol. I dont think it would be that far off to be honest. I would say it would be pretty accurate i mean only 7 – 8 billion people on earth and 1.5 Billion suffer hairloss thats still a pretty drastic statistic.

    P.s Sorry if im turning this into hairsite was not my intentions just trying to give people things to look at aswell as follica and stuff to show that maybe we need to not look to only one source.

    pps i forgot woman are humans aswell so my data is scewed but still if you work it out thats alot of people with one common problem.

  599. J says:

    Have faith in follica!!!

  600. K says:

    That STILL can’t be right. They are saying 12 percent of ALL men. Worldwide or not, that’s still way too little. Every stat that I have seen says that it is close to 50% of all males will experience hairloss in their life. When I see this stat, it has never said “In America” or anything like that.

  601. Shooter says:

    Wow, don’t believe noone has posted this.

    Mercola update: In his latest newsletter, Dr. Mercola conducted an interview with an aging researcher. In the article, Mercola wrote about his stem cell attempt to regrow hair. According to him, he is taking pictures every day, and in three months time (if the test works) he should have a full head of original hair.

  602. Shooter says:

    “Adult (not embryonic) stem cell technology is one of these approaches. I am actually in the process of beta testing some topical stem cell factors that promises to provide me with a full head of original hair in the next three months. I am taking pictures daily so it will be fun to document the process.”

  603. Shooter says:

    Tbh, I’ll be skeptical until I see hair on his head. I don’t take anyone’s word on these things as many promises have been made in the past. For all we know he’ll have a full head of vellus hair. Just cross your fingers.

  604. rev says:

    I agree Shooter. I’ll reserve my enthusiasm until I see some pictures.

    For all we know Dr. Mercola will sprout thousands upon thousands little Dr. Phils on his head…. lolz, and who the hell wants that?

  605. JS says:

    It will be interesting to see how dr mercola goes, But i’m not getting my hopes up about it something about it just doesn’t sound right. I sincerely hope to be proven wrong.

  606. Z79 says:

    I tried the chat on but they still have no clue and believes he is gathering information about the whole thing. Bad communication I guess. I want to know what company is doing these trials!

  607. KKwilliams says:

    The Mercola thing started how long ago? few months at least right? I think its a big stall/ b.s. What in 3 months from today he’ll have hair!! Why no picks so far..its ridiculous!

    I dont see anything coming from this which straight up pisses me off as Mercola is supposed to be a “good guy”. No communication with his staff. If in fact he even is trying anything , which Im beginning to doubt he would already have at least sporadic growth all over his scalp at the very least.

    Too many things dont add up so I think we’re being played with and I am sick of it to be honest.

  608. R says:

    Any new news that support hair loss and growth is welcomed. Why must we have answers today on our time? I believe Mercola and he stated investigative research several moths back and now this update. All we can do is wait and believe that this as we all other diseases will end. Just give it time and watch the breakthroughs come alive.

    Remember, nobody cares about you personally other than your parents (maybe) so don’t expect miracles because shit is happening to you. Expect miracles because there is both a financial and aesthetic – bilogical pathway to create and deliver such breakthroughs. Things are happening so just appreciate the science and updated news. You need one damn good treatment to over throw the common shit practices.

  609. will says:

    it would be cool to hear some good news when did follica say they would release information and in your opinion did intercytex fail? and in your guys opinions out of all the companies out there who do u think has the most sound science for giving our hair back?

  610. A says:

    Firstly LOL at R.

    remember, nobody cares about you personally other than your parents (maybe)

    ^^ This here brilliant and thanks for putting in the maybe my parents def dont care about me.

    WIll. Who knows anymore i think that there is alot of expectation on Follica maybe more then any hair loss company in a long time. I think they are the ones who hold the most promise. However if they fail i think in many peoples minds they will wonder if there is indeed a cure for baldness. It seems many people have placed faith in Follica. Even some of the other companies researching hairloss are using the follica method. IF it fails alot of people will be glooming and dooming.

  611. L says:

    If follica gives us bad news in the new year I say we just do a mass suicide!! Ill go first.

    Just read all these posts and have no clue how R is maintaining such constant optimism. We dont have that much info so it seems foolish to just have blind faith IMO

  612. OS says:

    Good news > Bad news > No news.
    at least for me, and the sooner the better :/

  613. L says:

    I mean that stem cell esophagus that was just successfully transplanted in to that young girl was a completes success…BUT they say it’ll be five years b4 any major organs are tested on.

    They advancements are more like crawlhancements!

    If follica fails I think were back to square one and at least another 5-10 years best case scenario. Ive read u guys dont like negativity here but its more reality than anything else.

  614. R says:

    First….Where is the failure with the companies? Just because they don’t inform you 24/7 does not mean a failure. Isn’t Histogen moving forward? Are there more than ever breakthroughs and new mediums to grow hair being applied and investigated like no other time in history? We are moving forward at a rapid rate compared to yesteryear so calm down. Nothing thus far is an outright failure, just new opportunities and pathways to solve this disease.

    The more they learn the greater the opportunity to solve this and other problems. Which firm to date gave up???? Not one due to the new knowledge and pace of discovery that is showing hope and progress with hair dynamics and biology.