The Boston and Seattle iPhone Apps Catalog

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a community photo-sharing site of the same name. Users can also see their own photos and those of other SnapMyLife members on a Google map. Free.

TipTotalerNeutrinos, LLC (Brighton, MA). Category: Lifestyle. A restaurant tip calculator that makes it easy to split up a bill between multiple diners, and to take the cost of drinks into account. $0.99.

TravelTrackerSilverware Software (Sudbury, MA). Category: Travel. A digital travel assistant that stores (or allows instant access to) trip-related information such as flight reservations, hotel and rental care contact information, packing lists, expense lists, frequent traveler account records, aircraft seat layouts, and weather information. $29.99.

WhereuLocate Communications (Boston, MA). Category: Navigation. The Where app, which taps into the iPhones’ GPS- and Wi-Fi-based location finding systems, combines several location-based widgets in one. For example, there’s a tool for finding Starbucks locations, another for searching out the best gasoline prices, and a third for locating other friends who are signed up with uLocate’s BuddyBeacon service. Free.

iPhone Apps from Companies in Seattle and Environs

Crash Bandicoot Nitro KartVivendi Mobile Games/Sierra Entertainment (Bellevue, WA). Category: Games. This popular 3-D racing game takes advantage of the iPhone’s accelerometer, turning the whole device into a steering wheel. $9.99.

JottJott Networks (Seattle, WA). Category: Productivity. Like Jott’s telephone-based service, this app lets users record brief voice memos, which are transcribed and stored in folders or added to to-do lists. Free.

LeafletsBlue Flavor (Seattle, WA). Technically, Leaflets aren’t native iPhone apps—they’re designed to be accessed through the device’s Safari Web browser. But they’re very app-like, providing users with simple icons (Leaflets) that let them tap into RSS feeds, Flickr photostreams, sports scores, New York Times headlines, events at, and the like. Free.

NearbyPlatial (Portland, OR). Category: Lifestyle. This interesting application combines photography, location-based search, and social networking, allowing users to use their current location to search for photographs, reviews, and other listings created by other Nearby users. Free.

PhotoArtist, PhotoShare, and SmallCanvasBig Canvas (Seattle, WA). Category: Photography. Big Canvas calls these three apps “visual life-logging” tools. SmallCanvas is a social-networking drawing program, PhotoArtist is a mobile photo editing program, and PhotoShare is the portal to an online photo-sharing community where users can share the images they create with SmallCanvas and PhotoArtist.

WhrrlPelago (Seattle, WA). Category: Social networking. This program, which is also available for Blackberry and Nokia devices, is another location-based social search application. Users can share their locations and see the locations of their friends, and the program can highlight the locations of nearby establishments recommended by friends. Free.

Seattle BusDeallus Software (Seattle, WA). Category: Travel. This app provides real-time arrival and departure information for the entire Seattle Metro bus system, and points users to the nearest bus stop based on their current location. $9.99.

South Park ImaginationlandRealNetworks (Seattle, WA). Category: Games. Based on the South Park Imaginationland movie trilogy, this game lets the user take on the role of Butters as he battles his way through Happy and Evil. $9.99.

UrbanSpoonUrbanSpoon (Seattle, WA). Category: Travel. This restaurant-finder application filters its listings and reviews according to the user’s current location. A slot-machine-style interface allows the user to call up a random restaurant from a list of nearby establishments by shaking the phone. Free.

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9 responses to “The Boston and Seattle iPhone Apps Catalog”

  1. One more to add (live in the App Store as of 1:30am this morning):

    RunKeeper (Boston, MA). Category: Healthcare & Fitness. This application uses the built-in GPS in the new 3G iPhones to enable runners (and hikers, walkers, cyclists, etc.) to track all of their daily runs, including duration, distance, speed, pace, and the corresponding route on a map. $9.99.

  2. IanK says:

    Isn’t it nice to see Development groups outside of Silicon Valley? Our company, DoApp, Inc. also got some recognition simply because we created myLite Flashlight, Strobe and Concert Lighter out of Minneapolis Mn.

  3. Here are some more from Boston – just a few that use location.

    Local Picks – TripAdvisor
    GPSTwit – Raizlabs
    TravelTracker – Silverware Software

  4. jgo says:

    What’s missing is a way to turn off that GPS chip, or a Faraday cage in which to secure it.

  5. Wade RoushWade Roush says:

    @jgo, I believe that if you put the iPhone in “Airplane mode,” all of its radios are turned off, including the GPS chip.

  6. Tamara says:

    I like the idea of keeping track of my sporty activities.

    Why should someone deactivate the gps in any other destination as power saving? The Chip is passive..

  7. Eunos says:

    I really need to keep track of what’s going on around me…everything…from events to children’s schedule to staff work. Really need an app that can keep my life together. Any ideas or recommendations?

  8. Amber says:

    SwamiCity Boston is cool – it has a lot of functionality and it’s free. It’s developed by a company in Southern California. They’re releasing a whole line of free travel apps.

    The flight tracker, maps and such are useful for residents, and they work anywhere you travel as well.

  9. iPhone says:

    i am gonna need this when i move to boston
    is there more maps for navigations