Business of Software 2008

Top speakers from around have been invited to speak at the Business of Software 2008, a “Joel on Software” conference being held in Boston, September 3rd – 4th. Confirmed speakers include:

* Joel Spolsky, founder of Fog Creek software, author of several books and the man behind the joelonsoftware blog
* Seth Godin, Business Week’s “Ultimate Entrepreneur for the Information Age”, is the best-selling author of 7 books (including Permission Marketing and Purple Cow) as well as the most popular eBook of all time.
* Eric Sink, founder of SourceGear, author of “Eric Sink on the Business of Software” and the person who coined the term “Micro ISV”
* Steve Johnson of Pragmatic Marketing and winner of last year’s Software Idol competition
* Richard Stallman launched the development of the GNU operating system, now used on tens of millions of computers today. Stallman has received the ACM Grace Hopper Award, a MacArthur Foundation fellowship, the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Pioneer award, and the the Takeda Award for Social/Economic Betterment
* Paul Kenny is one of the UK’s top sales trainers, consultants and speakers. He has worked with many customers in three continents, including IBM, Perot Systems, The Guardian and tens of others.
* Tom Jennings is a Managing Director at Summit Partners, a private equity and venture capital firm with offices in Boston, Palo Alto and London. Tom focuses on investments in growing and profitable software, technology, healthcare and life sciences companies
* Dharmesh Shah is a geek, serial entrepreneur, founder of HubSpot and blogger at
* Mike Milinkovich is the Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation
* Jessica Livingston is author of Founders at Work: Stories of Startups’ Early Days and a founder of Y Combinator
* Jason Fried is founder of 37signals (developers of Basecamp and Ruby on Rails) and Signal vs Noise blogger

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