Location Based Services—Moving Forward?

From the TiE-Boston website: “Are location based services about to take off?….. or have they already? The market looks increasingly appealing with the increased deployment of handset based GPS technology, mapping tools, larger color displays and feature rich phones. Many saw Apple’s iPhone as setting a new standard for it’s mapping and search integration. But what are the new tools, new opportunities and new business models on the horizon? How does an application vendor make money? This session looks broadly at location based technologies from service based applications (“kid” tracking, electronic fences, etc.), emerging innovative applications with Facebook and similar applications, to Cellular Broadcast for location specific emergency alerts and other emerging technologies. This should be a lively discussion and we encourage attendees to (briefly) share their ideas and thoughts with the panelists for innovative applications and business models.” TiE-Boston members $15, non-members $25. Information and registration here.