Curt Schilling on 38 Studios, Massive Multi-Player Games, and McCain for President

Curt Schilling’s known for a few things around these parts—and the country: bloody socks, great pitching, conservative politics, and a love of video gaming, as evidenced by his founding of Maynard, MA-based 38 Studios (named after his uniform number).

Wade wrote a nice profile of 38 Studios and its new game-creation contest a couple months ago. And today, as part of their just-launched digital media blog, our friends at VentureBeat are running a Q&A with the Red Sox star. It provides Schilling’s take on things like the firm’s big MMO (massively multiplayer online game) project, code-named Copernicus. The game is being created under the artistic direction of Todd McFarlane, who created the comic series Spawn, and the creative direction by R.A. Salvatore, who fashioned Drizzt Do’Urden, the dark-elf star of a slew of fantasy novels set in the Dungeons & Dragons “Forgotten Realms” universe.

Schilling also discusses his view of VCs and just why he launched a game company in the first place. Here’s a glimpse:

“I want to be the best in the world at something else. Absolutely. That’s the challenge.”

He also very briefly covers his support of John McCain, hiring key people from Electronic Arts, and the idea that he will be devoting his full-time to 38 Studios after one more year on the mound: “It will be interesting after this season is over and it becomes a full-year thing. I think the hard stuff of getting it up and running is done. There is a leadership aspect. We have a Monday morning all hands every week for 15 minutes. We say where we are at and boom, let’s go. Don’t come in at 9 and then get charged up by noon. Let’s go. Remember, I stitched up my frigging ankle and kept playing. So let’s go.”

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One response to “Curt Schilling on 38 Studios, Massive Multi-Player Games, and McCain for President”

  1. Martin says:

    He should become an ATS stop at
    He can instantly be running a live poker game with all his marketing collateral on and around the tables. No need to build expensive software when it has already been done.