Vaultus Puts Patient Data on PDAs

The last time I went to the doctor was so long ago that my charts were still being kept on paper. But with initiatives like Google Health in full swing, things are changing fast. Analysts at The Diffusion Group, based in Texas, say that more than half of health care providers now use advanced mobile devices like RIM’s BlackBerry to look up patient records.

Which is where Boston-based Vaultus comes in. The MIT spinoff, which makes software that companies can use to distribute data from enterprise servers to smart phones and other mobile devices, announced last week that it is partnering with collaboration-software firm Covisint, based in Detroit, MI, to develop “mobile patient dashboards,” a new interface designed to make access to patient information faster and more secure.

The software taps into electronic records on patients’ medications, allergies, and other conditions and displays them on the small screens of physicians’ PDAs. Vaultus and Covisint haven’t released details about implementation or testing of the interface, but they did share a screenshot (above). So, does this mobile interface appeal to physicians on the go? Could it compromise patient confidentiality? How would you make it better? Let us know.

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