Social Media Lead Generation: The Business of Using Blogs, Podcasts, Message Boards and Facebook

MITX sponsors a morning seminar on using social media tools for marketing.

From the MITX event listing: “In a world where attention is scarce, where traditional marketing and sales efforts are not as effective as the past, social media tools are suddenly being taken seriously as effective ways to drive awareness, build relationships, and build leads for an organization’s products and services.

But it’s not as simple as just copying your methods from other channels and just pasting it into a blog post. There are new rules, new methods, and a lot of nuances to consider when thinking about how people relate to podcasts and Facebook profiles.  And message boards, a technology that has been around for decades, shouldn’t be counted out, either. How do they all work together? How do you use these technologies to build reputation, encourage conversation and convert some of that activity into actual sales leads?

Learn from our panel of experts by bringing examples of how you currently use (or are planning to use) these social media technologies, and we’ll turn your real-life questions into first steps that you can take home with you.”

Panelists will include: Chris Brogan, VP Strategy & Technology,  CrossTech Media, Co-Founder, PodCamp; Brian Halligan, CEO, Hubspot; Chris Penn, CTO, Student Loan Network, Co-Founder, PodCamp; Aaron Strout, Vice President of New Media, Mzinga.

Members: $35 Non-members: $70. Information and registration here.