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Updated: A number of information-hungry attendees of our cloud computing event came up to me during and after the event to request that we post speaker slides. Only about half the speakers actually used slides, and for various reasons they weren’t always comfortable with posting them. But a few—starting with former IBM executive Irving Wladawsky-Berger and Sun Microsystems VP Rich Zippel—are willing to share their slides. So is Microsoft’s Scott Jamison, who recently sent in his as well, prompting us to update this post.

The keynote by Wladawsky-Berger, chairman emeritus of the IBM Academy of Technology, took us back to pre-Cambrian explosion days all the way up to the present—and then looked into the future—so it’s a great one to set the stage. Zippel, Vice President of Technology in Sun’s Chief Technologist’s Office, looked at Project Caroline, an attempt by his company at creating a new infrastructure for cloud computing. Meanwhile, Jamison, Director, Enterprise Architecture, Microsoft Northeast Enterprise Group, told how his company views the cloud—basically as another market or avenue for it to offer its software.

Irving Wladawsky-Berger slide on IT infrastructure growthWe’re still trying to round up a few other speaker slides and will add to this post as more permissions (and selections) come in. But in the meantime, here is Irving’s presentation, Cloud Computing and the Coming IT Cambrian Explosion.

Rich’s presentation is here.

Scott’s slides are here.

In case you missed it, photos of the event, held in Akamai’s headquarters, are here. And my notes (yes, some say extensive notes) on the event are here.

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