Art Technology Group Co-Founder Jeet Singh Releases Third Album

Everybody running a startup must wonder from time to time what it would be like to leave it all behind and live on a balmy Caribbean island. And if you want to know what it sounds like, check out Supersaturated, the just-released third album from Jeet “Miki” Singh, co-founder of Art Technology Group (NASDAQ: ARTG).

Singh, who co-founded ATG with Xconomist Joe Chung, now spends much of his time on St. Barts. In 2001 he formed a band called Dragonfly, which has now been renamed The Singhs. Though many of the members of the band are Boston-based, Supersaturated was recorded mainly in the West Indies. It’s the result of a three-year-long effort, with Singh writing or co-writing all the music and lyrics. (We prevailed upon him to take a break from the effort last winter to help us judge our Battle of the Tech Bands.)

The Singhs play an interesting mix combining rock, pop, and funk—and to my ears, anyway, there’s at least some hint of reggae. You can check out the band, whose members include local legend guitarist Peter Parcek and other top area musicians, here. And you can hear tracks from the latest album on The Singhs’ MySpace page, here. My own favorite is Invisible. The album itself is on sale at iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon, among other venues. The Singhs will be performing live on July 23 at Sullivan Hall in New York, and here in Boston on July 31 at Church, near Fenway Park.

I’m planning to talk to Jeet later today and ask him about the novel he’s writing. Maybe it will make good beach reading.

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