Rising Above the Virtualization Drumbeat

TiE-Boston’s Software SIG sponsors an evening debate on the potential and pitfalls of virtualization. From the event website: “Network World rates Virtualization as the hottest technology for 2008. Even after the recent market collapse, VMWare boasts a market cap of $25B with projected 2008 sales of $2B. Citrix acquired XenSource last year for over $500M making it the second largest virtualization vendor. Microsoft is making strides in this market with Virtual Server and innovative management technologies. The startup market in this space is active with recent VC investments in the area of virtual desktops, mobile device security and management, and cloud computing. Egenera, Voltaire, Glasshouse, Marathon Technologies and Virtual Iron are some of the prominent Boston area players that have gained some mindshare over the last few years.On the business side, what is it about virtualization that makes it such a hot technology, even in a down market? What are the different virtualization approaches? What are the specific benefits that derive form various types of virtualization? What is next in this space and how long will the party continue?

On the deployment side, is virtualization everything it is cracked up to be? What about security? What about control and compliance? And as each vendor has its own of view of virtualization, how do you know what is right for you?

Come join for an evening of spirited discussion on virtualization to sort out some mysteries about what it is, why is it hot and how you can be part of it?”

The moderator will be Efrain Viscarolasaga of Mass High Tech, and panelists will include Scott Davis, Data Center Architect, VMware; Arthur Lent, Technical Architect, Server Virtualization, NetApp; Lou Shipley, Group Vice President and General Manager, Xen Products Group, Citrix; and Matt Waxman, Chief Architect and Director of Engineering, EMC Corporation.

Members free, non-members $25. Information and registration here.